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TapedeckNinja t1_ja991ms wrote

It seems like Amazon has found a gap in the streaming market for the so-called "dad shows", and they're hitting it hard.

Reacher, Jack Ryan, The Terminal List, Citadel. Probably Bosch/Bosch: Legacy fits into that niche as well. They've got Cross coming soon, and that Terminal List prequel with Taylor Kitsch, and a Butch Cassidy show. Probably some other stuff I'm missing.


Frazzledsoul t1_ja9i9sc wrote

The Butch Cassidy show is also a franchise headed by the Russo brothers. This is why I doubt they're tied long term to the main version of Citadel, because they seemingly want to already start a new one.

I don't think this show is a "dad" show, though. It's too internationally focused for that. I don't see the dad types taking to Madden for a variety of reasons.


TapedeckNinja t1_ja9q570 wrote

Well they were originally just producing Citadel AFAIK, and then swooped in and shitcanned the writers/directors and took over the project themselves.

I think the Butch Cassidy show is the same deal, the Russo's are EPs but they're not currently attached as writers or directors on it.

They've got a bunch of projects currently ongoing, including The Electric State for Netflix which they are directing.


kappa23 t1_jabfzd8 wrote

Bosch is totally a dad show, its the only thing my dad has watched on his Prime account