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PortoGuy18 t1_j9gg7fh wrote

I think this is the first main character spin off that i have ever heard.

Either way, just seeing Rick's face brings me back to the times Walking Dead was Peak.

Good times.


chilloutfam t1_j9gmpiy wrote

I feel like Pedro Pascal has shown us what a better version of Rick is. Much better southern accent, too. (Andrew Lincoln, admittedly, is at a disadvantage being from the UK and all, though)


PortoGuy18 t1_j9gmu8i wrote

I like the last of us, but i think there is a lot of recency bias at the moment in regards with the comparisons between both shows.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick owned every scene he was in and helped The Walking Dead become the phenomenom that it was.

Pedro Pascal is good, but i have seen him do better than joel.


tagen t1_j9h86zo wrote

Yeah, I really liked Lincoln’s performance, in particular his interactions with John Bernthal’s character.

I had no idea he was british when i first saw The Walkimg Dead, but he definitely had the whole southern sheriff behavior down


KlaatuBrute t1_j9hgora wrote

> Yeah, I really liked Lincoln’s performance, in particular his interactions with John Bernthal’s character.

That entire opening scene of the series is phenomenal. The pilot was so good, and IMO could even stand alone as a great zombie movie.


tagen t1_j9hlqlm wrote

Yeah, those first few episodes had me hooked. Rick waking up and searching for his family, getting stuck in the tank and having Glenn save his ass, the mall escape, going back for Merle, etc.

So good


HollywoodJones t1_j9ixzzc wrote

Frank Darabont specifically filmed it that way, to make the episodes feel like short films. It's why the first two seasons are regarded as the best of the entire series while the rest slipped into the downward spiral of hot garbage it became.


Lil_Mcgee t1_j9jji56 wrote

> It's why the first two seasons are regarded as the best of the entire series

Not so sure about this. I defend season 2 of TWD but it was fairly heavily criticised when it came out and still doesn't have the best reputation to this day due to the (not entirely unfounded) perception that it is drawn out and tedious.

Losing Darabont definitely did a lot to hurt the show's vision and set the stage for the inevitable decline. That said I think if you asked a group of people (let's assume they've seen at least the first 6 or so seasons) to rank their favourites I would expect to see most people place S4 above S2 and frankly I wouldn't be surprised to see S2 at the bottom of many lists.


DoctorSkeeterBatman t1_j9m4ncp wrote

Season 1 also had some ridiculous dog shit like intelligent zombies/zombies partially retaining their human memories....things people talk shit about and just ignore were 100% Darabont.

Also Season 2 was widely considered one of the worst lol (though I loved it and think it's one of the best) specifically because Darabont left between Season 1 and 2. People HATED it and said it was just boring farm drama and was ruining the show.


peanutdakidnappa t1_j9i0i4t wrote

Ya I’m really not getting that dudes comment, Lincoln’s accent is rock solid and his acting on the show has pretty much been fantastic his entire time on it. One of if not the best things about the show for the entire time he was on it, his acting never wavered even if the quality of the show did


Dennyisthepisslord t1_j9gwvyp wrote

I'd say last of us and early walking dead are very similar. And it's largely why I am not warming to it as much as others.


qwertycantread t1_j9jj34a wrote

I watched the first episode an thought it was just like The Walking Dead. Not interesting.


monchota t1_j9gyo3d wrote

The only good parts of walking dead is the first 3 season.


Bad_Mood_Larry t1_j9h4ufz wrote

You liked the farm? Season 1 was very good....The rest was always grasping because how production was screwed after that 1st season.


HollywoodJones t1_j9iy3uf wrote

It went from Frank Darabont and a fantastic team of writers with movie budget quality production to a cringe inducing soap operate edited in Final Cut Pro.


ThePizzaMan100 t1_j9jlgyt wrote

Not really. Parts of season 4 and 5 were the best part of the series. The Terminus arc was the peak of TWD.


monchota t1_j9gyjqr wrote

There is no comparison, it is an HBO show versus a AMC show. The walking dead was ok but was too much filler and drama after season 3.


bondball7 t1_j9hw7ca wrote

I absolutely agree with your assessment of TWD, but we’re also 5 episodes into TLOU and there’s been 1 filler episode. It was amazing, but ep 3 did almost nothing to push the story. It was minor background filler. I don’t remember much filler in the first three TWD seasons…after that I remember a lot.

