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Frazzledsoul t1_ja9hdnr wrote

Their main problem is that their audience tends to be older and likely more conservative. They will watch the crap out of something like The Rings of Power and Jack Ryan (The Rings of Power whopped House of the Dragon in streaming ratings every week but one) but they won't talk about it online.

The Boys is their only real water-cooler show, I think. I don't think this show will break the pattern.


Radulno t1_ja9xhx9 wrote

To be fair, if people watch (and sub for) a show, it doesn't matter if it isn't talked about online.


nickb_21 t1_jaa1c6r wrote

But the question is: Did new people subscribe to Amazon because of TROP or did most of them just watch it because they already had Amazon Prime anyway?


astanton1862 t1_jaac2lx wrote

> they already had Amazon Prime anyway

Probably the later, but one of the reasons I keep prime around is because they release 4 or 5 good series a year.


DingoFrisky t1_ja9lfyp wrote

Last season of Jack Ryan really became 'Dad TV'. Just the stuff your dad tells you about


Fawqueue t1_ja9nrfv wrote

RoP didn't beat HotD overall, though. Higher streaming, but those figures didn't take into account the roughly 2mil viewers watching on HBO proper. Factoring the ENTIRE viewership into account RoP was the one getting whooped each week.


Frazzledsoul t1_ja9oqtn wrote

Hence why I said streaming ratings. Point being, TROP was very popular, but not talked about widely online. It was also preferred by "older" viewers (adults 25-54) to HOTD.