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BitterBubblegum t1_j8qsb35 wrote

Veronica Mars with Kristen Bell


Senuvia OP t1_j8qxcun wrote

Thanks ! The 2004 edition right ?


I_am_daredevil t1_j8r4vaz wrote

Yes you can watch renewal series also but just skip last 5 minutes


KingRaimundo t1_j8qz5jm wrote

Okay, so I see people recommending Friday Night Lights and while it is arguably the greatest teen drama ever made, it seems pretty different from the shows you seem to be used to watching and what you’re looking for.

It’s much more grounded with more realistic characters, but still lots of heart.

Here’s some shows that I would recommend:

MTV’s Awkward.- This show was absolutely hilarious and dark.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer- This is a given. It’s a total classic.

MTV’s Teen Wolf- The saying goes that this show ran so that Riverdale and CAOS could stumble into traffic. It’s true.

On My Block- This is probably one of the most realistic and funniest depictions of teenagers I have ever seen.

Heartstopper- This show is soooooo cute. I’m surprised you haven’t watched it yet.

The Vampire Diaries- Yet another show that arguably directly inspired Riverdale.

Edit: Sorry I forgot Sex Education which is pretty great and probably the closest thing to what you’re looking for here.


Sufficient_Creme6961 t1_j8r1c72 wrote

Agreed..FNL is a teen show in parts sure but at the same time it’s so different from these shows. Based on her list I don’t think it’s a good rec either


che-che-che-cherry t1_j8qvdcg wrote

skam and all their remakes, genera+ion, heartbreak high


arleowlssKneFedge t1_j8r5q3p wrote

Skam is the goat teen drama. It's very grounded and realistic. It almost feels like a documentary.


che-che-che-cherry t1_j8r66ir wrote

fr it's a pity that i missed skam while it was airing but i have never felt more represented while watching skam and some of its remakes (until genera+ion came along)


MercilessShadow t1_j8redun wrote

Upvote for mention genera+ion im still pissed that it was cancelled. I think I saw it on Tubi last night?

And of course Skins (the first two generations don't bother with the third gen)


che-che-che-cherry t1_j8rhg36 wrote

yup genera+ion's on tubi now. i'm just glad that they found somewhere for that show, it's too important to disappear into the tv vaults


BlueOberries t1_j8qxjwq wrote

  • One Tree Hill (definite mean girls/ classic high school drama, this was my show back in the day lol)
  • Gilmore Girls
  • 13 reasons why
  • Ginny & Georgia
  • Derry Girls (absolutely hilarious!)
  • Skins (similar to Euphoria but British)
  • Outerbanks
  • The 100
  • Wednesday

Hope this is a good list to keep you going!


Fryceratops t1_j8rkdqo wrote

Make sure you watch the UK version of Skins as the US version sucks.


donutdong t1_j8qw7an wrote

Veronica mars and Friday night lights should be at the top of the list. Fnl is football themed but even if you aren't into sports you'll love it for the reasons you listed.

Veronica Mars is just fantastic tv all around. You'll know if it's your kinda show by the end of the first episode and it just gets better from there.


yazzy1233 t1_j8r1btx wrote

Heartbreak high (2022)

Sex education

Skam (you can find this on daily motion)

The Magicians (this one is more new adult than teen drama)


cel-faded t1_j8qtzg1 wrote

If you’re ok with older shows then Gossip Girl (the original one), One Tree hill and the OC are all great. At least for a few seasons lol. My younger cousins really like Outer Banks as well, but I haven’t seen that.


CharlesNapalm t1_j8quzg8 wrote

Skins (UK original) and The O.C. - both were gamechangers.


Nacknack26 t1_j8qxpse wrote

I would recommend some older shows like The OC, Skins (UK) or s1-4 seasons one tree hill. Gossip girl ( the og) was also a classic.

If you like supernatural shows Buffy the vampire Slayer is the best. Also the early seasons of the vampire diaries are fun

When it comes to new shows there is outer banks, ginny georgia and sex education.


meltingsunz t1_j8qxreo wrote

Ugly Betty (US version), Never Have I Ever, Suburgatory, Jane by Design, One Tree Hill, Popular


zogurat t1_j8r2n0p wrote

Sex Education is legit good.


trubs12 t1_j8r5lay wrote

One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars and Friday Night Lights are great


Bape_Rabies t1_j8r5yft wrote

The 100, The magicians, vampire diaries (and all the spinoffs), wayne.


ligger66 t1_j8r1p2x wrote

Teen wolf is pretty awsome


obitonye t1_j8r2wo8 wrote

Wayne, I am not okay with this


GrampsGotGame t1_j8rl83n wrote

Lost boys back in the day was good