I’ve played TLOU and am worried about them having enough to fill out more than a season or two. So far we’ve been introduced to 7-10 characters and they all end up dead. Seems by design, but how far can that take them?


chilloutfam t1_j9jpynt wrote

i have no problem with the filler episodes thus far because they have been incredible. bill and frank is one of my favorite episodes of tv in a long time.


HornetKick t1_j9hz8c9 wrote


Yeah this is true. I'm not familiar with the game and I figured he was going to stay and hang out with his brother but then they separate again. What?


peanutdakidnappa t1_j9i0u8i wrote

Why’s that a surprise, he’s still gotta get Ellie to the firefly place so hopefully they can create some sort of cure. Did you just think they’d stop there for good in Wyoming and say eh she’s immune but fuck a possible cure?


HornetKick t1_j9i5kig wrote

Imo it was a tad disjointled because he cant wait to find his brother, finds him and then asks him to take Ellie, then tells her she gotta go without him, and then the very next day says oh I'll still take you. It was filler for sure.

The end goal has mostly been to find a cure but there is no proof that even her blood will work. That has been mentioned a couple of times.


peanutdakidnappa t1_j9ib62r wrote

I don’t think any of that was filler at all lol, it was great character building moments. Also obviously there is no proof her blood will help create a cure but she’s the only Immune person out there so they at least gotta give it a shot.


HollywoodJones t1_j9iy8te wrote

The last episode seemed to suffer from large gaps in production because it felt like the seasons weren't consistent. My guess is they started it during lockdowns or something.


HornetKick t1_j9hz0kz wrote

>too much filler

I totally agree and that is why I bailed. The filler is annoying as hell.


chilloutfam t1_j9jpviz wrote

eh, breaking bad was on AMC. and that's a top 3 show for me.


MustardTiger1337 t1_j9izcc4 wrote

I mean also one is AMC and one is HBO
Funding was a huge issue with the walking dead, just look at S02 on the farm. One set for the whole season. Just imagine if this was on HBO


bondball7 t1_j9hvcm8 wrote

For sure. Just started re-watching TWD and am in S4. So far it’s pretty great with some cringy moments and a few bad writing spots. I know it gets worse from here…think I stopped watching season 7 or 8.

So far I’m enjoying The Last of Us and the acting is great, but feels like they’re already having a hard time filling the season out, so it feels like people are just into it because it’s above good. Doesn’t yet feel great like TWD did first 3 seasons. Pascal was great though in the last episode and episode 3 was amazing, even though it was basically filler.


ThePizzaMan100 t1_j9jltxa wrote

> So far I’m enjoying The Last of Us and the acting is great, but feels like they’re already having a hard time filling the season out, so it feels like people are just into it because it’s above good.

I think the difference is that the “filler” episodes in TLOU is still full of great character moments and amazing production design. Which is what TWD lacked for the most part in their filler episodes. The Bill and Frank episode for example was amazing.


Lethal234 t1_j9mlier wrote

I love Andrew Lincoln but he has nothing on Pedro Pascal, lol


GamingTatertot t1_j9gq6zh wrote

I'm from the South and have a lot of friends and family in Georgia as well too - Lincoln's accent really isn't that bad


MyStationIsAbandoned t1_j9hcprr wrote

yeah, idk what that guy is talking about The Walking Dead has been a shit show most of the time, but the actors are seriously top notch. Rick's accent is great. I've lived in the south most of my life. I don't people realize there's a ton of different types of southern accents. When I was a kid i even noticed this after meeting people from Charleston compared to people from a completely different city in that same state.

I've heard plenty of Ricks and Shane accents. I've even heard one of those crazy prim and proper early 1900's southern accents from this old guy in college. I half expected them to say "i do declare". It was so long ago that my memory wants to believe he did say it.


GamingTatertot t1_j9hggik wrote

> When I was a kid i even noticed this after meeting people from Charleston compared to people from a completely different city in that same state.

Yeah, my Charleston accent is very different from an accent of just someone in SC upstate


HornetKick t1_j9hyq2s wrote

>i do declare

And Pascal does not have a Southern accent. Is that what he is doing?


