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bsurfn2day t1_j9wfqnn wrote

Tobias will have the power of the never nude


KingSystem t1_j9wv2j6 wrote

Heard he blue himself


djprofitt t1_j9xhjie wrote

There’s gotta be a better to say that, pal


Ilwrath t1_j9yb3yj wrote

Ill figure it out after you help me get my rocks off.


kid_wonderbread t1_j9x66ek wrote

It will be ANuStart


swarlay t1_j9xsmo9 wrote

That would look good on a license plate.


Soddington t1_j9xv9ii wrote

To me he is Todd Margaret and this is merely another of his increasingly poor decisions.


Bostonterrierpug t1_j9xbbzi wrote

See everyone thing of Dave Cross from AD, but to me he’ll always be the crazy genius who directed Taint Misbehavin


vyrusrama t1_j9xqieu wrote

Imagine if they cast him as a Dr. Manhattan-esque hero.


MarvelsGrantMan136 OP t1_j9wa5le wrote

Offerman and Mullally were confirmed yesterday, with Netflix making it official along with Cross:

  • Nick Offerman - Dr. Gene Thibedeau

  • Megan Mullally - Dr. Jean Thibedeau:

>A married pair of community college professors from New Mexico who wear sensible footwear and suffer from the most extreme case of deja vu this timeline has ever seen.

  • David Cross - Sy Grossman:

>An upstanding, shy business owner and family man desperate to reconnect with his estranged daughter, who will stop at nothing to get her back.


Gloomy_Travel7992 t1_j9weq6h wrote

Sy Grossman sounds like a Mr. Show character honestly.


Nail_Biterr t1_j9yhqfc wrote

Sy Grossman here, reporting from Marti Fharti's party!


Nail_Biterr t1_j9yhjig wrote

Scams and flams... scams and flams!

Oh my scammy whammy flammy!!


BigCaregiver7244 t1_j9woav3 wrote

Desperate enough to dress up as Mrs. Featherbottom to get closer with his daughter?


Blue-cheese-dressing t1_j9wuu19 wrote

He’s done so many things in his career, but every time I think of him in a TV role it’s: “Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie!”


MItrwaway t1_j9xwoql wrote

For me it's always, "OH MY GOD! WE'RE HAVING A FIRE... sale"


bob1689321 t1_ja3x5ad wrote

That's the first thing I ever saw from Arrested Development in a fuckin gif on Tumblr. Even in shitty gif form it was still entertaining.


DessertStorm1 t1_j9x2z5j wrote

Donnie thinks it's a VACUUM.


mdeezel t1_j9xnv9z wrote


This is one of those random quotes I still say every now then, to absolutely no recognition.


horseren0ir t1_j9xf6u6 wrote

I loved that episode, that was the first time I noticed David Cross, I was so excited to see him in arrested development after that


matt4542 t1_j9ydsmb wrote

We shant be telling your mother about this shant we?


TootyFroots t1_j9zhhu4 wrote

This for me too. This scene is the biggest laugh I have ever had watching TV.


unlikedemon t1_j9ybnkp wrote

I always think of his banter with the caretaker in Scary Movie 2

"How about I give you a hand?"


FizzgigsRevenge t1_j9yloim wrote

Ronnie Dobbs. He'll forever be that redneck from Doraville, GA running from the cops.


hb1290 t1_j9yc2ja wrote

As young as it makes me sound, he will always be “That guy from the chipmunks movies” to me.


Ninja-Ginge t1_j9yfl3p wrote

Oh my god, thank you. As an older Gen Z, that's all I know him from.


Procrastanaseum t1_j9y5kt0 wrote

I finally got to see the entire last season that didn't even have every episode make it to air and there's a 3rd Donnie appearance in the last season that I'd never seen before. Such a great character, probably wouldn't fly today.


MJDooiney t1_j9zuady wrote

For me it’s, “I know you’re the big marriage expert… oh, I’m sorry, I forgot! Your wife is dead.”


StarWaas t1_j9yrqez wrote

"See that guy? He's got a FIVE INCH taint."


HoldThePao t1_j9yqdrd wrote

Dude I say that every single time I have chicken pot pie and me and my dad are the only ones who get it.


dubbleplusgood t1_j9yjgfb wrote

I know of him but so far only seen him in The Last of Us. What's the show those quotes are from?

E:oops, was thinking of Offerman, not Cross. Derp.


