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blinknow t1_j923jc8 wrote

I used it once, and it sent me to recently released stuff, so I stopped using it.


KitchenReno4512 t1_j937kuf wrote

I always thought it would be cool if Netflix created “channels” you could tune into. Like “action movies” “reality tv” “adult cartoons” etc and it was basically like cable. Where content was just always on.

A lot of people I know that grew up with cable say they miss channel surfing and just tuning into what’s on. I feel like this was Netflix’s half-assed attempt to recreate that.


acowstandingup t1_j939py5 wrote

Pluto does this really well and for free


easy-does-it1 t1_j93p4sv wrote

The options are Gun Smoke, The Rifleman, Andy Griffith Show.


acowstandingup t1_j93xd6r wrote

Eh to be fair it has more options than that. I find plenty of good movies on there and I just watched some Halt and Catch Fire last night on it


easy-does-it1 t1_j94poq8 wrote

It was kind of tongue in cheek. My old man watches all of them.


ColdCruise t1_j960iq0 wrote

I occasionally watch the Unsolved Mysteries and Star Trek channels.


exaslave t1_j950yea wrote

I don't know if it's just my case but it takes way too long to change to next on pluto... just needs a better way to go about it.


Ozlin t1_j97wxv9 wrote

It's been slow and buggy for years. Sometimes I'll tune into a channel and there's no sound. Sometimes they'll go to a commercial and come back to the film and it will play the previous 10 minutes. I still use it and think it's decent, but Pluto definitely has some bugs in it that they don't seem to care to fix.


killyourmusic t1_j96gg52 wrote

I've heard of Pluto, but I've never checked it out until today. It's actually awesome and I'm going to download the app to my Rokus when I get home from work.


g1ngertim t1_j93jmlj wrote

The Roku channel has live TV options that scratch the itch, but there's rarely any reason to watch anything other than Buzzr in my house.


blamdin t1_j989kyy wrote

Can’t go wrong with Classic Concentration !


g1ngertim t1_j989qql wrote

I'm a Match Game man, myself, but young Trebek is always welcome.


roguefilmmaker t1_j93q22k wrote

I would be much more likely to keep my Netflix subscription year round if they did this. That’s why I pay for Hulu, lol


clain4671 t1_j948zkd wrote

all the free ad supported services do this


MadeByTango t1_j935wag wrote

Yea, it was a cool idea but all it did was force Netflix originals on me


KnifeLyfe t1_j93dpxa wrote

> all it did was force Netflix originals on me

You say that like it wasn't the entire purpose...


ColdCruise t1_j960lpx wrote

Netflix is mostly just originals now anyway.


MovieTalkersHunter t1_j93hmzu wrote

The only time I used it, it started an episode of New Girl from season 5. I've never watched New Girl, nor was it on my list or anything. It was so odd.


masterhogbographer t1_j93inwc wrote

What did you expect?

It said surprise me. You were surprised, no?


hour_of_the_rat t1_j93txfk wrote

"It was supposed to surprise me with something I loved!"


masterhogbographer t1_j93uvkx wrote

Being a boomer and still having cable it’s crazy not just how many new shows I discover but how many old shows I’d forgotten all about but just randomly flick on right in the middle of an episode and say “wow I forgot Frasier was this funny, I’m gonna watch it again”

That never happens when I’m going through my plex or Netflix (though I’d cancelled it) and looking at icons.


MovieTalkersHunter t1_j94tipy wrote

I don't mind getting a random show I've never watched, but why would their algorithm choose some random episode in the 5th season? Why not, ya know, the first episode?


DrkTitan t1_j922wep wrote

I forgot the feature existed.


Captain_Smartass_ OP t1_j9235pd wrote

Like everyone else


bob1689321 t1_j93uot6 wrote

That's because it was useless. That level of randomisation is awful

Randomised episodes within a show - good

Randomised selection of anything on the entire site - awful.

