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mickeyflinn t1_jadrao0 wrote

I don't really see a strong nexus between the target demographic of the CW and Golf.


reddig33 t1_jaem63d wrote

CW has different owner now and a different focus. Think “people who watch News Nation”.


dragonmp93 t1_jaf2g0u wrote

And reruns of shows so old that they were references on Seinfeld.


monchota t1_jaenvo6 wrote

CW was losing money hand over fist for several years. There demo wasn't watching much either. The CWDC universe lost viewers every year and every new show was a bomb. It's amazing, they were not changed before this.


dragonmp93 t1_jaf2map wrote

Eh, the CW never made money as a network since the second season of Supernatural, it was never their model.

The money came from selling their programming to the local stations and streaming.