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YeaSpiderman t1_j91a2uo wrote

Lucha libre style my man. New Japan does a lot of that style. Or transport yourself back to late 90s wcw cruiserwelt matches. Those were the days. The hurricanrana is one of my favorite moves. So graceful.


The_River_Is_Still t1_j91krlj wrote

>Lucha libre style

Man, I'm so out of the loop with this. Decades my dude, lol.

If you were going to show someone new to a great intro video of this style/new japan (i think thats the brand? lol), toss me the link you would use.

Even though I don't watch modern wrestling, i fully get how athletic those guys are. I remember seeing a match a long time ago and I was like, Holy shit wrestling has gone to the next damn level apparently. It was not WWE (almost typed WWF, thats how long ago it is for me.....) type stuff. But i never looked into it much, so I have no idea. If you could give me a good starting window video, i'd appreciate it. I think it might awake the nostalgia in me.