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bigberry t1_j8yaj3s wrote

I just finished the show 2 weeks back. So good. Who was everyones fave of the main cast ?

I always liked the mother.


caseylk OP t1_j8ybqkq wrote

I think Claire and Ruth end up being my favorites for different reasons, growth and performance. Francis conroy is incredible, I always loved her little freak outs. I also really grew to love David who annoyed me at first (and Keith). Was very sad about Nate but he was never my favorite.


bigberry t1_j8yc84f wrote

Yeah Claire at times wasnt very nice but she was like 18/19 . I know I was far from perfect as a teenager, it was good to see her growth.

Ruth really seemed like a person that could exist and at heart was a loving person.


McFeely_Smackup t1_j8ylen5 wrote

I'll watch anything with Francis Conroy, I absolutely love her.


bigberry t1_j8ynsgb wrote

I was happy to realise shes Cate Blanchetts mother in The Aviator

on a recent rewatch :) .