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riegspsych325 t1_j94dpm0 wrote

all my life, I’ve watched Seinfeld mostly in random order. I remember watching the finale with my family, I can tell by picture quality/set changes/etc if it’s an early or late season episode. But I have never seen any more than 3 successive episodes in order. Being able to drop in at nearly any point of the show is just part of the allure for me, if that makes sense


MackenziePace t1_j96453f wrote

It is funny how when you watch it in order Seinfeld is actually pretty serialized for a sitcom of the time, I would recommend


Ozlin t1_j97xnrd wrote

Yes, there's actually a number of call backs and continued plots, but they're easy to ignore for random episode syndication. It's interesting watching it serially though as there are some fun progressions and such.


MackenziePace t1_j980q3c wrote

Funnily enough I ignored it on syndication for years until college then I watched it all in order so that is the only context I had and I was surprised how serialized it was for a weekly 90s sitcom.


_Meece_ t1_j98vj2u wrote

> But I have never seen any more than 3 successive episodes in order

That just seems insane to me for a show that carries on a consistent storyline for like 4-5 seasons.

I can understand doing this for the first 3, but for the rest? Insanity


riegspsych325 t1_j991esd wrote

I admit I must be an outlier, certainly far from exemplary. But I growing up in a household where basic cable was the norm, seeing the show out of order was commonplace. But I will say that it speaks for the merit and quality of the show that one could watch a few random episodes and know the “gist” of Seinfeld


Somerandomdickhead t1_j95fsxs wrote

Same here.

It wasn’t until last year that I finally watched it from beginning to end for the first time.


MonsterRider80 t1_j95teo4 wrote

So true, and this also goes for the Simpsons (of course, the good Simpsons…)


SolenoidSoldier t1_j95vu8d wrote

Every single episode is self contained and requires no viewing of any other episodes outside of maybe a few minor references. Not many shows like this.


MackenziePace t1_j9646sp wrote

Every episode is mostly self contained but the show can still be pretty serialized like when they had the stalker or the pilot on NBC


DoomPurveyor t1_j96768p wrote

> Not many shows like this.

That was pretty normal for laugh track sitcoms back when Seinfeld started.