ImAMindlessTool t1_j9jfvkc wrote

Georgian, Texan, Appalachian, Gulf (MS, AL, FL shores), Backwoods Mississippi, Cajun, and Carolinian .. all sound different but have that same twang to it. Except backwoods MS. Some people there speak mumbling gibberish.


coolhandluq t1_j9kt5d0 wrote

That's not a Texan accent you're describing, just a dated stereotype.


Megadog3 t1_j9h70ru wrote

Completely disagree with this. Pedro is great, but he’s sort of been slipping in and out of his accent. It’s the weakest part of his performance.

Andrew Lincoln’s accent is literally perfect.


peanutdakidnappa t1_j9i152z wrote

Ya I don’t get that comment at all, Andy’s accent on TWD was great almost all the time, it’s honestly more impressive than Pedro’s.


LovingTurtle69 t1_j9h1s3s wrote

Listen I love the Last of Us with all my heart and Pedro Pascal in everything he's been in, however Andrew Lincoln is just better.


peanutdakidnappa t1_j9i1ngf wrote

Forreal I really don’t get that comment, Lincoln was stellar his entire time on TWD and he had so many legitimately amazing scenes where his performance was just top top top tier. TWD certainly has many problems and the quality greatly wavered but Lincoln did, he was awesome the entire time and was almost always one of if not the best things about that show. I love Pedro and am greatly enjoying the show but nothing he’s done so far acting wise is better than the best stuff Andrew did on TWD


MantisTobogganMD12 t1_j9huab5 wrote

I couldn’t disagree more… pascals not Bad but early Rick was amazing!


peanutdakidnappa t1_j9i22bj wrote

All Andy’s acting as rick was fantastic, the show fell off a lot but his acting remained great as long as he was on the show


MantisTobogganMD12 t1_j9i6gmd wrote

Agreed I was just trying to express how amazing he was to me the first few seasons… I’m 37 … I actually almost cried like a baby when Lori has to be taken care of in season 3 ( ?) Ricks reaction was just so great and pained and lost and everything else…. I’ll never forget that moment…


SuspendedInKarmaMama t1_j9hdefd wrote

I realize people on here won't like me saying this but Lincoln as Rick was much better than Pascal as Joel.

At least from what we've seen so far.

As a whole, LoU is much better than TWD but if we're just comparing the two performances then Lincoln is the clear winner to me.


cantthinkatall t1_j9hkcuy wrote

Hard disagree. The farm with Rick and Shane, the prison, the battle vs the governor and all the way up to Terminus is way better than LoU. It was really good all the way up until they did the whole glen under the dumpster bit. Then the whole reveal of who Negan killed was a joke.


MustardTiger1337 t1_j9izi8p wrote

Exact same time I checked out. Can't remember the last show I waiting to watch each week and talked about it every day in between


mnopponm12 t1_j9j1i7p wrote

Farm was where it lost me, so slow. They dragged it out as long as they could.


cantthinkatall t1_j9ja9yn wrote

The farm was only like 2-3 episodes lol


Phillip_Spidermen t1_j9kaoko wrote

It was closer to 6-7 during the finding Sophia arc, which may not seem like a lot in retrospect, but contextually it was half the entire show at that point.

The first season was 6 episodes, and the premiere a year later had them spend the next 6 at Hershel's (which they continued to spend time at until it burns in the season finale)


peanutdakidnappa t1_j9i1qh4 wrote

Facts, Andrew was amazing the whole time and nothing Pedro has done acting wise is as good or better than Andy’s best acting moments on TWD


northernjigby t1_j9jteev wrote

The circlejerk is getting out of hand. Has there been any scene with Pedro in LoU that has had as much-acting range as Rick waking up, being attacked by the Claimers, the death of Lori, his crazy speech in Alexandria after fighting Pete, the lineup with the Saviors?

Pedro's accent is not even close to better either lol, he barely sounds like he's from Texas. Here's an accent expert literally saying he has to get picky to critizie Andrew Lincoln because of how good his accent is.


