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EphraimJenkins t1_j9jlmq0 wrote

This will lead to them breaking up, I bet.


[deleted] t1_j9jxm38 wrote

Can't cheat on your spouse when your spouse is on set with you


JDSollie t1_j9jznpn wrote

That hasn’t stopped some people (Peter Bogdanovich, for instance).


godisanelectricolive t1_j9kspgi wrote

They worked together in Birds of Prey too.


TheBoyWonder13 t1_j9l62sx wrote

And Fargo


BloodBonesVoiceGhost t1_j9lqzow wrote

Yeah, and for a brief period of time, she was supposed to be in the Obi-Wan show too. I think they might actually love working together. Good for them!


godisanelectricolive t1_j9lsfza wrote

She's in Ahsoka playing Hera Syndulla so she's still in the Star wars universe.


maybe_a_frog t1_j9m5rrm wrote



godisanelectricolive t1_j9m7qke wrote

The entire Ghost crew are coming back. Sabine, Ezra, Hera, Chopper are reuniting with Ahsoka.


maybe_a_frog t1_j9m85f5 wrote

Oh my god I might fucking cry. Holy shit! It took me a minute to get into Rebels but by the end of it I fucking loved all of those characters. The last 3 or 4 episodes had me bawling. I knew Ezra was coming back but had no clue the whole crew was. I’m so happy 😭😭


CTeam19 t1_j9mo5o8 wrote

> It took me a minute to get into Rebels but by the end of it I fucking loved all of those characters.



Drkarcher22 t1_j9mmdq4 wrote

Well, the entire crew except Kanan.

Unless Freddy Prince Jr wants to force ghost it up.


2th t1_j9n1yjm wrote

Where my boy Zeb at though?


FlyingElvi24 t1_j9o7ie5 wrote

I thought the timeline was after Return of the Jedi..


FNLN_taken t1_j9nx81y wrote

There's going to be a character called Her-ass-in-dull-a ?



ymcameron t1_j9mmctn wrote

They worked together a little too well in Fargo


MaskedBandit77 t1_j9nwcy5 wrote

Wasn't that before they left their SO's and presumably when their relationship started?


mayateg t1_j9lq6xr wrote

Holy shit! I had no idea that's Ewan McGregor, much less that it was him playing both. My mind is blown.


BS16tillIdie t1_j9m08ty wrote

Did his face not give it away? Or his name coming up at the beginning and end of every episode?


Lil_Mcgee t1_j9ojnvc wrote

Obviously this person isn't the most attentive watcher but I can imagine someone knowing who Ewan McGregor is and not recognising him by face.

I would bet there's a significant number of people who only know him from Star Wars and he does look quite different with a shaved face and darker hair.


BS16tillIdie t1_j9oleys wrote

It’s people like that who make me think Clark Kent could maybe getaway with a double life.


MessiahOfMetal t1_j9l3l7k wrote

They're married?

I thought they'd split up years ago, because he was in all the newspapers dating another woman just before they started filming Birds Of Prey, which I remember pointing out to a friend that they never had a scene together in that film because of it.


jackiebot101 t1_j9l47xr wrote

Ummmm she was the other woman. He got divorced from the mother of his children bc of his affair with her. And now he’s doing Expedia commercials to pay for it. Divorce is expensive, kids. Take a note.


Molnek t1_j9limho wrote

I mean he got to troll George Lucas about sand in those commercials so he has to be having some fun.


Great_Zarquon t1_j9okiv5 wrote

I bet he doesn't give a shit about sand memes nor did he care what Lucas thought about an Expedia commercial


WilliamEmmerson t1_j9mabwy wrote

>And now he’s doing Expedia commercials to pay for it.

and comic con type conventions. He was at one I went too last summer in Boston. Like $300 for a picture with him if I remember correctly.


shockingdevelopment t1_j9l0uw1 wrote

Still feel for the guy she cheated on. They were together since high school, then she met Ewen.


ScandalousBanshee t1_j9lcrlw wrote

Ditto Ewan’s ex-wife, Eve. They’d been together for decades and have 4 kids together.


