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bhind45 t1_j9tyzqp wrote

>Literally no show is safe these days no matter how popular.

Isn't this really only a AMC/streaming thing at the moment? Shows on network television seem pretty safe if they're popular enough. Plus I think Netflix was really only doing this when covid screwed things up for a while, unless I'm remembering incorrectly.


CollinsCouldveDucked t1_j9u8lqt wrote

Inside Job had a second season renewal before being unceremoniously shitcanned


Quiet-Election1561 t1_j9w64gs wrote

Every good adult animated show just gets axed, I genuinely loved Inside Job. And Bless the Harts.


glowhips t1_ja1vzr7 wrote

Bless the Harts?


Quiet-Election1561 t1_ja1whl8 wrote

Animated show about a trashy, southern family in their dump of a town.

It's both a lampoon of southern life, and a decent family centered comedy.


mrmeatypop t1_j9yg8vs wrote

It’s a bit more complicated than that. It’s pretty standard in the animation world now to have one large batch of episodes ordered, but then the network splits it into “seasons”. So when Netflix announced they renewed Inside Job, it really meant nothing since they had already ordered the episodes from day one.


CollinsCouldveDucked t1_j9yhela wrote

It's not.

You're conflating part 2 and season 2.

A second season renewal is a very specific thing under Hollywood unions.


CertainAlbatross7739 t1_j9u3t9p wrote

Snowpiercer was doing fine on TNT, with episodes airing same day on Netflix. Its fourth and final season is pretty much complete but they just decided to fucking pull it.


SuspendedInKarmaMama t1_j9w9yd4 wrote

In my country it's on Netflix and they add the episodes same day as they air. So for the entire season and some time after, it was always in the top ten.


yodimboi t1_j9u67z6 wrote

It’s the exception. TNT wanted out of scripted programming so they decided to not air it.


CertainAlbatross7739 t1_j9u81ee wrote

Is it the exception? Because Showtime cancelled that Shailene Woodley and DeWanda Wise show before it premiered, and the whole freaking thing was in the can too.


yodimboi t1_j9u8pu3 wrote

Showtime had a merger. While they may have been common for the last year or so, they are also a very specific situation. Mergers don’t happen all the time.


CertainAlbatross7739 t1_j9ucgd2 wrote

Whatever triggered it, I don't buy that these are isolated incidents. I agree with the guy up top, this kind of thing will happen again on other networks.


J_Warphead t1_j9v41ds wrote

I’m just getting fed up that I am willing to buy a subscription just to watch a show and all the services that are supposed to want my money tell me to fuck off.

We have to admit that the only purpose of streaming ahows is to get us to subscribe, us keeping our subscription means nothing to them.

Everybody who signs up for one show needs to cancel as soon as that show is canceled.


lightsongtheold t1_j9us73i wrote

It is not the exception. WBD have done it with multiple shows at TNT, TBS, and HBO Max. Hell, they even did it with The Nevers at HBO!


yodimboi t1_j9xen5a wrote

WBD is also another merger. Mergers do end up with weird shit in the start. It’s an exception. And popular shows don’t get cancelled because they make money. No company wants to throw money into something and then scrap it. What is happening right now will stop and won’t become the norm. It’s not a profitable tactic, it’s just more profitable now in the long run.


bros402 t1_j9v1l2g wrote

ABC cancelled Stumptown despite a season 2 renewal


RecommendsMalazan t1_j9ufp71 wrote

Netflix canceled Inside Job this past year despite the season 2 renewal order.

Adult Swim/HBO/WB/whoever you want to blame canceled Venture Bros in 2020 despite the season 8 renewal order.


f_d t1_j9vsttc wrote

After their merger with Discovery, Warner and its divisions retroactively canceled shows that had already finished airing, shows that were partway through airing, shows that had been officially renewed, and a decent-sized movie that was in postproduction. Also CNN+ barely after launching it. They even pulled down half their own Looney Tunes library. If they think they can wring more money out of it by not airing it, they will, no matter what it is.


ChrisRedfieldfanboy t1_j9vfjxi wrote

CBS All Access cancelled Who Women Kill when they were about to start filming season 3.


PlasticMansGlasses t1_j9vb4l2 wrote

Covid cancellations were understandable, for the most part. This here is just backstabbing fuckery


ThrowawayTheLegend t1_j9uj48g wrote

I doubt that. Imagine if they would cancel Stranger Things or The Boys like this.

Don't remember something that big ever happening, but that would be wild.


bannedagainomg t1_j9up9zr wrote

yeah, like why would they ever cancel a successful show?

People have deluded themselves into thinking liked on reddit = popular.


f_d t1_j9vt1er wrote

Successful shows can still price themselves out of existence, especially if they can find a cheaper replacement with better margins.


J_Warphead t1_j9v56ds wrote

You know Reddit’s a really big website. If a huge cross-section of humanity likes a show, that’s a reasonable gauge of popularity.

What you mean to say is the difference between popular and profitable.


reasonedof t1_j9wp5xr wrote

Reddit's demographics are actually pretty limited (very concentrated by age and gender) so it's not the best guide actually.


