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Bellinghamster t1_ja2nidy wrote

The show has heart but I rarely find myself laughing.


Beans-and-frank t1_ja2okss wrote

The principal gets me to laugh pretty consistently. I almost never laugh at anyone else.


badbunnysadbunny t1_ja2xllb wrote

I like the Philly Italian lady


Infamous-Lab-8136 t1_ja3ywt1 wrote

I loved when Jacob corrected on her fight or flight instead of fight or fight and she tells him, "No, I said fight or fight, what am I a little bird?"


rhymes_with_candy t1_ja47wfl wrote

It's the janitor for me. He's the only one that makes me laugh.

I find the rest of the characters super charming and likable though which is why the show works even if it's not insanely funny.


Smellmyhand t1_ja4eddr wrote

The principal is partly why I couldn’t get into it. The actress is great and I would’ve loved the character as a teacher but it was just so jarring having such an incompetent person being in charge, even for a sitcom. And it’s blatant incompetency, not just a nuisance like Michael Scott. It’s like the writers use her purely as a conflict device. Maybe I didn’t watch enough yet but it was just so one dimensional


Big-Ambitions-8258 t1_ja6q7cc wrote

She gets more dimensional as the show goes on.

The thing is like alot of this is based off Quinta's mom experience as a teacher, and alot of teachers have chimed in that Ava is basically atleast someone they actually know from school administration/school districts.


NGNSteveTheSamurai t1_ja67plj wrote

They address her incompetency and there’s a whole episode explaining how she has the job.


ShEditor83 OP t1_ja2okup wrote

I agree on this (and I loved Leslie Odom Jr. as guest star).


bananafever t1_ja3u7jw wrote

Yup, the dialogue isn't particularly witty or anything either. I usually find myself playing it in the background while I do other stuff. It's very much just "acceptable" as a TV show.