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Over the past year or two, I have been unable to finish watching any TV series that is longer than, say, four seasons. I will get burned out in the middle of it and just stop watching the show. Currently, there are about six different TV shows that I have stopped watching in the middle. I want to finish these shows, but every time I turn them on, I just feel kind of bored and empty, even though I like the show. Do you have any tips to avoid burnout on long shows?



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ddbaxte t1_j9xcuhv wrote

Lots of shows start sucking around the 3rd season mark. No reason to justify wasting any more of your time if the show sucks.


Hopeful_Extension759 OP t1_j9xdj8w wrote

That is true for some shows but I feel like I get burnt out with pretty much every show I start watching, I may need to simply stop watching longer shows for a while until I become less burnt out.


mermetermaid t1_j9xkekn wrote

I do think that streaming culture and instant access to multiple seasons has changed how we watch tv now, and it’s also making our attention span change. I hop between shows and work my way through slowly, a few episodes at a time and then watch something else.


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Lil_Mcgee t1_j9yk3oh wrote

Though be mindful that watching too many shows at once might just result in a different kind of burnout.


Hopeful_Extension759 OP t1_j9ziokh wrote

That is the thing, I am only watching one show at once. I watch maybe two or three seasons before getting burnt out of the show.


TimeTravelMishap t1_j9xclw9 wrote

Lawyer up, hit the gym and cut your carbs.


Dennyisthepisslord t1_j9xt9q5 wrote

I rarely binge multiple seasons back to back. Absolutely is made for burnout watching a show like that.


Xo0om t1_j9ywnbe wrote

IMO if you feel bored and empty then maybe you really don't like the show all that much.

Or you enjoyed the earlier seasons, but they got into a rut where they do the same things over and over. Or the show quality/writing has just deteriorated. Or maybe early seasons were a breath of fresh air, but it's just not new and exciting anymore. IMO it's hard to keep things interesting year after year after year.

I'd step away for a while, watch other stuff, then maybe come back and see how you like it. Stepping away doesn't have to be forever, unless you really don't like it anymore.

I've given up on a lot of shows after a few seasons. Some I came back to and finish, others I have no plan to do so. I'm under no obligation to finish, but that doesn't mean I didn't like the early seasons.


Maverick916 t1_j9xdcdl wrote

What shows?


Hopeful_Extension759 OP t1_j9xf2mf wrote

better call Saul, House, Agents of shield those are some of the shows.


muscles_guy t1_j9xfc6m wrote

Might just be you're losing interest man. I lost interest too.


Hopeful_Extension759 OP t1_j9xfids wrote

I guess that is a possibility.


muscles_guy t1_j9xfz53 wrote

Just because a show is popular, doesn't mean it's good from your perspective. Look how popular Yellowstone is, and I think that's dog dirt.. I watch it though, as it's so stupid and bad, it's almost enjoyable but for completely the wrong reasons. Not a single plot line is cohesive!

I also loved The Wire, but by season 5 I felt i really lost interest so I was pretty glad it ended.


Hopeful_Extension759 OP t1_j9xh4km wrote

I generally don't watch a show just because it is popular, but that is good advice nonetheless.


im_a_dick_head t1_j9yvnin wrote

Damn I rewatched agents of shield 4 times already, I think the show just isn't for you


hawks-make-me-sad t1_j9zy8h9 wrote

There's so many seasons of Agents of Shield... I try to get the gist of various seasons and pick a stopping point during a binge. I might return a few years later from that point


Dangerous-Hawk16 t1_j9xdp17 wrote

How I felt about CSI franchise as a whole. I soon as I got to the 3rd season I’m already feel like the shows not that interesting anymore especially the original csi show. That’s why I appreciate the newer shows with less seasons and shorter episodes


cosi_bloggs t1_j9xnghy wrote

Put the phone down


Hopeful_Extension759 OP t1_j9xor4h wrote

Edit: I was wrong.


cosi_bloggs t1_j9xpkes wrote

Not you. In general. I didn't get a smart phone until 2021. I don't give my number out, and I have no real social media. But still... it was much easier to invest my time elsewhere without it. I've knocked over rewatches of Cheers (11 seasons) in 13 days, and Seinfeld (9) in 8. When I want to get back to that, I'll probably put down my phone permanently.


Hopeful_Extension759 OP t1_j9xptzk wrote

Oh sorry for my previous statement then, I can get a bit defensive sometimes.


cosi_bloggs t1_j9xqb2f wrote

Sorry. I didn't mean for it to be about you. I can speak from personal experience, and I don't even engage in most of the distracting activities. There's endless movies, TV, music, podcasts, the etymology of words, etc. It can keep me forever occupied, but it's not good for dusting off my TV boxsets.


Hopeful_Extension759 OP t1_j9xqke3 wrote

I just misunderstood you, nothing to be sorry for. But I agree with you about there being a lot of distractions in the world.


KremlinHoosegaffer t1_j9xsuiq wrote

Don't force them. Only watch another episode when compelled. Slowly watched Better Call Saul until season 3 with a friend over 9 months. We are only now so invested that we're watching entire seasons in a matter of days.

You'll finish what you truly want to that way. Don't view long shows as something to tackle in mere weeks. But as yearlong projects, if they interest you.


spinereader81 t1_ja0s5ro wrote

At least you make it that far! I get near the end of even one season shows and unless the plot is still really exciting, I feel like a kid finishing up my broccoli. I'm to finish simply because I made it that far and I'm mildly curious how it ends, but the thrill isn't really there anymore.


mickeyflinn t1_ja7bnra wrote

> I want to finish these shows, but every time I turn them on, I just feel kind of bored and empty, even though I like the show.

First and foremost you need to get your head around your own mind. No you don't like a show that you find boring and empty. That is the exact opposite of liking a show.

> Do you have any tips to avoid burnout on long shows?

Recognize that TV shows are for entertainment purposes only. Once you are not entertained MOVE ON!


realdonaldtrumpsucks t1_j9xepsd wrote

Have you tried a binge? You load up and watch them all in a weekend? Maybe that is easier to keep track of character and story,


theyusedthelamppost t1_j9zsigg wrote

sounds like you should give GoT a try

losing interesting somewhere during S5/6 would let you walk away wit the perfect experience. It'd be your favorite show.


LeoIrish t1_ja13dv5 wrote

Several years ago I did burn myself out watching the first 2 seasons of Orphan Black - and I will never binge like that again. Instead I will watch a season of a show (rewatching Justified - getting ready to start S3), and then move on to a different show.