DarthRain95 t1_j9hyq5y wrote

I love Joel’s voice but it doesn’t even touch Rick Grimes accent


peanutdakidnappa t1_j9i07l0 wrote

Lincoln’s accent is good tho lol, I’d honestly say it’s probably better than Pedro’s. Also he was stellar his entire time on the show, the shows quality wavered big time but Andy’s performance never did. Pedro has been great in TLOU but I think Lincoln was/is every bit as good when it comes to acting and he’s had a bunch of signature acting moments in that show that were pretty much universally praised. he has always been one of if not the best things about TWD while he was on it and he’s had so many great acting moments throughout the show.


TchoupedNScrewed t1_j9h7d2c wrote

Andrew Lincoln had to work with shit writers despite the fact if they did a 1:1 remake of the comic (not possible on AMC) they would’ve fared sooooo much better. Between Invincible and TWD comic Kirkman knows how to write.


njb021 t1_j9i2cqa wrote

Not sure why you’re putting down Andrew Lincoln when he was the best part of the show when he was on. Pedro Pascal is awesome, but he’s only played the character for one season so far


the_great_ashby t1_j9j83w1 wrote

Nah,anything that Lincoln did with Darabont rivals what Pascal does with Mazin. And then there's the ocasional bright spot along the rest of the run.


ThePizzaMan100 t1_j9jlbdb wrote

> I feel like Pedro Pascal has shown us what a better version of Rick is.

I don’t know about that. While I love Pedro as Joel, Lincoln is also amazing as Rick. He was the main highlight of TWD. It’s impressive how he managed to consistently give amazing performances even tho the writing took a nosedive in after season 5.


TJ_McWeaksauce t1_j9jo1zl wrote

>I feel like Pedro Pascal has shown us what a better version of Rick is.

They're entirely different characters.

Joel from The Last of Us is a man whose humanity died at the very beginning of his world's apocalypse. He stopped trusting people and he stopped loving. For 20 years, Tess was one of the only people he had a lasting relationship with, and it was lopsided — she loved him, but he didn't love her back.

The only other important person in his life is his brother, Tommy, but Joel chased him away and made him move to the other side of the country, which is no easy feat when the country is filled with fungus zombies and raiders.

Joel has basically been dead inside for the entirety of his post-apocalypse. He's killed innocent people in order to survive, and he doesn't show remorse for it. His relationship with Ellie is his chance at redemption, and also his chance to finally be at peace with a trauma he experienced decades before.

Rick is the opposite. He didn't lose everything at the onset of his apocalypse, because his wife and son were still alive. He had something to fight for beyond survival.

Immediately after reuniting with his family, Rick took charge of the group of survivors they were with, because Rick is a natural leader. Throughout the series, he's gravitated toward being a leader — he's been the leader of multiple survivor communities, and even united multiple, separate communities into a network that traded and protected each other. This is in stark contrast to Joel, who's antisocial, distrustful, and avoids people as much as he can. Rick is almost always surrounded by people, and he kept adding to his family of survivors, whereas Joel works best alone or in a pair.

Rick's story is one of struggling to maintain one's humanity during barbaric times. Joel's story is one of regaining one's humanity during barbaric times. The characters are different, their stories are different, and the only real similarity between them is that they're both living in a post-apocalyptic world and they're both good at violence.

They're even different physically. Joel is broken both inside and out — he's not as fast or as strong as he used to be because he's getting old, and he's gone partially deaf. Does Rick have any chronic physical issues? I don't think he does.

Saying Joel is a better version of Rick is like saying pizza is a better version of salad.


chilloutfam t1_j9jplll wrote

> Saying Joel is a better version of Rick is like saying pizza is a better version of salad.

they are two main leads in a show with similar premises. it's not that serious.


KeyFeeling9481 t1_j9kfh9l wrote

To be fair Joel (Pascal) is from Texas while Rick (Lincoln) is from Georgia. Those are two very different accents.


Zoltan_Kakler t1_j9kjc8k wrote

You don't need to look outside the same show to see someone showing Andrew Lincoln how to do a better accent. Just listen to Darryl and Rick talk. Norman Reedus is doing a real Southern accent, and Andrew Lincoln is doing a half-ass fake one.

