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AugustWest7120 t1_j9rzfhj wrote

Hmm. That’s what my wife calls her Birthday week, every year.


ral315 t1_j9se7ej wrote

It's so nice of you to invite all those men and women over for her.


Smellmyhand t1_j9vu25r wrote

I didn’t appreciate the lengthy application process though.


Cheddarface t1_j9son36 wrote

Just re-watched the episode of Arrested Development he pops up in. What a strange interconnected universe he created! RIP


spankadoodle t1_j9t9jjy wrote

He was on Sesame Street as well, which has really bad ramifications when you discuss connected universes.


pompcaldor t1_j9tduxx wrote

Sesame Street was based on 60’s/70’s Harlem, so its original intent was to maintain a footing in the real world.


spankadoodle t1_j9tk8n7 wrote

The reason they pulled the plug and made Mr. Snuffalupagus able to be seen by everyone is very SVU.


OneGoodRib t1_j9ximbp wrote

Mr. Snuffie was ALWAYS able to be seen by everyone. He wasn't invisible, he just had bad timing, and after 15 years of people basically gaslighting Big Bird the writers decided to get rid of the whole lesson of "sometimes adults won't believe the truth no matter how distressed their disbelief makes you".


Els_ t1_j9t4iff wrote

You should watch homicide.


Belgand t1_j9uc25y wrote

He was based on real-world Baltimore homicide detective John Landsman.

It's weird that he carried over such a specific character from the very grounded, realistic Homicide over to generic procedural Law & Order.


mr_negi t1_j9uxemg wrote

I would if it was streaming anywhere


Intelligent-Age2786 t1_j9s4mf3 wrote

Wonder if it’ll have a special announcement presented by Ice Spice


adamsandleryabish t1_j9u74uz wrote

She has been in talks to join the cast for a while so now is the perfect time


MattyKatty t1_j9s60th wrote

That's kind of awkward.. Basically starting where he was a major character to ending with episodes where he barely appears. Apparently that was Belzer's own decision since he wanted to spend more time with his family, but still kind of weird to see from in a "Munch-a-thon"


DifficultMinute t1_j9tigei wrote

Happens to basically everyone on that show. They started with 2-3 groups of detectives, albeit with Benson and Stabler as the stars, and slowly turned into the Benson show. The other characters are there, but they get like 1-2 lines each with someone other than "Liv".

If you watch the most recent season, she's in basically every scene. She's at the arrest, she's discussing with the lawyers, she's in the interview, she's in court, she's in the last scenes. At some point, I'm waiting for them to have an episode where she's watching the actual assault through the window.


SuspendedInKarmaMama t1_j9tmlej wrote

You forgot that every episode now also shows her homelife with her son to an absurd degree.

It really stinks of an actor getting to be a producer.


CryptidGrimnoir t1_j9yzjq1 wrote

Not to mention that Benson has been a victim of assault several times now and can't possibly be unbiased in her proceedings.


NeoNoireWerewolf t1_j9trvlp wrote

The thing that’s ridiculous about Benson becoming the centerpiece of the show is that she gets promoted to captain eventually, so her role would be much more administrative and dealing with internal politics. She wouldn’t be showing up at the scene of every crime and doing a lot of actual detective work. Rawlins realistically should have been the protagonist for the show after Benson’s promotion, and while they have her a couple of episodes as the centerpiece each season, it still involves Benson being the focus of drama far too often. And they basically fired Kelli Giddish in the most recent season because she had been on the show so long she was getting too expensive given how much Hargitay costs to keep around.


LuLouProper t1_j9uxv9l wrote

Benson got promoted very quickly from Detective to Captain for someone who wasn't the child/mistress of top NYPD brass. I guess you could explain it in-universe that the position needed someone of rank, and no one else wanted it.


mug3n t1_j9wxpt9 wrote

The show did Kelli soooooo fucking dirty. They were gonna unceremoniously kill her off but Mariska kiboshed the idea and at least gave her a proper send off.


emby5 t1_j9ubspf wrote

How is airing this specific marathon different from any other day on USA Network?


Maaaaate t1_j9wa7db wrote

They do it here in Australia, too on our pay TV.


throwawaygreenpaq t1_j9srecb wrote

My favourite guy in SVU has always been Munch (and Ice-T after that), never Stabler.


SuspiriaGoose t1_j9uk8d7 wrote

Un-Stabler is the definition of a bad cop. Aggressive, cruel, literally assaulting everyone first chance he gets - a terrible character to show being successful at a law enforcement career.


Maaaaate t1_j9wad1f wrote

Stabler is good to watch as a bad character (not badly written, just not a good person) - he basically killed a suspect while he was chasing them, and they spent a whole episode with internal affairs checking the footage.


JcBravo811 t1_j9sreiq wrote

I can’t believe he’s gone. He’s been an icon of L&O for an entire generation.


GallopingFlicka t1_j9ubq7i wrote

Since this is on NBC, they should start with Homicide: Life on the Street.


themanfromvulcan t1_j9ukaf3 wrote

He was my favourite character on Homicide and it’s amazing he was able to play that character for so long.


jarrettbrown t1_j9tld9a wrote

There's two college basketball games on that day, which is odd, but at least I get to see the marathon later.


Endy1 t1_j9tuzvy wrote

To honor him or to profit on viewership based on the news?


rvonbue t1_j9ukuxu wrote

Why not just play the same episode on repeat. Anyone who watches won't be able to tell the difference.


ZootedFlaybish t1_j9v7vmb wrote

Law and order will rot your brain.


TechGuy219 t1_j9u4ajr wrote

Even their own actors call this crap copoganda, put this show to bed already


luvgothbitches t1_j9uac2i wrote

ain’t nobody watching that cop propaganda bullshit


TotallyNotABot_Shhhh t1_j9uq9oe wrote

SVU has done a shit ton to bring light to survivors of assault, abuse, human trafficking, domestic violence, and the need for DNA kit follow through. They delve into police brutality and racism in the system. They have episodes showing how infuriatingly horrible the “good ole boys” club is. I know I learned a lot from watching and have spent time researching a lot of the topics discussed after seeing various episodes. They keep it about the survivors, not just cops doing cop shit.


TimeTravelMishap t1_j9watv0 wrote

It's on season 24. Literally 24 years. The show is probably older than you.

But no. You're right. Absolutely nobody watches it.


luvgothbitches t1_j9wbpa3 wrote

The Simpsons been on for over two decades as well that doesn’t mean a show isn’t garbage. I guess old white people need to be entertained too, so i get why this show exists.


TimeTravelMishap t1_j9wbtxf wrote

You didn't say it was garbage. You said nobody watches it. So back to your original point ....if nobody has been watching it why is it still on the air? And what does race have to do with anything?


luvgothbitches t1_j9wbx6f wrote

see my above comment for the answer to your question.


TimeTravelMishap t1_j9wc5ml wrote

That doesn't answer how it's on the air if absolutely nobody's watching it. And it also didn't answer why you brought race into it?


luvgothbitches t1_j9wcfu5 wrote

Show does more harm then good, if you don’t believe that, the pro-cop propaganda worked on you!


TimeTravelMishap t1_j9wcnip wrote

For the love of fucking god stop changing the subject and answer the question. How is it on the air if absolutely nobody watches it and what does race have to do with anything


luvgothbitches t1_j9wcsyt wrote

i see you’d rather win an argument then have an actual discourse, so i’ll give you what you want. i was wrong, people do watch the show. Have a good day!


TimeTravelMishap t1_j9wd4rj wrote

There you go! Don't you feel like you've grown as a person in being able to admit fault?