OffBeatAssassin t1_j9yq2sl wrote

Wrong actor. Nick offerman was in the last of us. David cross is on the far right.


dubbleplusgood t1_ja0f2db wrote

Yeah, my mistake. I was still stuck on another comment about Offerman who is also cast alongside Cross.

Sure be nice if someone blurted out the name of the show lol.


Thor_pool t1_ja0m6ra wrote

For a second I thought you meant he'd went the same way as James Woods


JohnnyDarkside t1_j9yo13w wrote

Ha, ditto. I've seen (and heard) I'm in so many things but that's what always pops into my head. It's just such a silly line and role.


BandsOfCyttorak t1_j9yskv0 wrote

No Vacuum!!!! Wow just shoot me episode I thought I only saw/remember.


arsehole2mods t1_j9yttmk wrote

I dont know why but it's the scene in small soldiers where he shouts out his password lmfao.


tripdaisies t1_ja0c3o9 wrote

Classic “Just Shoot Me” episode, loved that one as well. He played such a great grifter/brother to Enrico Colantoni!


J_A_R_U t1_ja0e8xq wrote

For me it's him as Zero from GTA San Andreas and his lines from those 3 missions that you have to do for him against Berkley.


MalcolmFucker69 t1_j9wj3xr wrote

He plays Eliot Page's forehead.


_NiceWhileItLasted t1_j9wm97k wrote

Nice to see him going for more prestigious roles. He deserved an Oscar for the wheelchair fight in Scary Movie 2


Tejon_Melero t1_j9wsnm3 wrote

Does this mean he's in line to get the beer, or does it mean he's in line to get the tickets to get the beer?


Hollow_Rant t1_j9xlkw3 wrote

Shut up F[REDACTED]!


MilesKraust t1_j9xqnlb wrote

No, it's "I don't know, F[REDACTED]"

It's burned into my brain


Hollow_Rant t1_j9xqte8 wrote

In trying to recite from concussed alcoholic memory. Give me a gorram sticker!


shivambawa2000 t1_j9xkmpw wrote

Maybe he plays therapist and a analyst or you may say a analrapist


kirinmay t1_j9x8oz3 wrote

In you didn't know he's going to blue himself.


ChrundleMcDonald t1_j9xewq3 wrote

Final season? Thank God.

I loved Season 1 but it's just been diminishing returns


Aelaru t1_j9xix54 wrote

Season 2 was great. Season 3 on the other hand…


Feral0_o t1_j9xs34h wrote

I stopped watching because of how bad S2 was


Aelaru t1_j9xsayi wrote

I mean it certainly was out there and cant blame someone for stopping but i personally enjoyed it, it was a lot more entertaining then the first season


[deleted] t1_j9y1069 wrote



nelisan t1_j9y5fgq wrote

>S3's end would've worked great

Except for how much of a cliffhanger it was for a lot of the characters.

I think there’s a good chance it improves this season though, since 3 was pretty clearly impacted a lot by Covid, and was basically an entire season of bottle episodes.


stusthrowaway t1_j9ylmsu wrote

The problem with season 3 was that it had way too many plots going on at once. The Sparrow Academy should have been the focus of an entire season, but it competed for time with Harland's powers, the Kugelblitz, and the knockoff upside-down in Hotel Obsidian.


Brocklesocks t1_j9z6tye wrote

How the hell is there another season? The story very much ended


Danbito t1_ja7pz2g wrote

I disagree, there’s a pretty big cliffhanger from where we left the characters


azzadruiz t1_j9xla9f wrote

I stopped watching for no particular reason in season 2 but these cast choices have made me want to finish the series


dubbleplusgood t1_j9yikeo wrote

I enjoyed all 3 seasons so far and I expect the final one to be a banger too. Fun show.


Apositivebalance t1_j9yrnfr wrote

I stopped as well. I get my quirky superhero fix from doom patrol.

The first two episodes of season 1 used all the coolness of the show up. Shroud jr zipping around killing people in the diner was great.

Seems like all the characters just do the same thing over and over


khanfusion t1_ja1godf wrote

Eh, hold onto your ass because season 3 was annoying as hell.


SilverSuferNorr t1_j9wofoh wrote

So guest stars yeah, but what about the story


rip_heart t1_j9xr1gu wrote

Well it's not like the writing can get any worst... Can it?


terekkincaid t1_j9z01jg wrote

OP: Well it's not like the writing can get any worst... Can it?

