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The_River_Is_Still t1_j9x8csv wrote


bros402 t1_j9yital wrote

yesss, he needs more villain roles

also, it still holds up


The_River_Is_Still t1_j9z3fww wrote

He played a great focused, calm bad guy so well. It’s scary because it makes you kind of like the guy lol. That’s way more interesting than some obnoxious lunatic.


RVarki t1_ja2g01q wrote

I genuinely believe that Tom Cruise could've done a better job in Django Unchained, than Dicaprio did. I can't really remember Cruise ever having done a convincing accent, but outside of that, he would've been fantastic


The_River_Is_Still t1_ja2nxpz wrote

Say what you want about Scientology, and rightfully so, but the guy genuinely seems like a decent person and a lot of people say he’s really respectful to the crew on sets and gets to know most people…. And hes a great actor. He really is. He puts out hit after hit so he’s doing something right. He’s shown plenty of range before. Now he’s at that age like many A listers and they pay him to be him. Like DiNero, Denzel and Pacino.


Evil_Morty_C131 t1_ja0it7z wrote

Mosquito Coast


Bluest_waters OP t1_ja101oa wrote

He was obsessed, nearly a mad man, but he wasn't evil. He truly believed in what he was doing, he was not malicious. He just didn't understand how his obsession would turn out all wrong.