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Mattyzooks t1_j9u1f13 wrote

Gotta make room for The Walking Dead: Reno.


huskersax t1_j9ui7ra wrote

>Gotta make room for The Walking Dead: Reno.

If it's the crew of Reno 911, I'm in.


tagen t1_j9v3zu0 wrote

Not gonna lie I’d watch that, of course the only way they’d survive is just shear dumb luck but it would be fun to see


ericmm76 t1_j9ux973 wrote

I'm just eating a banana on the side of the road!

That's not a banana Zombie-Terry!


Gastroid t1_j9v2260 wrote

That's the kind of brand synergy I can get behind.


NomNomVerse t1_j9v75vj wrote

I need Terry to run some ridiculous scheme by exploiting zombies in a weird way.


DMPunk t1_j9u6kma wrote

I read that as reno, short for renovation, and was legitimately interested in a home repair show featuring zombies. Perhaps as the labourers, or the clients, I'm not sure.


TacoMagic t1_j9u7cxa wrote

This is disappointing. I kid you not, HGTV has a show called ZOMBIE HOME MAKEOVER and obviously its about just renovating shitty houses, but god what a premise for two minutes in my head.