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When you say "I like this character" it's assumed to be about the person they portray. What if you just really just appreciate the character? For example maybe you really enjoyed watching them or you feel their personality or experience captures something very important. I know there's the expression "love to hate" a character which works for ones who you just appreciate how terrible they are. Another option is to point out something more specific; that you like the writing or the acting. Is there a more general term?

Also feel free to share if there's a tv character you like even though you don't find them likeable.



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milkyginger t1_j9z9n5k wrote

Sally on Barry is an example of this. The character is great. She's well written and well acted, but she's a terrible person in a realistic way. I really appreciate and enjoy the character but I don't think I like her.


sauronthegr8 t1_j9zpaaf wrote

Arguably she didn't start out that way, though. It was through being around Barry that her more ruthless side came out. When we first meet her she's a funny, awkward struggling actress with a pretty average moral compass.


schleppylundo t1_ja17rjx wrote

She was definitely very self-centered and immature but that only makes her as shitty as most struggling actors.


FreyrFreyja t1_j9zj30c wrote

Likeable characters don't have to be likeable people.


SageOfTheWise t1_j9zrfbp wrote

I mean, "I like this character" still works, not sure why you're making that initial assumption. But if you prefer you could always go with "I find the character compelling" or something.


AhhsoleCnut t1_j9zkm8f wrote

>When you say "I like this character" it's assumed to be about the person they portray.

That's a big assumption. Maybe stop making it.

Then again, maybe it's me who's the weirdo, but I never mean it like that (or assume other people to).


cronedog t1_ja0d81n wrote

I'm with you. I hope all times I talked about liking villains or horror monsters didn't give people around me the impression that I'm a psycho.


amaluna t1_j9zu2x0 wrote

The initial assumption is off imo. Whether a character is a good person or likeable is so secondary to whether or not character is good it's unreasonable to assume that's what they're saying.


ogrezilla t1_j9zf6gf wrote

I feel like "enjoy" works for this doesn't it? I enjoy watching this character.


theyusedthelamppost t1_j9zrnrl wrote

Idk but if it gets a name, we should just call it a Homelander.

Homelander is the worst person and the most entertaining character.


quaranTV t1_ja0uk2v wrote

Yeah I usually refer to these type of favorite characters as the most interesting or most complex. Homelander is a great example. Definitely my favorite character to watch on The Boys.


cronedog t1_ja0dco4 wrote

>When you say "I like this character" it's assumed to be about the person they portray.

I'm starting to think this is a you thing.


Southern-Rutabaga-82 t1_ja05hkh wrote

No, when I like the character, I like the character. That doesn't mean I think they are a nice person. I like to watch them, they are fun. The best characters are usually not good people. It's fiction. I wouldn't be friends with people like that but I have a good time watching them on TV.

A character I like is complex, feels real, has interesting dynamics with other characters, and is driving the plot.


bloodyturtle t1_ja0mrk9 wrote

what an impressively banal thing to overthink


Cyrano_Nose t1_ja29n7y wrote

I need to know this as well.

Some people get way too judgmental about why we/I enjoy a certain kind of character like Walter White, Tony Soprano etc.

Audiences absolutely can love a character they would never in a million years be friends with in real life or wish to ever imitate.


tylergetsmeajob t1_j9zfblk wrote

There are likeable characters and there are well-written characters.


_mister_pink_ t1_ja30o4r wrote

That’s just good writing. You don’t need to think Darth Vader would be a fun guy to get a beer with to think he’s a good character


CapnSmite t1_ja0hl5t wrote

"Being entertained."


cynic74 t1_ja0o2gd wrote

An anti-hero? Maybe a cowboy who doesn’t want to get involved but ultimately does, maybe a Clint Eastwood character?


childish_jalapenos t1_ja1cubk wrote

Jamie Lannister, pretty much everyone in Succession


Lil_Mcgee t1_ja2x0aq wrote

Jaime doesn't become a fan favourite until he starts exhibiting likeable traits in fairness.


TerraInvicta1776 t1_ja1uiep wrote

White Lotus is full of those characters. Especially all the guests in season 1.


x6ftundx t1_ja8nloc wrote

Frank Burns eats worms!