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This is one of those shows that you can always revisit time and time again. I love the individual storyline, and also the government conspiracy arcs. The future star-studded casting is always cool to see whether it is Ryan Reynolds, Jack Black, Seth Green, Tobin Bell, Bryan Cranston, a very young Shia LaBeouf, Lucy Liu...etc! It was and always will be one of my favorite shows of all time!



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ThisIsCreation t1_jaddx1q wrote

Main story aside, the monster of the week episodes are incredible.

The chemistry between Mulder & Scully is off the charts.

The thing that truly makes the show age so well is the way they light it & shoot it. A cable sci fi TV show in the 90s should look janky,but the amazing lighting & tricks they used on set makes every episode like a mini movie, & that's how I've always felt. Every week we got a movie.


correcthorsestapler t1_jadoh31 wrote

Yep, exactly what Chris Carter intended. Despite him not knowing how to finish the myth arc, he made the right call regarding how the show should look and feel.

Those first 5 seasons are so great to me, too, cause I’m from the PNW and having a show set/filmed in that area just gives it that extra mood. Anytime I drive through Tillmook forest I think of some of the X-Files episodes that take place out in the middle of nowhere. It’s even better at night: no streetlights, dark forest on both sides of a windy road. Always makes me think just for a moment I’m gonna turn a corner and come across some cryptid or alien encounter.


Paulofthedesert t1_jaej238 wrote

> Those first 5 seasons are so great to me, too, cause I’m from the PNW and having a show set/filmed in that area just gives it that extra mood

Thiiiiis. I always love when they're out in the woods somewhere cause it's like "that looks like where I walked my dog yesterday"


huskersax t1_jae28y3 wrote

>A cable sci fi TV show in the 90s should look janky

X-Files was a network show, aired and funded by Fox. Far from a budget-limited affair.


thebruns t1_jaefzk6 wrote

Fox was a brand new network with no history of quality shows.


GoldenGuy444 t1_jaetj77 wrote

By the time the X Files aired they had the Simpsons was about to start its 5th season.. Not that the network was massive as the other 3 major networks but it wasn't tiny tiny as it was in the late 80s


rbarton812 t1_jad1jie wrote

I can comfortably say this is probably a Top 5 show for me as well, even accounting for the rushed way they wrapped up the finale.

I can still go back and watch episodes from the first 6 seasons or so (with a few stand outs from 7, less-so from 8, and practically none from 9), whether they're Mythology, or stand-alone.

(We don't talk about the reboot episodes)


thatguywiththe______ t1_jadpcgq wrote

The reboot had some pretty fun monster of the week episodes, The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat and the one with the lizard werewolf are a couple of my favorites.


james_carr9876 t1_jae062c wrote

I enjoyed that killer technology episode too


Darmok47 t1_jaew88y wrote

It felt more like an episode of Black Mirror, but I did love how it had almost no dialogue. Really cool concept.


james_carr9876 t1_jaezhg0 wrote

It was on the nose but yes it was very unique. It reminded me of when the x files was one of the best shows on tv


Mattyzooks t1_jadrsmd wrote

The Michael Emerson Brady Bunch episode and Burt Reynolds is God episode in season 9 weren't too bad. I liked the William episode too.
I actually thought season 8 had some solid mythology episodes (that season 9 kinda retroactively made worse by muddying up the alien replicant plot into supersoldier bullshit). Plus, Vienen was a very solid black oil story that was basically the only time the show teamed up Mulder and Doggett.


kronicfeld t1_jadf4ot wrote

This show hit at EXACTLY the right time. Two years earlier or later and it wouldn’t have been timely. But fall 1993, when I was 13, it was absolutely perfect for the burgeoning Internet, conspiracy theories, fan discussion, etc.

Some stuff is dated for sure, but it still has some of the best single episodes of television even decades later, like Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose or Jose Chung’s From Outer Space.


HOGCC t1_jadh9uj wrote

>or Jose Chung’s From Outer Space.

No other object is misidentified as a flying saucer more often than the planet Venus.


correcthorsestapler t1_jadiglk wrote

“Alex Trebek?! The game show host?!


DMPunk t1_jae5dmy wrote

Mulder didn't say it WAS Alex Trebek, just that he looked an awful lot like him


kuwetka t1_jadpeeo wrote

> the best single episodes of television even decades later, like Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose or Jose Chung’s From Outer Space.

It's insane that Darin Morgan wrote only like 4 or 5 episodes out of 200, but they're the one that people remember the most. And they are indeed the best tv ever


kronicfeld t1_jadrfsy wrote

>Darin Morgan

Good point. The two I mentioned, "Humbug" (circus performers), and "War of the Coprophages," one of the funniest episodes of the whole series.

And, hell, he wrote the one revival episode that had Kumail Nanjiani and Rhys Darby, probably the only really good episode of that run.


DMPunk t1_jae5j2i wrote

> "I'm not going anywhere until I talk to my lawyer."

> "Okay, who's your lawyer?"

> "I represent myself."

That whole scene lives in my head rent-free


Darmok47 t1_jaewhb5 wrote

The one about the Mandela Effect perfectly encapsulates why Fox Mulder's quest doesn't work in the post-Trump era. It's also really funny.


ConstableGrey t1_jadhzc0 wrote

I love the first two seasons especially. Very moody lighting. Cell phones were a thing but not quite mainstream. The UFO conspiracies are top-notch.


Archamasse t1_jadj5tg wrote

Man, that lighting. It was SUCH a good looking show. It felt expensive, in a way that's so rare now.


correcthorsestapler t1_jadm9v9 wrote

I rewatched the remastered season one on BluRay after getting an OLED TV in December. Holy crap it looks so good.

Would love for a 4K scan of the series to come out with HDR cause I bet it’d look amazing. Maybe with this year being the 30th anniversary they’ll announce something? Doubtful, but one could always hope.


paulteegoldman t1_jadgtiv wrote

I’ve been rewatching episodes for the last few days and this show is still absolutely fantastic. So many creepy monsters, I love it


CTFX84 OP t1_jadh27t wrote

The banned episode 'Home' still disturbs me 🤣


correcthorsestapler t1_jadnh2o wrote

One of my favorite episodes. I watched it when it aired and loved that they were willing to take a risk with making a gritty, grim, brutal episode. There was really nothing like it at the time. Even rewatching the show now it’s kind of a shocker cause the rest of the episodes are pretty tame in comparison. If it came out today it’d be tame compared to shows like Hannibal.

Plus, you got Scully quoting the sheep from Babe which always cracks me up.


malko2 t1_jadj64v wrote

Back in '96, during our Senior trip to D.C., I missed a visit to the White House with the rest of my class because me and my other X-Files fan buddies decided to visit the J. Edgar Hoover building instead. Waited in line for 3 hours until it was too late and we had to rejoin the rest of the class lol

Of course, AFAIK, you can't visit either building nowadays


Darmok47 t1_jaewmzf wrote

The FBI is supposed to move out of that building in the near future. Hopefully they remember to tell Mulder in the basement before they turn the lights off.


bullybullybully t1_jaf0m4m wrote

Every time I see Giovanni Ribisi I picture him as that kid that could control electricity and switch the stop lights to crash cars.


CTFX84 OP t1_jaf1e4e wrote

Fuck yeah brother! That show is the who's who of really prominent actors


bullybullybully t1_jaf1m10 wrote

Haha, I appreciate the enthusiasm of that response.


CTFX84 OP t1_jaf26ii wrote

Another cool honorable mention would be Tony Shaloub in that shadow episode!