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bros402 t1_jab84mm wrote

Okay, so i'm not gonna type out a summary of the survey - but based on what I read + what it was asking me, it sounded a lot like it was going to be Male Spy is fish out of water and Female Spy does spy stuff.


Frazzledsoul t1_jab96x6 wrote

Yeah, that's what the VF article seemed to indicate. The rumor I heard a long time ago was that Madden wasn't the real male lead and it was actually a German actor. I have no idea who the other person was supposed to be.


bros402 t1_jab9uzt wrote

One of the side characters was listed as "a stanley tucci type"

but he sounded like he was going to stay a side character, but who knows

btw, if you want to get the chance to watch pilots and read plot outlines, I get around ~6 a year on a survey site I am on. I have a referral link to it if you want to join it - I get around $5-$15 when I do a TV show survey.


limpoc t1_jac12ns wrote

I'm not the person you're replying to but I would definitely be interested in that survey site link.


Logical-Balance9075 t1_jacleaj wrote

Interesting, could be the male spy has difficulty getting his memory back. But considering the behind the scenes drama with the producers and stuff, I wonder how much has changed since 2020.


bros402 t1_jacqa44 wrote

I hope a lot has changed since 2020, since it sounded a lot like "male spy will be weak, woman spy will be strong independent woman" - not that that is bad, but it was written badly.