It's like hitting random on porn websites. It's just not something you'd ever do because you risk being subjected to something terrible.


DisturbedNocturne t1_j94ejvj wrote

Even "random within a genre" would've been far more useful than what they had. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a specific type of movie, but I don't think I'm ever in a mood of "Oh, I'll watch whatever!" I don't think the feature even differentiated between a television show or movie which was even dumber.

It was just a lazy feature with no thought.


dare_dick t1_j94vxxo wrote

That's exactly why I switched to Plex with my own media server. I have multiple playlists. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a sitcom. So I do a random episode from multiple sitcom shows. Other times I like anime ... etc.

It's so much more meaningful than random episodes/movies from the entire collection!!


Ozlin t1_j97xc1g wrote

Even if it was "random thing from my list" it would have been a bit better. But I agree having it be within a genre from your list would have been the best option. I used Surprise Me once and its selection was poor enough that I never use it again as well. Seems to be the common experience.


kidcogal t1_j94b23n wrote

90% of the time when I would use it, it would just cycle through shows I had already watched


Pool_Shark t1_j93uvmw wrote

Because it sucked. It would only be good if they had a show specific version.


Officer-Ketchup t1_j94jdn2 wrote

I tried it once and it brought me to a random episode of 'stranger things'


HappyAndProud t1_j92u4z1 wrote

If they could just move it to individual TV shows and have it play a random episode. That would actually be useful!


roguefilmmaker t1_j93q8pd wrote

I need this for Seinfeld


riegspsych325 t1_j94dpm0 wrote

all my life, I’ve watched Seinfeld mostly in random order. I remember watching the finale with my family, I can tell by picture quality/set changes/etc if it’s an early or late season episode. But I have never seen any more than 3 successive episodes in order. Being able to drop in at nearly any point of the show is just part of the allure for me, if that makes sense


MackenziePace t1_j96453f wrote

It is funny how when you watch it in order Seinfeld is actually pretty serialized for a sitcom of the time, I would recommend


Ozlin t1_j97xnrd wrote

Yes, there's actually a number of call backs and continued plots, but they're easy to ignore for random episode syndication. It's interesting watching it serially though as there are some fun progressions and such.


MackenziePace t1_j980q3c wrote

Funnily enough I ignored it on syndication for years until college then I watched it all in order so that is the only context I had and I was surprised how serialized it was for a weekly 90s sitcom.


_Meece_ t1_j98vj2u wrote

> But I have never seen any more than 3 successive episodes in order

That just seems insane to me for a show that carries on a consistent storyline for like 4-5 seasons.

I can understand doing this for the first 3, but for the rest? Insanity


riegspsych325 t1_j991esd wrote

I admit I must be an outlier, certainly far from exemplary. But I growing up in a household where basic cable was the norm, seeing the show out of order was commonplace. But I will say that it speaks for the merit and quality of the show that one could watch a few random episodes and know the “gist” of Seinfeld


Somerandomdickhead t1_j95fsxs wrote

Same here.

It wasn’t until last year that I finally watched it from beginning to end for the first time.


MonsterRider80 t1_j95teo4 wrote

So true, and this also goes for the Simpsons (of course, the good Simpsons…)


SolenoidSoldier t1_j95vu8d wrote

Every single episode is self contained and requires no viewing of any other episodes outside of maybe a few minor references. Not many shows like this.


MackenziePace t1_j9646sp wrote

Every episode is mostly self contained but the show can still be pretty serialized like when they had the stalker or the pilot on NBC


DoomPurveyor t1_j96768p wrote

> Not many shows like this.

That was pretty normal for laugh track sitcoms back when Seinfeld started.


LRA18 t1_j93te9k wrote

Just give us plex’s playlist feature literally all we need


Chasedabigbase t1_j95hbdg wrote

Plex UI chefs kiss


[deleted] t1_j95p4w6 wrote



Chasedabigbase t1_j95tzcy wrote

What's the problem with it?