Corat_McRed t1_j9lfmdq wrote

That has got to be extremely awkward to read the news, from the ex's/one of 4 childrens perspective atleast


[deleted] t1_j9of4zh wrote



Lil_Mcgee t1_j9oiytb wrote

> Not defending Ewan's cheating in any way, though.

Fair enough but it's a slightly weird anecdote given the context of the conversation.


nayapapaya t1_j9omtx3 wrote

Right? Like "cheating is bad but his ex-wife was kind of annoying anyway". Quoi?


NormanRB t1_j9pjms3 wrote

No, not at all. I was just stating that I only know of Eve from her on that show with Ewan and Charley. Whereas many celebrities today, you know basically their whole life and families from social media. So to know whether she is annoying, overbearing, etc, I don't know. I only know of her from those few episodes she appeared in on the show and we saw her as a bit annoying by inviting herself along.


TheSaltbird t1_j9lhukm wrote

What about Ewan's wife of 25 years and mother of his children?


shockingdevelopment t1_j9lia6x wrote

I'm not familiar with his ex. It's not betrayel Olympics anyway.


TheSaltbird t1_j9lud9c wrote

Yeah, kinda sad case all around unfortunately

>It's not betrayel Olympics anyway.

I didn't say it was lol. Just thought it was odd for someone to openly feel bad about one spouse and not the other, so I was just curious


Mayor_of_BBQ t1_j9myy7m wrote

if you saw their relationship dynamic from ‘long way down’ (or was it around?) it makes a lot of sense


djkhan23 t1_j9vph98 wrote

"We don’t know exactly what happened and something like this is completely between them so let’s just treat them like people we don’t actually know and not be judgmental. As long as there isn’t any physical/mental/sexual abuse we should all butt out."


mikeweasy t1_ja4vyko wrote

I didnt know she was with him since high school, damn. Poor guy.


shockingdevelopment t1_ja503ij wrote

Can't imagine losing Ramona Flowers.


mikeweasy t1_ja51pkc wrote

Honestly I got a huge crush on her after seeing Scott Pilgrim and found out she was engaged to Riley at the time I thought "probably the luckiest man ever" now I think "well he is the unluckiest guy ever now".


tinoynk t1_j9jl6mp wrote

Little Fargo season 3 reunion.


Owasso_Landman t1_j9jxemq wrote

They are married


tinoynk t1_j9jzkm7 wrote

Oh damn I actually had no idea. Between that and Kirsten Dunst/Jesse Plemons it seems like Fargo is quite the matchmaker of a TV show.


NeoNoireWerewolf t1_j9k77nu wrote

Uh, the McGregor-Winstead hook up on Fargo also resulted in both of them ruining their long-term marriages. McGregor’s wife of 25 years left him after finding out about the affair.


Deducticon t1_j9k9sxx wrote

Ruining the outside appearance of their marriages you mean.


Funmachine t1_j9kikth wrote

Considering his kids and her husband's reaction to their coupling it very much ruined the actual marriages too.


nyan_swanson t1_j9kyd2s wrote

Yeah Winstead’s exhusband made a semi autobiographical movie afterward about how he compartmentalized his rage into martial arts to avoid going down a bad path after that happened


godisanelectricolive t1_j9l926r wrote

That's not true though, the movie was in development and he was already very into martial arts before their divorce. She was supposed to be in the movie before they split.


johngie t1_j9l5xqa wrote

TIL she was married to Riley Stearns. The Art of Self Defense was hilarious. Didn't know about his backstory.


IsRude t1_j9lb4sr wrote

Holy shit, this makes me appreciate this movie even more.


raginwriter t1_j9m177r wrote

She was in the cult movie I believe. His first film. Thinking about both are kind of culty


theodo t1_j9ofvw2 wrote

MEW was recast with Imogen Poots for this movie.


theodo t1_j9ofxf6 wrote

MEW was initially cast in The Art of Self Defense so how could it be about their breakup?


Deducticon t1_j9koro3 wrote

The kids are outsiders. And he is an outsider to one of the marriages.


tinoynk t1_j9k8ltt wrote

Oof well that's a rough one. Still, a match is a match,


parapel340 t1_j9ks237 wrote

Lol you’ve definitely cheated on someone before.


tinoynk t1_j9ky19d wrote

I haven't, just saying that my original point about Fargo being a matchmaker still stands.


