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Logical_Hare t1_jaaf0u3 wrote

I mean, you already said it, but LOST.

Scene: Daytime, jungle. Character A comes staggering out of the jungle after a freaky-deaky island experience involving visions, smoke monsters, dead people, or the Others. Since the survivors have to work together to survive, it would probably be prudent for them to report this kind of stuff to the group.

Character B: What happened?/What's wrong?/What did you find?

Character A: Nothing.

Character A walks away. Character B shrugs and asks no follow-up questions.


jogoso2014 t1_jaaf7z6 wrote

I’m trying to remember how common this was besides with Locke.


monsieurxander t1_jae4g4v wrote

I remember Kate not talking about what she found at the medical hatch until half a season later.