It has continue watching / recently added movies / tv, watchlist, library right at the front. All works fine for me I don't need anything fancy, and can filter out the extra junk like tidal. I appreciate how simple it is.

I don't know how people could think Netflix possibly has a better UI, I have to scroll multiple rows everytime just to get to my list.


froop t1_j96j0ss wrote

How to enable subtitles in Plex:

Pause playback. Navigate to 3 dots menu. Select streams, select subtitles, pick track, back, Back, resume. 12+ button presses on Roku.

How to shuffle series:

Navigate to series, 3 dots submenu, shuffle is the only item in the menu. Why does the menu exist?

That said, every other app is even dumber than Plex, and to be fair to Plex, it has plenty of great UI features.


acAeris99 t1_j98fcfc wrote

You can update the Plex settings so it automatically loads media with the subtitle language you prefer. The navigation is useful if you want to change it to another language from default selection. I only use it to find subtitles online if I have none.


froop t1_j9aahzu wrote

Subtitles are frequently toggled in my house depending on time of day.


SolenoidSoldier t1_j95vmaq wrote

My only gripe is wanting to combine libraries from multiple servers, otherwise it's probably the best we got compared to the others.


SoMantAltsLol t1_j92bmrq wrote

i mean it only took me back to my watchlist

much like youtubes algorithm now seems to think I want to rewatch every video in my history


flekkzo t1_j92xjze wrote

YouTube is getting worse and worse! I too get either “you watched one video with keyword x, now half your feed is that” or “you watched this 1-2h video once, why don’t you want to watch it again?”.

It used to be actually good:(


IamTheShrikeAMA t1_j93cbqm wrote

I'm constantly surprised at how shitty recommendation engines still are. Like you have so much data about me and the best you can do is suggest shit based on what I searched for recently?


DisturbedNocturne t1_j94jmyp wrote

It really seems deliberate too considering they get worse over time. I used to find Netflix's algorithm to be reliable. I frequently saw things I had previously watched (not on Netflix) and enjoyed and found a few things to watch specifically because they were on there.

Now, though? It's full of things I've watched on Netflix, already have on my watchlist (which shows I intend to watch them), and garbage. For the life of me, I don't understand how Netflix can have a system that rates how likely it is that I'll enjoy something, and then put things rated 50-60% on my recommendations. It's like they're specifically trying to get me to watch things they know I won't like.


penguinpantera t1_j94ycp3 wrote

Haha that data gathering is not for your benefit. It's for 💵💵💵💵


7thKingdom t1_j97b2kp wrote

It's intentional. They all used to be better. YouTube before monetization was absolutely amazing and had the best recommendations ever. You would get lost down the YouTube rabbit hole for days. Netflix OG ratings system also generated fantastic recommendations. It was actually one of their original selling points, that's how good it was.

I'm not sure why exactly it's more profitable to push shit ratings and recommendations, but it clearly is because all these corporations have made very deliberate decisions to do so. They don't care about our user experience so long as it's just good enough to stick around. And in Netflix case, the lack of quality recommendations probably helps obfuscate the lack of depth and quality they actually offer. I'm sure it's not a coincidence their recommendation algorithm kicked ass back in the DVD rental days but sucks now that their streaming options are limited.


LRA18 t1_j93slyi wrote

Don’t worry a Crypto bro is now running the show.

It’s about to get a lot worse.


SoMantAltsLol t1_j93twsb wrote

vanced on android

tube browser pro on iphone app store

both 100% free

you're welcome


SoMantAltsLol t1_j93kqoq wrote

literally looked up a video on a simple fix for my apparently youtube thinks im a german car mechanic interested in every repair video ever filmed


JS-87 t1_j93j6om wrote

I thought there was an alarming amount of previously watched material showing up today. Glad to know I wasn't the only one.