Season 4: Hold my dance-off...


OrbitOrbz t1_j9xdvk7 wrote

Why, that's awful kind of them. Why don't you give them a "standing ovation?"

I think I'll be the bigger man, now, and walk away. "Walk" away.


ughdrunkatvogue t1_j9xslv8 wrote

Ok so the last season has MONEY given David, Nick Offerman, and Megan Mullally are all joining the final season's cast. The last season deff suffered from Covid restrictions, so I'm hoping the final season goes out with a bang!


khanfusion t1_ja1gskq wrote

Tbf the last season also suffered from shitty writing. If anything it looks like they're trying to recover from that one by bringing in some big guns.


jinnremy t1_j9xv0fh wrote

3 comedians in Umbrella Academy is the real shocker


HalcyonEnder t1_j9xwhdj wrote

After the Last of Us I wanna see what else Nick Offerman has to offer. Dudes INCREDIBLE. And has been for decades. Even killed it in Pam and Tommy.


hb1290 t1_j9ybxmm wrote

Check out “The Founder”. He’s great as one of the McDonald brothers in that movie


HalcyonEnder t1_j9zhox2 wrote

Yeah loved him in the founder. All three of those guys though stole the show.


The_Keg t1_ja1jxcr wrote

Especially Keaton, he stole the MOST!


Memphisrexjr t1_j9xoxto wrote

I hope he's the monkey's uncle!


BeastModeEnabled t1_j9ydxgr wrote

But did he ever get the rights to the Fantastic Four?


V48runner t1_j9y6fuw wrote

Glad to see Aqua Teen Hunger Force alum, like David and Idris Elba still getting work.


R3dsnow75 t1_j9y8oix wrote

He finally gets to become an actor


berger3001 t1_j9ybbsp wrote

Please let him be blue


xzether t1_j9yt4pd wrote

All he makes the think of is Scary Movie 2. "I can do it myself"


SoE44 t1_j9xwvef wrote

So looks like I’m gonna be watching the last season of the umbrella academy 😙


TheDraco4011 t1_j9ykk6s wrote

I hope he blows himself in a wheelchair again. It would make the show interesting again.


Cabamacadaf t1_j9ynchs wrote

The character with a fish in a bowl as a head already died, so who's he going to play?


APlacakis t1_j9zribw wrote

Is this show set in the Resident Evil universe?


NJ247 t1_ja0gtah wrote

I couldn't finish last season tbh.


pickle-smoocher t1_ja0ycx0 wrote

Proceeds to teach them how to make a stew


cerebrix t1_ja11v57 wrote




Bartghamilton t1_ja18ulk wrote

Chicken Pot…Chicken Pot…Chicken Pot Pie!


TheRegular-Throwaway t1_j9wtdjm wrote

God damn it if he’s not wearing a misfits tshirt in this show.


AnyNamesLeftAnymore t1_j9xuv9c wrote

Pretty good show so far but it's doing that thing where the kids are the extremely unrealistic kind of smart kids. Like the kind of 10 year olds that would get every reference in The French Dispatch and simply do not have real-life counterparts lol.

Edit - wow there's like 10 people on reddit who really hate David Cross for some reason lol. And they all have that really good justification 'Ugh I hate that guy'.


xjoho21 t1_j9y60oq wrote

It's crazy that he (David) has been putting out work for 24 years now. It's actually a record, I believe.


Aevum1 t1_j9y69j5 wrote

I know he´s loved, and i know a lot of people think he improves things.

but i fucking hate him, i dont see the point.


CrimsonBrit t1_j9xcnm1 wrote

I’m honestly shocked the show hasn’t been cancelled yet. It’s just not good any more and Netflix is on a cancel spree


rudderforkk t1_j9ycuw1 wrote

You're not wrong. Don't know why you are being downvoted. If anything should have been canned, it's this show after that mess of a season 3. Adding on actors/comedians makes zero changes if the script has no direction or quality. But I guess writers aren't exactly Netflix's strong suit, considering their biggest IP, the Witcher.


terekkincaid t1_j9z0i9n wrote

At this point I have to assume the producers have a pee tape of Reed Hastings or something.


JohnnyRelentless t1_j9y1agj wrote

I hate the Mullaly creep. The other two are awesome, though.