Fryceratops t1_j9km3jt wrote

Was that before or after he got Winstead pregnant?


PetyrDayne t1_j9lw520 wrote

How the fuck old is McGregor!?


NeoNoireWerewolf t1_j9m41ey wrote



PetyrDayne t1_j9m62ic wrote

Hope I look that good at that age. Random but going by your username what neo noir movies do you recommend


NeoNoireWerewolf t1_j9m8tta wrote

What falls into the genre is a bit in the eyes of the beholder, but here's some I like:



The Nice Guys

Dragged Across Concrete

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang



Shallow Grave (McGregor's first big role!)

One False Move

Blood Simple


Cold in July

The Last Seduction



The Grifters

Deep Cover


PetyrDayne t1_j9m9v0w wrote

Just saw Brick yesterday, so good !! Thanks so much, I'll start with Shallow Grave, looks good and apropos


EsquilaxM t1_j9n22cj wrote

The Assassination of a High School President is a fun neo noir comedy, too.


ArthurBea t1_j9ksh3v wrote

Casting directors are good at chemistry. They intentionally cast actors who work well together, and have a charismatic spark between them.

It’s no wonder so many result in hook ups, even if that’s not intentional.


Hanguarde t1_j9l83td wrote

> Casting directors are good at chemistry.

Well except for whoever the casting director for You People was.


Deferential_dreams t1_j9m6qfx wrote

Or the people who cast the leads in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. That might be the worst casting I’ve seen in any project.


namewithak t1_j9p0k8b wrote

I remember a retrospective article on Friday Night Lights after the show wrapped up. In it, the producers/creators talked about how Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton had such amazing chemistry that they were terrified to let them drive down to Texas together on their own (they wanted to do this to bond before the 1st season started shooting) as they were convinced that by the time the two arrived, they'd be in a torrid affair. Fortunately, nothing like that ever happened and Kyle/Connie were really just BFFs that hit it off immediately.


AFlockOfTySegalls t1_j9jzuz8 wrote

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.


rabid_J t1_j9k0ja3 wrote

Probably not a welcome one to his first wife.


Owasso_Landman t1_j9k0m5u wrote

Or his 4 kids


Former_Advert t1_j9k103t wrote

Why would it not be welcome one for his four kids?


Owasso_Landman t1_j9k1gce wrote

They probably didn’t enjoy their father having an affair and ending a 20 year marriage with their mother.


Former_Advert t1_j9k28aa wrote

Where are you getting your information that they had an affair? I'm finding some sources that say McGregor and Winstead were pictured together in October 2017, five or six months after him and his ex-wife separated, but I'm not able to find a source for an affair.

So, source?

Edit: Legit being downvoted for asking for a source.


Owasso_Landman t1_j9k2s7h wrote

When pictures appeared of married Ewan McGregor kissing his Fargo co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead in 2017, his daughter Clara branded her a 'piece of trash', adding, for good measure, that her father was an 'a***hole'.


[deleted] t1_j9k31qu wrote



itinerantmarshmallow t1_j9kolxb wrote

The same article mentions that the daughter, basically, got over it.

It will always be raw at the time.


TheWholeOfTheAss t1_j9kl5ff wrote

Winstead is great in everything. After that bathtub scene in Fargo, Ewan probably thought “Okay, you can destroy my life.”


Amirax t1_j9lkw87 wrote

> Winstead is great in everything.

I bet she wouldn't be a great backup singer on a conceptual sci-fi space opera rap album by legendary rapper del the funky homosapien!

Oh, well okay then.


BloodBonesVoiceGhost t1_j9lrags wrote

Wait, are you saying that she is good in that, or she isn't?


Amirax t1_j9lrxl4 wrote

That she is, mate. Deltron3030 is an incredible album and she's great on it.


nayapapaya t1_j9ldqq6 wrote

A Gentleman in Moscow is a great book. Surprisingly quite funny!


ntsmmns06 t1_j9o588g wrote

Excellent book. Glad they are making it a series and not a film. Shantaram and The Goldfinch should have been series also. Too much story to fit into a film.


Spartacus1199 t1_j9jwto1 wrote

Solid workhorse actress.