Bananaman9020 t1_j9w2m9j wrote

It's not how popular a show is, it's how many people watch the show. Ratings is usually what a Network cares about m.


Funmachine t1_ja2o9rf wrote

>it's how many people watch the show.

...that's what popular means.


Bananaman9020 t1_ja2oij6 wrote

Popular can also mean Cult Following. But that doesn't always mean a show had high ratings.


Funmachine t1_ja2oxyt wrote

Cult following specifically means something with a small fanbase.


DoneDidThisGirl t1_ja2qy5p wrote

If you read the article, you’d know that the show was averaging less than 200,000 viewers. That isn’t even close to “popular”


Mattyzooks t1_j9u1f13 wrote

Gotta make room for The Walking Dead: Reno.


huskersax t1_j9ui7ra wrote

>Gotta make room for The Walking Dead: Reno.

If it's the crew of Reno 911, I'm in.


tagen t1_j9v3zu0 wrote

Not gonna lie I’d watch that, of course the only way they’d survive is just shear dumb luck but it would be fun to see


ericmm76 t1_j9ux973 wrote

I'm just eating a banana on the side of the road!

That's not a banana Zombie-Terry!


Gastroid t1_j9v2260 wrote

That's the kind of brand synergy I can get behind.


NomNomVerse t1_j9v75vj wrote

I need Terry to run some ridiculous scheme by exploiting zombies in a weird way.


DMPunk t1_j9u6kma wrote

I read that as reno, short for renovation, and was legitimately interested in a home repair show featuring zombies. Perhaps as the labourers, or the clients, I'm not sure.


TacoMagic t1_j9u7cxa wrote

This is disappointing. I kid you not, HGTV has a show called ZOMBIE HOME MAKEOVER and obviously its about just renovating shitty houses, but god what a premise for two minutes in my head.


inksmudgedhands t1_j9tunuf wrote

So, help me God, AMC, if you pull this with Interview with the Vampire, I am flipping all the tables.

I hate this new land where just because something is renewed for a new season doesn't mean it is renewed for a new season. It must be terrifying for the cast and crew's to be at the whim of higher ups who doesn't give a flip about story and art and just want to make every growing returns. No one is safe.


BorealA t1_j9v34n0 wrote

There’s no way they cancel Interview. They bought the rights to a boatload of Anne Rice’s books and are trying to build a universe around them. Cancelling the first one would be a bad sign of things.


Lundorff t1_j9vsacl wrote

True, but the Mayfair show is unwatchable so you never know.


bhind45 t1_j9tz75b wrote

I feel like this was pretty inevitable when Season 1 finished almost 3 years ago


xantub t1_j9uszfd wrote

AMC: We have good news and bad news, which do you want first?
Producers: Give me the good news...
AMD: Show is renewed for 2nd season!
Producers: Ah great! and the bad news?
AMD: Show is cancelled.
Producers: ...


Blueberry_H3AD t1_j9u42f9 wrote

This new trend where no show is actually safe anymore is really going to fuck them in the long run with talent and us the audience. Have fun saving those few extra dollars but we'll stop watching or resort back to pirating. Why bother investing any amount of time in new shows when they can be canceled even if they were renewed and popular?


Kalse1229 t1_j9vizzj wrote

Looking forward to this being brought up during the writer's strike later this year.


keving87 t1_j9uilh3 wrote

I forgot this show existed and was renewed. It's been over 2 years, of course it wasn't actually coming back... Brett Goldstein has been too busy.


TalkToTheLord t1_j9ura3j wrote

I know most of this talent, casually peruse AMC often enough, and obviously visit this sub — and I totally missed this and never heard of this show.


DogmaticLaw t1_j9usrpl wrote

Straight up the same. People are talking about this show like it is a cultural touchstone... My wife still watches The Walking Dead (in binging format even, she's the real monster) and I haven't heard a peep about this show.

Maybe I'm more out of the loop than I thought?


zhiryst t1_j9uubi2 wrote

not every network needs a streaming service. when it doesn't perform, they'll blame the content, but who on earth wants to pay for AMC+?


Deathbot64 t1_j9urg84 wrote

as the article mentions, the show was renewed before it was released. Before Brett Goldenstien's breakout role in Ted Lasso too. He has been busy. Ted Lasso, Shrinking, Joining the MCU. And the show came out two years (almost 3). Surprised this wasnt announced sooner.


Cometstarlight t1_j9wonzb wrote

I'm confused as how something can be cancelled despite a renewal. Is it a money thing?


bloodyturtle t1_j9ur7jx wrote

Probably canceled because nobody wanted to work on a boring anthology from 3 years ago with zero audience


grandmofftalkin t1_j9usvoh wrote

I watched for Sarah Snook and Kingsley Ben-Adir and was pissed to find out it was an anthology. Never even started episode 2


XuX24 t1_j9w6snr wrote

All this AMC+ shows live in a weird valley, that app isn't available worldwide so ma y countries don't have access to this kind of shows. So how do you measure success? Other shows have worldwide apps or international deals to put their shows in other apps. I know this one were I am is in Prime video but many of the others like interview and Mayfair you can't really see them here.


ThePreciseClimber t1_j9u9qnh wrote

That doesn't even sound like it should be legal.