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Roook36 t1_j8jfka5 wrote

It's weird because some stuff, like when there is a lot of smoke, it looks like a PS2 game. But other times, when the CGI characters are talking, you can "see" the actors face in their CGI character. It's so weird. I don't imagine they did mocap on the faces like Avatar lol

EDIT: It's also so weird to see >!the Trisolarians dehydrate. I always thought they'd just dry out into like a strawman. And later on didn't even picture them as human beings. But in the show they lay down and just start flipping out with water squirting everywhere!<


snicmtl OP t1_j8jh4xg wrote

Actually that's a better way to describe it! The CGI quality is really uneven. >!Like all space scenes are good to me. The people are decent but yes the dehydration scenes are probably the worst. And the physics of when the bodies 'pour' out of the pyramids...what?!!<


Roook36 t1_j8rnif6 wrote

Lol this just came YouTube feed and actually shows how they filmed it. They did use face tracking cameras! And motion capture suits. This scene specifically shows them filming >!the dehydrating scene and explaining how to do it to the actors!<