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I have watched a lot of television in life and nothing, NOTHING has moved me more than the six feet under finale. What an effing masterpiece. Not even my first time seeing it but I had to express this somewhere. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone else close to me that’s seen the show.



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LordXenu45 t1_j8xwtj9 wrote

It was the best finale I'd ever seen when I watched it originally 10 years ago, and still was when I rewatched it last year.


caseylk OP t1_j8xxbry wrote

Just finished my rewatch. I’m ugly crying.


angelus97 t1_j8xyw4r wrote

Yeah the last 10 mins is some of the best TV ever made.


bros402 t1_j8xya0h wrote

Help, I have done it again.

also, >!Ruth dies in two years!<


caseylk OP t1_j8y0zp0 wrote

literally as soon as the music starts, the tears just freakin flow also why did they do Keith like that????!?


bros402 t1_j8y1pdd wrote

Everyone dies, some die before their time.


Paizzu t1_j8zan2a wrote

I love that >!Billy!< literally talks >!Brenda!< to death.

"You can't take a picture of this."

Possibly the greatest depiction of the emotional experience of leaving home ever filmed.


bros402 t1_j8zclaa wrote

yuuuuup I love that too, made me laugh when I had time to process it beyond the sad


sergiocamposnt t1_j8xzeep wrote

I have already watched many of the most critically acclaimed series finale of all time (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, The Americans, Mr Robot, The Leftovers, etc)... And SFU final episode is still by far the best series finale I've ever seen.


caseylk OP t1_j8y14r6 wrote

I agree with you on all except mr robot (only bc I didn’t get to the end and sadly gave up on the show) the Americans is another tearjerker. Train scene kills me.


sergiocamposnt t1_j8y2e8i wrote

Mr Robot series finale is 9.8 on IMDb and it is the most mindblowing series finale I've ever seen. It transforms the way you see the entire show.

But SFU series finale can literally change the way you see life.


caseylk OP t1_j8y8ohm wrote

Incredible way of putting it. The rest of the series we mentioned are great stories but the six feet under finale just feels like more.


Sharksrmydrug t1_j8xw240 wrote



deignguy1989 t1_j8y019m wrote

The absolute best- that finale had me sobbing!


homogenic- t1_j8y4bm8 wrote

I finished the show two weeks ago and I’m still thinking about the finale, one of the most beautiful and emotional finales I’ve ever seen. I cried for like an hour lol.


caseylk OP t1_j8y8ux6 wrote

My first time watching it my husband came home and thought somebody died. I was like well yeah, kinda


NicolaColi t1_j8zn0jk wrote

I remember that last dvd showing up from Netflix the day I got my tonsils out. I watched alone in bed, very high on painkillers and it wrecked me.


monocromatica t1_j8y5ch9 wrote

Now you made me want to rewach it... it's been so long since I've seen it and still remember it well. It's definitely a reference in television. No matter how much time goes by, or how many movies/tv they make, to me, they ( the actors) will always be Nate, David and Claire.


Peppercorn911 t1_j8y0vnn wrote

i rewatched recently and felt the exact same. so great


caseylk OP t1_j8y167d wrote

Made me wanna take a drive through deagh valley and just cry


TheShowLover t1_j8xzdjr wrote

For the longest time I've always felt that the final scene of Six Feet Under was the best ever but (this is going to blow you away) the one for 12 Monkeys the TV series beats it.

Of course, if will fall flat if you were to look it up and watch it without the context of the entire series preceding it. It's a series of scenes rather than a single musical montage so it keeps hitting you.


xrnzaaasPL t1_j97gw2t wrote

For me Sopranos has the best ending of any show, but SFU still deserves to be on the podium. Such a shame HBO doesn't produce godlike shows anymore.


TheShowLover t1_j99ekiy wrote

> Such a shame HBO doesn't produce godlike shows anymore.

The Last of Us is quite godlike so far.


GlitteringTop75 t1_j90fibu wrote

I keep forgetting to add this to my watch list. I hear about the finale all the time but luckily it hasn’t been spoiled yet


bigberry t1_j8yaj3s wrote

I just finished the show 2 weeks back. So good. Who was everyones fave of the main cast ?

I always liked the mother.


caseylk OP t1_j8ybqkq wrote

I think Claire and Ruth end up being my favorites for different reasons, growth and performance. Francis conroy is incredible, I always loved her little freak outs. I also really grew to love David who annoyed me at first (and Keith). Was very sad about Nate but he was never my favorite.


bigberry t1_j8yc84f wrote

Yeah Claire at times wasnt very nice but she was like 18/19 . I know I was far from perfect as a teenager, it was good to see her growth.

Ruth really seemed like a person that could exist and at heart was a loving person.


McFeely_Smackup t1_j8ylen5 wrote

I'll watch anything with Francis Conroy, I absolutely love her.


bigberry t1_j8ynsgb wrote

I was happy to realise shes Cate Blanchetts mother in The Aviator

on a recent rewatch :) .


RBlomax38 t1_j8yc8mj wrote

Maybe it was the hype or just that I didn’t love the show overall but finale was just ok to me..


itsberkintime666 t1_j90dfd7 wrote

Any show could just show you a montage of all the characters you know dying and it'd be tragic. A bit cheap if ya ask me (which no one did, downvote)


caseylk OP t1_j919wuq wrote

Considering what six feet under is about it’s not cheap at all.


LyingCaterpillar t1_j91rd6a wrote

It’s not tragic, though. It has some sad deaths but overall it’s beautiful without being sad.