Sometimes Rick sounds like he's strolled in from a Gone With the Wind scene with that drawn out overdone accent.


njb021 t1_j9i3t5b wrote

Seriously is this the first “spinoff” show about the same main character (and actor) as the original? I guess technically it’s a sequel show but it also probably takes place in the past somewhat. At the same, it could count as a spinoff because it’s just about these characters. All that comes to mind right now is like Saved by the Bell and Scooby Doo. Also Picard but that might just be a revival


katarholl t1_j9i4va7 wrote

Bosch had a spin off that is the main character


bros402 t1_j9gqgcn wrote

There's the Maggie & Negan spinoff and the Daryl spinoff


Indigocell t1_j9ihht8 wrote

I think I more or less stopped watching not long after he left the show, but I might check this one out for closure. Not sure I want to finish the main series.


Zoltan_Kakler t1_j9kjzdl wrote

Same here, it was just not that interesting by the end of Rick's story. Also it always bothered me that they kept Negan around instead of feeding him to the zombies.


[deleted] t1_j9h23vx wrote

Isn’t this just going to be more of the same? Rick runs into a group, group dies. Rick runs into another group, new group dies. Rinse and repeat.


ironicallyunstable t1_j9h8fvg wrote

This shit just writes itself doesn’t it? Lol


ronchon t1_j9jbuog wrote

Just ask Chat GPT to write the episodes and voilà: it literally will.


dinoroo t1_j9hubxe wrote

You forgot the part where Rick loses another family member.


ILoveRegenHealth t1_j9hvs60 wrote

And then Rick talking in Scott Gimpleisms.

"We can't be who we aren't. It's not what we do when it matters"


Upstairs-Lifeguard18 t1_j9j3xx1 wrote

Stale gimple writing was bad enough for season 7 and 8 but godawful directing and face close ups really sealed the deal for worst seasons of any TV show

God... Does anyone remember that one Steven seagal level fight/shootout at s7 finale?

As a hardcore fan back then I could not simply believe such a badly choreographed scene was let on tv


iamacannibal t1_j9j4nfg wrote

Na. This looks like it's going to be Michone looking for Rick after he gets taken by a group and then escapes that group and is on the run/being hunted.


Yellow-Eyed-Demon t1_j9gfkhd wrote

So how did Rick get back on the island, did Jacob bring him back?


elister t1_j9h8abr wrote

I'm sure they'll let us know in Season 4.


FartResume t1_j9injws wrote

Why does the statue of Judith only have 4 toes?


bloodyturtle t1_j9k54t5 wrote

was this ever actually explained lol


FartResume t1_j9ky9x6 wrote

I’m 99% sure they never mentioned it again, it was such a weird detail that it has always stuck with me.


LocalNative141 t1_j9ga657 wrote

How can you do a spinoff for the main character? That’s just a sequel.


BGN777 t1_j9gjxc2 wrote

He was suppose to get a film trilogy but nobody's paying for that so now it's this "spinoff"


Paolo94 t1_j9hebi8 wrote

AMC was crazy to think a Walking Dead movie would make big money at the box office, let alone an entire trilogy. The fact that they’re now turning the movies into a miniseries seems like a downgrade if you ask me. This entire expanded universe is so baffling to me. It feels like AMC and Scott Gimple wasted so much time doing nothing with this universe. The main show is done, and the other spin-offs have had poor ratings and mixed reviews. Now all of a sudden they’re greenlighting spin-off after spin-off, yet the franchise is well past the height of its pop culture relevance. I feel like they’re 7 years too late at this point. Talk about striking while the iron is lukewarm.


ILoveRegenHealth t1_j9hwqh4 wrote

The movie talk did occur years ago when the ratings were still super high around the world.

Seems like crazy talk now since the show is ending and the ratings are low (and complaints of boredom high), but around the time Rick was suddenly kidnapped, the ratings and "omg!" buzz for TWD was still comparatively high.


Paolo94 t1_j9inriy wrote

Ehh, Rick was kidnapped in season 9. I feel like the peak of the show (in terms of quality and viewership) and the fandom (in terms of the show consistently being in the pop culture conversation) was around season 6. Things started to peter off after that, especially because the quality of the show took a massive dip with seasons 7 and 8.

The show was still popular during season 9, but the numbers weren’t nearly as high as the show at its peak. And general perception of the show was already tainted from the previous two seasons, even if season 9 (debatably) rebounded in terms of quality. So any talk of making a movie around this time was already way too late in my opinion.