MonstersGrin t1_j9kfgd5 wrote

I loved her in Braindead. Too bad they cancelled that show. It stood out. They even managed to make previous episode recaps funny.


JuiceKovacs t1_j9kcg3w wrote

She really is. Her and Zoe Kazan are two greats actors that don’t get their deserved credit


WillPill_ t1_j9mx6u6 wrote

I loved her performance in the indie film Smashed. She really knocked it out of the park especially with her AA intro scene.


djkhan23 t1_j9nrvaz wrote

Didn't know about the cheating stuff

Makes me not want to watch anything from them.


petepro t1_j9o3xn4 wrote

Yeah, what a bummer. Both are my favorite, but it’s weird looking at them now.


Lil_Mcgee t1_j9okkuo wrote

I can definitely separate the art from the artist in a case like this I think.

Certainly lost some personal respect for them but if they're in something I want to see I'm not going to deprive myself


SoulCruizer t1_j9sj9xp wrote

We don’t know exactly what happened and something like this is completely between them so let’s just treat them like people we don’t actually know and not be judgmental. As long as there isn’t any physical/mental/sexual abuse we should all butt out.


djkhan23 t1_j9slj8z wrote

nah fuck cheaters


SoulCruizer t1_j9stsh0 wrote

You must be young or just incredibly unexperienced if you judge complete strangers choices when it comes to their personal relationships. Relationships can be extremely complex and for all you know the relationship could have been ended/ending before the other person came into the picture let alone that Ewan or Mary’s ex’s could have been the problem. Seriously it’s obnoxious and kinda weird to fixate on celebs like this. Who the fuck cares what they do in their personal lives.


djkhan23 t1_j9swg8j wrote

Why are you responding to me and not the dude who outlined how Mary was married since high school and Ewan had 4 kids

I dun care about cheaters have the conversation with someone else


SoulCruizer t1_j9tbup6 wrote

Wtf are you talking about? Why should I care that Mary was married since high school and Ewan had 4 kids. Why the hell is that relevant and why do you care? You’re only confirming what I said prior. stop fixating on celebs personal lives, it’s not healthy.


djkhan23 t1_j9utrt1 wrote

I asked you to take this argument to someone who cares, clearly like you.


SoulCruizer t1_j9vml03 wrote

You very clearly care. Why else would you have even posted lmao.


djkhan23 t1_j9vpdli wrote

So why are you still arguing with me instead of someone else?

Cowardly behavior.

Likely a past cheater.

Here I'll make your argument for you above and let you join in.


BreezyBill t1_j9kms3j wrote

Die Hard 6, please. “The Next Generation.”


fatbob42 t1_j9mekla wrote

Deepfake Bruce Willis will be a better actor than all of his recent movies.


profeDB t1_j9klh9x wrote

Little Jessica Bennett is all growed up.


A1pinejoe t1_j9o4zji wrote

Always found her kinda hot.


Armins_CopyOf_Swank t1_j9p306r wrote

Remember when Mary Elizabeth Winstead was giving 14 year-olds condescending relationship advice?

She is trashy, and was only hired because she is sleeping with Ewan.


Martyrslover t1_j9sd48p wrote

I bet you he cheats on her. He is a serial cheater.


anasui1 t1_j9lhvhh wrote

so these two gonna do anything together? saccharine overload


ethelwulf t1_j9jlny7 wrote

Oh man, didn't know they were doing a series. Bummer, because this would've been a fantastic Wes Anderson movie. Always pictured it like that whilst reading.


Neon_Ramen_Sign t1_j9kcoa6 wrote

Almost everything is better as a series


ethelwulf t1_j9nlinf wrote

I sort of agree with you, but in this case, this is such a Wes Anderson kind of novel it’s crazy. Always hoped for that adaption but I’ll take whatever they make too because I really enjoyed this.


KekeBl t1_j9kajjj wrote



parapel340 t1_j9kqyad wrote

Homewrecker. 🫠

Edit: They’re both trash.


MadeByTango t1_j9nzp96 wrote

Weird how y’all attack one but not the other...


A_Nice_Gentleman_ t1_j9kdfat wrote

God, I love her. She is so f'n hot.

Great ass too.