SoMantAltsLol t1_j93kuga wrote

what worked for me was literally signing out of youtube and not signing into any profile. I actually got fresh recommendations


DisturbedNocturne t1_j94kekv wrote

It's really baffling how frequently stuff I've already watched shows up on there. Netflix's whole design revolves around obfuscating the size of their catalogue as much as they possibly can. It's why they rotate categories and thumbnails as much as they do. But when I see like 5-10 things on my recommendations that are things I clearly already watched and rated on Netflix or it's stuff that doesn't have a great recommendation percentage, it just makes me think there must not be enough on Netflix for them to recommend to me that I will like.


TheRealDrWan t1_j95sff0 wrote

I wish there was a way to just completely reset YouTube’s data. The more I’ve used it, the less interesting the recommendations get.


TheGlave t1_j924bg2 wrote

People use this? Seems very risky, especially on Netflix.


HumanOrAlien t1_j92690r wrote

Plus it only suggested the most recent and most popular Netflix Originals so it wasn't very useful.


Mentoman72 t1_j924it7 wrote

Well no they didn't use it. They just got rid of it.


TheGlave t1_j92eq4e wrote

Oh, I thought „drops“ meant introduced.


sloppyjo12 t1_j92fg9a wrote

The fact that this had been a thing for years and you didn’t realize it probably tells us just how worthless of a feature this was


TheGlave t1_j92fzdj wrote

The idea of watching content at random is so outlandish to me, I would never look for the button. If I ever saw it by accident, my brain would be like: „Doesnt look like anything to me“.


Tyster20 t1_j92siij wrote

It'd be more useful for individual tv shows where you can't decide which episode to put on.


shineurliteonme t1_j93btxa wrote

Yeah, shuffle button that picks an episode of Seinfeld to watch is a good idea.

Shuffle button that picks if I want to watch through Wednesday or not is a bad idea


AutomaticDesk t1_j92rpge wrote

And yet it was a button on the first screen you see when you open the app!


OneGoodRib t1_j93fduk wrote

One of the many flaws of the English language is that "drops" means both "released" and "removes". You'd think a professional writer might choose a different word for their headline.


wes00mertes t1_j933hfc wrote

They weren’t using it. Hence why they discontinued it. There’s a whole article explaining this which you can read.


TheGlave t1_j93an3w wrote

The topic doesnt warrant the time investment.


cyniqal t1_j92peow wrote

The only way I could see it working is if you could make a folder of your favorite sitcoms and other episodic format shows and have them play on shuffle.


rlovelock t1_j92xsnb wrote

Half the times I tried it I got a random episode of Modern Family...


gmoney88 t1_j92pcgm wrote

Does anyone remember the feature way back where it would ask you a bunch of questions about how you felt and what type of movie you wanted to watch? Then it would try to predict what movie you wanted to watch. It never worked out


ghostgnome t1_j92xabc wrote

Recommendation algorithms seem to be widely designed to take away as much individual choice as possible. Just nonsensical sorting that leaves both users and creators confused.


AsheronRealaidain t1_j93zm4a wrote

So their used to be this website called Jinni. Asked you a bunch of questions about movies and you spent time going through movies and rating them and why* you liked them. You could get AMAZING movie recommends from this website and it could even recommend movies based on their ‘feel’. I’ve used every movie recommendation generator out there and Jinni was 100x better.

But then they sold out and now sell algorithms to companies or something along those lines. Can’t blame a business for wanting to make money but man do I miss that service


MadeByTango t1_j937tz8 wrote

People don’t want random without some control. Especially when it’s only pushing what Netflix wants viewed. Things I know people want, because it used to be my job to know :

  1. A “channel” experience that is genre based but already running, like having a “Cheers station” that always plays Cheers, or “romance” that has something running, and everyone streams the same episode at the same time

  2. The ability to schedule their own tv night, ie “one episode of 90s Show, one episode of Family Guy, then whatever Lockwood & Co episode is next”

