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andupitt t1_jadr3pn wrote

Shouldn't subpar be a good thing?


mickeyflinn t1_jadrao0 wrote

I don't really see a strong nexus between the target demographic of the CW and Golf.


reddig33 t1_jaem63d wrote

CW has different owner now and a different focus. Think “people who watch News Nation”.


dragonmp93 t1_jaf2g0u wrote

And reruns of shows so old that they were references on Seinfeld.


monchota t1_jaenvo6 wrote

CW was losing money hand over fist for several years. There demo wasn't watching much either. The CWDC universe lost viewers every year and every new show was a bomb. It's amazing, they were not changed before this.


dragonmp93 t1_jaf2map wrote

Eh, the CW never made money as a network since the second season of Supernatural, it was never their model.

The money came from selling their programming to the local stations and streaming.


tapufiniraid t1_jaeqawe wrote

If you pay 40 golfers $3m each to play a tournament and then pay a TV network to broadcast it - and no-one watches, can it still be called sports washing?


The_Lone_Apple t1_jadnjzz wrote

The only time I watch any PGA golf (not this LIV crap) is the back nine on the last day. Just get me to that point and I'll tune in.


Buckowski66 t1_jadk22m wrote

Was Tiger in it because other then him pretty much everyone under 50 doesn't care about golf. Minuture golf? Now that's a different story


hung__sheldon t1_jae20ub wrote

You are so incredibly wrong


verrius t1_jae2zu6 wrote

Golf isn't a mainstream sport. The only reason broadcast even cares about it is its a small audience that's very, very lucrative to target advertising at, since they're willing to throw lots of money away at random luxury goods. So viewing numbers are pretty much always going to be terrible for it; most people don't care, and if anything despise the sport.


Dennyisthepisslord t1_jae5bzj wrote

I'll watch an occasional majors final day and the Ryder cup and that's about it. Hating a pretty tame relaxing sport is kinda funny. It's not like it's hard to ignore if it's not for you


verrius t1_jae6fom wrote

As a kid, its very bored dudes looking at fields all day and slowly shuffling around when I'd rather they were showing anything else. It didn't help that "Sunday after cartoons" was prime Golf time.


Buckowski66 t1_jae2wjz wrote

Ok, how so?, I'm hardly a golf expert, educate me.