She shut down an entire production by violating her contract, costing people jobs, and other people their dreams, because she refused to work with a young Patton Oswalt, who she didn't think was good enough to be on stage with her. She's an entitled, arrogant POS diva.


Murderyoga t1_j9wcary wrote

I tried to give that show a chance but it was all too stupid. Like when they met their counterparts how did none of them figure it out? They all just fought like monkeys.


dysfunctionalpress t1_j9wcsq9 wrote

on the other hand- i think it's a fantastic series. each season has been a great watch.


joppers43 t1_j9xdncs wrote

Honestly, the most recent season wasn’t that good. Allison’s character arc was awful. She just hurt everyone around her, going as far as raping her brother Luther and getting him killed, but it’s all set aside and forgiven because she’s “grieving.” The parts with 5 or Klaus were enjoyable, but the rest really wasn’t.


Murderyoga t1_j9wgddv wrote

I liked number five and his storyline. If the show was mostly that I think it would have held up better. And anytime David Cross gets money is good for me.


cameron4200 t1_j9x5q1r wrote

I mean the show is basically Five and his minions. I think that’s why it works so well and has as many seasons as it does. Amazing actor.


masonryf t1_j9x86u9 wrote

Its really a shame they put out the last season the way they did. Covid really fucked it and the whole season just felt silly and pointless. It kinda seemed like the showrunners even knew it wasn't a good season lol. But yeah Five is what has kept me coming back to the show, and the last season he had literally the only good arc with maybe Claus with his alt-universe father


cameron4200 t1_j9x8u45 wrote

Yeah whenever I realized it was going to be another “Five fixes everything in one season” thing again I was kind of disappointed.


TalkToTheLord t1_j9wkbhc wrote

Your comment is going to get buried because of your flippant positioning but I felt this way, too. Really seemed, on paper, to be my kind of show, too.


Murderyoga t1_j9wxpxr wrote

I think that's why I'm a bit frustrated. It had some really good elements but some goofy things that just didn't make any sense as well. Curse my flippant positioning.


masonryf t1_j9x88io wrote

Que quirky dance routine #6 of the season.


DaHolk t1_j9ygjbd wrote

You basically need to get behind the basic premise that they are all damaged goods to incurable degrees, even the ones from the supposedly "have their shit together" universe.

If you don't get that that is the core premise of the entire show, it looks like a giant "idiot ball" assembly and lame and at best the spectacle and weirdness is still a draw.

Even if some of them try to work on their issues and seem like they are getting better, they will always (most like by each other) be drawn back into their pathology.


dysfunctionalpress t1_j9wc67e wrote

they buried the lede- nick offerman is also part of the cast.

also- any word about when they expect it to air..?


colorcorrection t1_j9wfgyx wrote

That's because Nick and Megan were already announced yesterday.


flopenfish t1_j9wn9gi wrote

Well i just saw this post today and im equally happy about the new cast additions


dysfunctionalpress t1_j9x10we wrote

i didn't see anything yesterday...our power was out for 37 hrs. due to the ice storm. it was all news to me.


stusthrowaway t1_j9ylv58 wrote

And the media reported things without you? How inconsiderate of them.

Seriously though, hope you're safe and ok.


DBoom_11 t1_j9wqpyl wrote

I couldn’t stand how they had to bring a real life event into the script.


lalalandcity1 t1_j9xaujj wrote

Is that a man in drag in the middle photo?


Thebruh51 t1_j9xezwb wrote

No thats Megan Mullaley, Nick Offerman's wife as they have both joined the show


lalalandcity1 t1_j9xhx0k wrote

What an awful picture. Also quite the age gap, she’s 64 and he’s 52.


dubbleplusgood t1_j9yj74g wrote

Been away from society so long you forgot how tell people apart? Leave your Bunker more often and get some sunshine.


NilbogBoglin t1_j9wblpe wrote

I can't stand that guy


dysfunctionalpress t1_j9wcwaj wrote

i loved his character on "just shoot me".


pupoksestra t1_j9y1d92 wrote

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret is one of my favorite shows. I love Will Arnett and his character in it is absolutely hilarious.


[deleted] t1_j9waw9q wrote



LDKCP t1_j9wcf0z wrote

His point in that clip seemed reasonable.

Having mechanisms to combat blatant lies and things designed to mislead or cause harm is tricky, but important.