This show probably won’t even air until next year, so the fact that there‘ll be 6 years in between when the spin-off movies were first announced, to when we’ll finally see Rick again, probably doesn’t help either. This is well, well, well beyond the point where the story could have made the biggest impact. And I feel the same about all the other spin-offs. Why did they wait until now to legitimately start expanding this universe? It just boggles my mind.


supermegason t1_j9ir2tc wrote

WTF!?, I stopped watching I think in season 10 when the whisperers were the current baddies. Figured I'd come back for the Rick movie eventually to see "the ending", which seemed like a sure thing at the time. What a shitshow this has become lol, guess I'm never going back now.


tetoffens t1_j9gdn29 wrote

They spun him off a few seasons before it ended. He wasn't the main character by the final seasons.


LocalNative141 t1_j9gechh wrote

That would be like removing spongebob from the final few seasons of SpongeBob SquarePants, bringing him back and then calling it a spinoff


WordsAreSomething t1_j9getxg wrote

Not really, while Rick was the main character the focus of the Walking Dead was never Rick. The whole story is about a group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse.

SpongeBob is about this misadventures of a character and his friends.


PedroEglasias t1_j9gqafi wrote

Agree it was about the group, but if the group was Voltron, Rick was the black lion (not to be confused with King Ezekiel)


ThrowawayTheLegend t1_j9gfrfz wrote

If they do it right they end the spin off after the others have ended and do a true series finale.


size12shoebacca t1_j9h55lo wrote

Hasn't the window for any interest in that come and gone already?


Spinwheeling t1_j9htfne wrote

I stopped watching Walking Dead at the end of season 6, but I'd be interested in checking out a stripped-down story about these 2 characters.


Agrijus t1_j9hx2sh wrote

I could have written exactly this


Vandergrif t1_j9m3zbr wrote

AMC is still desperate to milk the franchise for every conceivable scrap of content, though.


brownnick7 t1_j9ggkuh wrote

So AMC is basically just The Walking Dead channel at this point.


Regula96 t1_j9gp6eq wrote

I hope it becomes The Interview with the Vampire channel. That show started really strong.


OrbitOrbz t1_j9ggy87 wrote

Pretty much how Guy Fieri is the food network lol


bytheky t1_j9hbuyr wrote

They’re probably in shambles after Vince told them no more spin-offs.


Awkward_Silence- t1_j9hgd2r wrote

Those and Mad Men were also made using external studios (typically Sony Television) so they got a much lower cut of the profits


Awkward_Silence- t1_j9hgl3w wrote

It's the one big IP they actually own the TV/Movie rights to and make it all in house.

So it's not too surprising they'll milk it dry.


Zoltan_Kakler t1_j9kki42 wrote

There is actually a Walking Dead channel that's on SlingTV, maybe other cable-like streaming services. It's an AMC subchannel or something.

They show TWD of course plus "Ride with Norman Reedus" which is a pretty cool casual viewing show.


ILoveRegenHealth t1_j9hwyfg wrote

It's crazy how many shows they've tried and none of them are really sticking. Only TWD, BB and BCS are their winners, and the latter two really belonged to another production studio and AMC just had to rights to air (correct me if I'm wrong).


contaygious t1_j9itiqr wrote

What is bcs. Google says Bowl Champisonship Series (BCS.

If you mean better call Saul it didn't do particularly well although I love it.


ILoveRegenHealth t1_j9iueas wrote

Yes it's Better Call Saul. Sorry, forgot it's not always obvious (and BB of course is Breaking Bad)


horseren0ir t1_j9jfwfk wrote

Mad Men, Hell on Wheels and Halt and Catch Fire were good too, I’ll give their new Bob Odenkirk show a chance


Lost_Hunter3601 t1_j9h3zqd wrote

So that’s 3 spin-offs? This, Darryl and carol one, then Megan and Maggie one? What the hell? That’s like 5 active shows running on the air at the same time, the new world order one, then the one with the black stick user guy


Awkward_Silence- t1_j9hh9od wrote

World Beyond, the teen drama/CW styled one ended after two seasons.

Fear I believe is ending this year.

Tales was a miniseries.

