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Soundman_Burgle t1_ja6u4ph wrote

I dropped it a week ago, as I also did with 1923. Our boy Taylor has officially started producing dogshit. I should have known when the original Yellowstone became unwatchable.

1883 was great, I am starting to think it was his last hurrah.


AnukkinEarthwalker t1_ja7b5q3 wrote

He is doing too many shows at once.

All of the stuff tately was not as good as what came before it. Yellowstone Kingstown 1923 is just so slow to accomplish anything even with an amazing cast. Just seems like lazy writing to stretch a season.

Tulsa king was alright but none of the recent stuff is as good as what he has done previously

Having 2 shows on the market for 2 seasons in a row has been a miss.


Soundman_Burgle t1_jaaa0d6 wrote

Tulsa King was just alright, but Stallone made it entertaining. Spread too thin for sure.