  3. A random episode button

  4. Recommendations based on what was just watched, not an algorithm based on our likes

  5. Co-watching, where people can match their feeds and even send notes (like emojis)

  6. Themed watch guides, like “Monica and Chandler’s relationship” and then it plays key episodes for that storyline; going across shows is also desired (The Madeline Hahn Guest Appearance Extravaganza, etc)

  7. Stand-up specials broken out and remixed together into 5-10 minute blocks with the ability to jump to the full special

  8. A “trailer channel” that lets people jump straight into to the full film/show

  9. Not for me, but “Celeb watch lists” that are recommendations, like “Stephen King’s Halloween Haunt” (some channels do this poorly, because they’re promoting a show the person is in, not thinking about who an “expert” making choices would be)

  10. A way to browse better than ribbons, using additive filters (JustWatch’s top movie wall always tests fantastic); basically you say “show me thrillers, and comedies” and it ranks the best/popular thrillers and comedies into a scrollable wall that blends them all together


TheMicMic t1_j926yut wrote

Why does every article use "quietly"?


AdmiralAkbar1 t1_j928k5s wrote

To make the article have a hint of mystery and make the reader feel like they have a special sense of gnosis—"The dropped feature Netflix DOESN'T want you to know about!"


Deducticon t1_j93kzga wrote

No, it's to make it seem like Netflix has embarrassed themselves.

So, "reader you don't have to feel too bad about your station in life. See, even big successful companies shit the bed sometimes."


mackinoncougars t1_j92rvwv wrote

Because it denotes the company did it without a press release or notifying customers. Quietly is a succinct way to denote it without using up words in a headline where word count matters.


jonny_wonny t1_j92y0h5 wrote

It also implies that the norm is to make a big announcement for every UI decision that occurs.


mackinoncougars t1_j934kwt wrote

It’s pretty normal to send a quick press release or an email to customers when you add or remove features. Especially if they intend for them to get used. They won’t launch a marketing campaign or ad spending, but their communications team largely will get in front of things.


bob1689321 t1_j93v2d2 wrote

My pet peeve is "just". As in "big news event just happened" to give it a sense of urgency

Like mate you report the news, no shit it just happened.


Magnatux t1_j92quwn wrote

Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of Netflix's 'Surprise Me' button. As we reflect on an unremarkable life, we cannot help but wonder: is its passing the surprise we hoped for?

The 'Surprise Me' button was introduced with much fanfare, promising to revolutionize the way we idly eat thousands of pounds of food. It was supposed to be the answer to all of our indecisiveness, our inability to choose what to watch, and our insatiable desire for novelty. But alas, it was not to be.

Perhaps the 'Surprise Me' button was too ahead of its time, too avant-garde for our primitive minds. Or perhaps, it was simply a bad idea from the start. We may never know for sure. Somewhere between the four titles you just scrolled through and something you've already watched lay the disappointment at the core of the experience. What we do know is that it did not live up to its promise.

Oh, 'Surprise Me' button, we hardly knew ye. Your lackluster existence may have been forgettable, but we will always remember the hope that you represented. The hope that someday, someone will invent a button that can truly surprise us, that can truly change our lives.

Rest in peace, 'Surprise Me' button. May the next step in the money-grubbing, corrupt degradation of streaming be something that will surprise us more than a 'target my views to benefit Netflix' button.

P.S. - Please take Spotify's shuffle algorithm with you.


bannedagainomg t1_j931jxh wrote

> "The Suprise Me feature was discontinued in January 2023."

And its 18.february now, should tell you enough about how many people used it.

I didnt even know a option like that existed.


Delicious-Tachyons t1_j92d3yd wrote

well odds are now you'll get some weird sci-fi drama from Turkey or a Spanish show about robbing a vault if you press that.