So it'll soon just the 3 new spinoffs. Daryl in France, Negan and Maggie in NYC and Rick and Michonne vs the 3 ring settlement (introduced in all the shows so far)

And honestly it's probably a cost saving measure vs keeping these stories and the main show going. Fresh contracts, and the high paying actors all separated now, plus they can run it near year round now if they time it right


StarGaurdianBard t1_j9hrlfr wrote

Wait how the hell did Daryl end up in a complete other continent?


ILoveRegenHealth t1_j9hwhch wrote

Ocean water levels drop in their world. Daryl discovers a new land hidden strip from the East Coast to France. Motorcycles all the way over there, eating fish along the way.


Courwes t1_j9ic5wc wrote

This has to be a joke.


forseti99 t1_j9ii1i4 wrote

There's already footage of him running away from fish. Honestly it looks good, budget must be very high.


Griffin_Reborn t1_j9j9vqx wrote

This is absolutely the dumbest thing ever. Zombies shouldn’t fly. Who’s writing this crap?


Awkward_Silence- t1_j9hs3ev wrote

They haven't expanded on that yet. Just that Reedus said he wasn't there by choice.

So the most common theories is he was abducted or washed away castaway style


HardcoreKaraoke t1_j9igabc wrote

>Darryl and carol one

It's just Daryl in France now. The actress who played Carol decided not to do it.


Freshy23 t1_j9hbm1v wrote

And I’m sure they will find a way to have some big fuck off episode where all the stories come to one before they all somehow seperate into groups again.


ILoveRegenHealth t1_j9hvzxx wrote

> then Megan and Maggie one?

Who is Megan? I stopped watching around S8 or so.

>then the one with the black stick user guy



kugglaw t1_j9gvsuo wrote

Who cares at this point? Feel like this is really going to live in The Last of Us’s shadow


JillSandwich117 t1_j9heb68 wrote

Sure, but Last of Us probably has 3 seasons max unless they decide to do original content. Walking Dead will keep pumping out new shit until well after the wheels fall off.


kugglaw t1_j9lst15 wrote

I just mean in terms of quality. I don’t think TLOU is the best show in the world, but it certainly shows what can be done with the whole “zombie apocalypse” setting beyond the well trodden ground of TWD


DaveShadow t1_j9gvn9y wrote

Tbh, I’d probably come back for that. Rick was my main motivator and I basically dropped off when he went.


reddig33 t1_j9gfzcg wrote

Impatiently awaiting the Saturday morning cartoon spin-off.


spinereader81 t1_j9h7b70 wrote

With an obnoxious little sidekick character thrown in for no reason! Nearly 40 years later I'm still sour over that annoying little alien thing in the Punky Brewster cartoon that stole the spotlight from Brandon.


MeronDC t1_j9h6oz2 wrote

many people will not even see the end of The Walking dead and will jump right in to see this series


noelle-silva t1_j9hqkiv wrote

This was announced like 5 years ago and they're just now beginning production?


HardcoreKaraoke t1_j9iglov wrote

I'll watch the Rick show. I haven't watched TWD in years. I never got into the spinoffs. I'm not interested in the other spinoffs, even though Maggie & Negan (Dead Island or whatever) filmed by me so I might watch.

But I'm really interested to see Andrew Lincoln back. I wanted to see the four Rick movies when they were announced and I'm bummed it's a whole new series (since they'll probably get stuck again) but I'll watch because it's Rick. I assume they're hoping a lot of other lapsed fans are doing what I'm doing and coming back for him.


horseren0ir t1_j9jguko wrote

Will be interesting to see the ratings of the spin-offs


zorrodood t1_j9keeub wrote

Are they still walking?


GabeNewbie t1_j9h9a38 wrote

Honestly, does anybody care about The Walking Dead anymore? The show fell off after the first season, and Fear the Walking Dead stopped being interesting after the third episode.


D0lan_says t1_j9i1tge wrote

Walking dead was good up until just after glen dies then that shit starts shark jumping.


GabeNewbie t1_j9i1y9m wrote

Eh, that's also fair. Season 2 was a bit too slow for my liking, and I tapped out halfway through season 3, so I think that was a bit after I jumped ship.


D0lan_says t1_j9i2g3h wrote

I feel like there are tons of good storylines sprinkled throughout the series, even in season two (especially towards the end) but it did struggle to keep everything entertaining over as many seasons as it ran. Once Negan came into it, some of the plot lines became absolutely bonkers and disbelief could only be suspended so much.


