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LightThatIgnitesAll t1_j95jdi8 wrote

Yeh this is true.

Two and a Half Men aged poorly and not just because of Sheen but Alan, dude is a major creep at times.

I recently rewatched My Wife and Kids episodes and some of the scenes were a bit iffy.

Even recent ones like Baby Daddy have probably aged bad.


nowstreamingon t1_j96vxfa wrote

I’m rewatching My Wife and Kids now. In the first season, there’s an entire episode about how dare Jay have a job as its interfering with her ability to cater to his every need. My jaw was on the floor. Still enjoying my rewatch though!


brandnewreddituswr t1_j970v1u wrote

I still laugh at Jake seeing naked butt for the first time. “Can you get me the cereal from the top shelf