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0biwanCannoli t1_j8w44da wrote

I want to see Muppet parodies of classic movies.


PloppyTheSpaceship t1_j8w5f5u wrote

I'd watch Muppets Kill A Mockingbird. So long as Sweetums plays Boo Radley.


0biwanCannoli t1_j8w8mj6 wrote

I want to see a Muppets parody of Full Metal Jacket is all of its R-rated glory.


Toihva t1_j8we3gw wrote

Only if Chef is Sgt. Hartman


diacewrb t1_j8wui4w wrote

A Muppet version of An American Werewolf in London would be quite meta, Frank Oz had a part in that movie and The Muppet show playing on the TV was in one of the scenes.


Possible-Extent-3842 t1_j8y4gf4 wrote

Seeing how the best Muppets movies are based on classic literature, I'm surprised they haven't made more in this vein. Give me Muppet Ben-Hur or Muppet Breakfast at Tiffany's! Replace Mickey Rooney with the Swedish Chef!