Netflix' procurement of foreign media is either very peculiar or that is all they watch in those countries.


amnesiac2323 t1_j928ue9 wrote

It was a stupid idea that was pushed by a minority of loud idiots


OneGoodRib t1_j93flvl wrote

I don't think it's a stupid idea at all. People always complain about how there's so much content on streaming services that they just scroll for 30 minutes before deciding to watch something they've seen 100 times already, so a shuffle button that just takes you to something random so you don't have to pick is a good idea, if it was implemented well.


djkhan23 t1_j92lur8 wrote

I know

Fucking annoying people oh I dunno what to watch SHUFFLE AND LET'S FIND OUT


bros402 t1_j92g77r wrote

the button pretty much sent me to the same shit every time

it would've been better if it were an actual shuffle


Winterspawn1 t1_j92mmqd wrote

I mean, what kind of person gets a streaming service to then play Russian roulette with it


RobaBobaLoba t1_j94q5xs wrote

Can we please stop using the word “quietly” in headlines? Like what even is the point of using that word here, were they supposed to make a heartfelt announcement on the end of the shuffle button?


darthjoey91 t1_j92f3uv wrote

It wasn't very useful. What they should have a shuffle button on is on shows that have very self-contained episodes that you don't need to watch in order.


sotommy t1_j9366v4 wrote

I'm afraid to push that button. I don't want to accidentaly cancel a tv show


Ok_Judgment_4515 t1_j9387sp wrote

I'm surprised Netflix hasn't started an AVOD service like Pluto TV, the surprise me button seems like a poor way to find a new show to start.


wulv8022 t1_j93emdp wrote

This feature was so stupid as an idea imo. 9/10 series or films suck on netflix. Give me rather the whole genre lists. Several series or films don't appear when you scroll the genre lists. You have to write the title into the search bar to find some films. I know there was a browser code for that you attach at the netflix url. But for some time even that didn't work I hear.

All streaming services have that problem and I don't understand why.


Dear-Attempt-2182 t1_j93hztr wrote

Tried it. It just tried to make me watch the Modern Family pilot. Every time.

Would love a feature where I could select, say, some sitcoms and get served random episodes of them


ajmethod33 t1_j93jvlr wrote

Would have been an OK feature if it started at ep1 of a season but starting a random show on season 5 ep03 is fkin useless


frostbitten42 t1_j93t39x wrote

Still waiting for the feature that filters out things I've watched and rated. Or the magical "show me the best thing I haven't watched yet" button.


Old_Red_Alligator t1_j95lqo2 wrote

It never made sense to me. You re an on demand service, therefore your users choose you because you can decide what to watch and when, so what s the point in watching random stuff?


King7up t1_j95shyg wrote

I canceled my subscription.


Tatermen t1_j92z95n wrote

All it did was pick one of the most recent 5-6 Netflix originals. It was not useful or particularly surprising.


jogoso2014 t1_j931jtd wrote

I’ve had something like this for years.

It routinely froze up and for some reason kept playing Star Trek stuff lol.


boogersrus t1_j9336xg wrote

It always just played something in my queue which I had skipped over hundreds of times before anyways so it was basically like a longer version of looking through my queue.


aduong t1_j934ibh wrote

This is one those sounds good on paper but not that great in real life idea. You try it one or two times then the novelty quickly wears off.


keener91 t1_j935oew wrote

I quietly dropped Netflix too.


fossilnews t1_j935qo3 wrote

Turns out people don’t want a 98% chance of viewing trash.


isortoflikebravo t1_j93hahb wrote

I used it one time and watched a nice documentary about queen Elizabeth and her sister. Never used the button again though.


sleepyotter92 t1_j93isbh wrote

i've never once used that feature


[deleted] t1_j93iys9 wrote

I have a shuffle button in plex with my favourite sitcoms, works great


bcraig8870 t1_j93kghh wrote

I’ve had Netflix since before the streaming days and I’ve never even heard of this feature.


EMPulseKC t1_j93kx3c wrote

You mean the button nobody ever used?


