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LoretiTV t1_j97odyh wrote

Is it?


CantBanDaAltMan t1_j98avb2 wrote

i dont know but I worked on this show and all the cast and crew are really great

look for me on that benchpress in any gym scenes


MadeByTango t1_j97sv3s wrote

If I get two paragraphs into your “a hit” article and there is no’s an ad


Smeghead333 t1_j97yag6 wrote


By whom?


KneeHighMischief t1_j98hwjx wrote

The business department of the University of Waxahachie. They're a prestigious school in Texas that specializes in lupine studies. Their business department tracks all werewolf related media & certifies any that are deemed successful by their metrics.


kingdazy t1_j97q805 wrote

It's utterly possible that I'm completely out of touch with the world, but I couldn't even make it through 1 episode. When SMG finally showed up, I just felt sad for her.


Valiantheart t1_j9801gz wrote

I tried two episodes and lordy it was bad. Felt like SMG was slumming.


KneeHighMischief t1_j98h6mv wrote

Is it worse than The Ringer. I really tried but that show was punishing.


rssslll t1_j98fe45 wrote

Jeff Davis is one of those writers who gets worse as time goes on, somehow.

He wrote some of the best episodes of Teen Wolf's early seasons, but when he started writing the bulk of the series by himself it got progressively more nonsensical. He just released the movie and it has the worst Rotten Tomatoes score (both fans and critics) of anything so far.


SuspendedInKarmaMama t1_j9acxp4 wrote

How bad does Teen Wolf get? I started watching it and I'm around middle of season 3 at the moment and it's started to feel pretty repetetive.

There also seems to be important scenes that happen off screen, like the main guy telling his girlfriend that her mother tried to kill him. You just get the build up to it, cut to different scene, cut back to the aftermath. And I don't get why Derek is still palling around with his uncle who murdered his sister.


rssslll t1_j9dcz9n wrote

Imagine if Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended with Spike dumping Buffy, and falling in love with Willow. Within just the final 3 or 4 episodes.

That's the kinda stuff you can look forward to.

Tbf you're almost at season 3B which most people consider the best part of Teen Wolf. But the weird scene cuts, the confusing character friendships, etc will still be there. Jeff Davis never had an overarching plan for the series following season 1 (or a writing team that lasted longer than a year) so everything from 2 onward is a patchwork of contradictions that only gets messier.


AimeeM46 t1_j984157 wrote

i admit i do enjoy this show thus far but i also have to admit imo the show it pretty terrible. Sarah Michelle (one of the show's exec. producers!) isn't in it enough and the overall plotline (>!about the twin's werewolf father!<) is kind of meh...


Delicious-Tachyons t1_j99ae1f wrote

wait i was told it was awful. is this a corporate piece?


chromeshiel t1_j9a2whb wrote

Maybe? But if a show is on a streaming service people don't want to sign up for, does it really exist?


BusinessPurge t1_j982lvg wrote

It kinda won me over at the very end of episode three. Was wondering what possessed Rodrigo Santoro to take such a nothing role and then he destroyed me, had to rewind the scene twice. Interesting spin on the Argent type however this might be Stockholm syndrome scenario. Young cast isn’t impressive so far, SMG TBD, haven’t seen #4, fire and werewolves this unconvincing in the 2020’s is shrinkflation happening in real time on “premium” tv


GCGS t1_j9cljwz wrote

Does it ?
I mean, i didn't manage to watch more than the 1st episode


supercoffee1025 t1_j9nu67x wrote

Listen we just let it stream in the background so miss Sarah Michelle Gellar can get her streaming numbers.