GabeNewbie t1_j9i2ly3 wrote

Yeah, I heard about some of what happened from friends who were still watching, and it sounded absurd. It's really sad how quickly it fell off.


Plus_Government1488 t1_j9jo0m6 wrote

Season 1 viewership was 5m on average and season 5 15m, just because you didnt like it doesnt mean it fell off quickly.


GabeNewbie t1_j9k23x6 wrote

I'm not saying people stopped watching it, just that I personally felt the quality dropped significantly after the first season, and they changed showrunners.


D0lan_says t1_j9ps2hr wrote

Millions of people tuned in to watch the Kardashians be rich morons week after week. Viewership is no metric for quality.


BaphometsTits t1_j9j50vf wrote

I would argue the main show became a spinoff when Rick left. This is just a continuation of the original show.


MattaClatta t1_j9jemiy wrote

as a former fan of this series I have no idea how it turned into this huge zombie franchise that refuses to end


clydefrog079 t1_j9hsqao wrote

I miss TWD when it was at its prime. I even forgot when I stopped watching. All these spin offs are really tarnishing the shows once-good image.


ArchDucky t1_j9kc4k2 wrote

Is it them in a cadillac solving mysteries and getting into wacky adventures? Because I would watch the fuck out of that.


ThatGuyFromTheM0vie t1_j9l35pq wrote

The Walking Dead has literally become the walking dead. It’s just so played out. I can’t believe they have like 3 spin-offs in the works now. I left after like Season 4. It got so damn repetitive and boring.


MikeBisonYT t1_j9nehii wrote

Oh the title the search for more money.


NonAggressive-Ask t1_j9hl1m3 wrote

All the Walking Dead properties suffer from bad writing, slow movement, and cheap production value, and you can try putting the same shit in different cans, but as they showed us in Fear, and Tales ..... until they completely revamp their production teams, and their philosophy to telling stories it's all going to be forgettable garbage.


[deleted] t1_j9hlzs0 wrote

I feel these spin offs are going to be a disaster. People have fatigue from the franchise itself and the other spin offs weren't massive successes. Now they're fracturing the core show into a lot of different things that will fizzle out.


ILoveRegenHealth t1_j9hvn9s wrote

As a former fan of this show up until around S5-6, this sounds BORING

I would also hope Danai Gurira would launch off to other projects with the Black Panther films giving her more exposure. I bet this spin-off will show the same boring stuff that made TWD worse.


excessive_Knight t1_j9iflbs wrote

Who is asking for these? They can’t possibly be rating well, must need to just fill dead air time


MikeyMGM t1_j9ik8c5 wrote

Three new Walking Dead shows? Can I say, over saturation?


HollywoodJones t1_j9ixvx2 wrote

For the love of god and all that is holy - ENOUGH. This show hasn't been watchable in a solid decade.


Mobile-Ostrich-5510 t1_j9jaaz8 wrote

So, are they going to tell how the zombie apocalypse started? If they aren't then it's a waste of time


Mellero47 t1_j9jdrub wrote

But why tho? The show will make it one episode before the nostalgia wears off, and then it's just more Walking Dead. TLoU is the benchmark they need to hit and I doubt they will.


silk_1233 t1_j9jl44o wrote

So two actors who realized they have no options to act beyond this show come back? Fucking smart on their part - cash in


visionaryredditor t1_j9js3a9 wrote

> So two actors who realized they have no options to act beyond this show come back?

it's not like the actress playing Michonne is a part of the most popular cinematic universe in the world and just co-starred in the movie that grossed $850M... OH WAIT


dmc2008 t1_j9jupgx wrote

Can Justin Roiland play both Rick and Michonne?


Loganp812 t1_j9kabrf wrote

At this point, can we just scrap it all and do a (preferably animated) 100% comic-accurate adaptation?

I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, but I’d chose Henry Rollins to voice act the character.


amulie t1_j9hc5j2 wrote

Ricks story feels like the prequel story to Joel in LOU.

Michonne is Tess.


DoAsIDontSay t1_j9gg1iq wrote

Michonne is a great character played by a great actress but Rick has annoyed me since the first season. I kept watching in spite of him and didn't miss him when he left. I'm conflicted about whether to watch this or not.