[deleted] t1_j93ky48 wrote

Never used it. I generally know what I want to watch before I fire up the ole Flix to chill.


Cyyyyk t1_j93ly90 wrote

I watch Netflix all the time and I never even knew it was there.


Hivesthebutler t1_j93njyu wrote

I’ve had Netflix all the way back to when you got videos in the mail. I never saw this feature.


CttCJim t1_j93qtdb wrote

I miss Max. You used to be able to click "ask Max" and this voice acted menu wizard would ask some if you're preferences and then give you a movie to watch. It was pretty great.


nickstee1210 t1_j93wkij wrote

Netflix just loves dropping stuff that since there wasn’t a meaningful show to drop they just dropped that.


0biwanCannoli t1_j93xns0 wrote

Because it’s generally garbage content. No surprise there.


SandysBurner t1_j941mzl wrote

It's just the recommendations with autoplay. If I don't like the recommendations, why do I want to autoplay them?


JM062696 t1_j94cc7d wrote

If it were a "randomize episode of a single show" button for something like Seinfeld I would be all-in.


Artistic-Toe-8803 t1_j94spdv wrote

I don't feel like they have the content quality for this sort of feature tbh. Massive catalog but it's like 80% mediocrity, especially the current/newer stuff (back catalog is pretty insane tbf, Queen's Gambit, Dark, Breaking Bad, BCS, etc). Realistically most people keep Netflix due to the 2 or 3 enormous global smash hits that they release per year, rather than the enormous breadth of subpar shite that they shovel out in droves.


Bettalad t1_j95ods3 wrote

I’m waiting for them to loudly drop a feature


TargetMaleficent t1_j967mmz wrote

Boy even the most minor event is "news" these days.


5k1895 t1_j96ux9y wrote

I was just thinking I should try that feature finally. Slightly annoying, can't imagine it would have hurt anything to just leave it there


BBWcoupl t1_j97i8tr wrote

That's Okay. I dropped Netflix


Razzler1973 t1_j9999ma wrote

I love the use of 'quietly' in 'reporting' on TV

Someone is 'quietly' brought back or something is 'quietly' dropped

Do they expect a news conference for such things?

There always the implication that something underhand has taken place, something a bit secret


Jason2648 t1_j9dsfb6 wrote

netflix pretty much died after its bullshit with the account sharing stuff


january_stars t1_j94izqt wrote

I actually used it and started watching two new shows because of it. They were shows I had heard of but probably wasn't going to try, but they came up on random and the first couple of minutes really pulled me in. But this was many months ago and I hadn't really used the feature since. I forgot that it existed.


heavengrl t1_j94lhrp wrote

I wish that button had been for shows you'd already selected. Like if you've watched The Office a million times, you could shuffle and it'd just give you some random episodes. That would be neat.


CosmicLars t1_j929knb wrote

The whole point of ditching cable is I get to watch exactly what I want, when I want, and not just whatever is randomly on.


OneGoodRib t1_j93fosk wrote

Okay but you could still do that even with the shuffle option. Jesus fucking christ the entitlement, "they should get rid of this OPTION because I don't like it."


CosmicLars t1_j93mq4d wrote

The fuck? I was giving my opinion on the shuffle. Nowhere did I demand they remove it. Where the fuck is the entitlement? This is a message board. For opinions. Do whatever the fuck you want, buddy.


OneGoodRib t1_j93g0sp wrote

God, does ANYTHING please you fucking people? Oh no not a completely optional way to watch something you otherwise might not have chosen yourself that you could easily stop watching if it sucked! Why can't they just make a streaming service that only has every episode of The Office and films that came out a day ago but only the GOOD ones and it should be free and have no commercials and not have anything that other people might like because it should only have titles and features I personally like!


bigsoftee84 t1_j94rsfz wrote

Who pooped in your cheerios? Are you really this upset that people are criticizing a feature that failed?