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I started this show a week ago, running it in the background while i work or play on my phone. First 2 seasons were bearable, but after that, it's just ppl fucking and cheating all the time. And it's shown like it's love. I had to stop halfway through the 4th season. The show tries to be philosophical and deep and show the complexity of relationships when it's just ppl not being able to control their urges around their colleagues even when they're already sleeping with another colleague. I don't how this is still running after 19 years!

At this point in the 4th season, i don't know who's seriously in love with whom. Izzie cares about Alex & George equally while she also can't forget dead Denny. Alex cares about Izzie and a patient. George is in love with every girl in the hospital except Cristina. Burke & Cristina are shown to have differences and then they also get along just like that. Most of it is not clear why.

Meredith and Derek are the only ones whose alliances are clear, but their relationship is shown to be complicated for no reason conceivable. They broke up abruptly now with no issues shown between them and everything was going well. Derek just mumbled some pseudo-deep shit and they broke up. The show just did that abruptly and immediately brought in a nurse.

Two gay relationships introduced in the same episode, one between doctors and one between patients (army guys) to get some brownie points from the lgbtq community.

Doctors seem to do everything, even stuff that seems like a nurse's job. Malpractice is rampant amd without consequences. Derek & Meredith did a clinical trial on a girl after the first 10 patients died in the trial and the chief explicitly forbid it. But Meredith blames the chief for her mother's troubles and he just lets the dangerous and illegally done trial pass. Of course the girl survives, so no consequences.



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TheBSisReal t1_j84pbtc wrote

Grey’s Anatomy is a romance show dressed up as a medical drama. Why did you watch 4 seasons of something you didn’t enjoy? Just move on. We are like 20 years into Grey’s Anatomy, it’s not a hot take to criticize the realism of this show, both on the front of medicine as on the front of relationships. You think this is bad, don’t look for a list of all the major incidents characters on this show have been through since it started.


AgreeableInsurance85 OP t1_j84qmz1 wrote

Like I said, first two seasons were good enough for a low-attention watch. Third season started to get bad, but i thought it'd get better. Finally stopped during the 4th season.

I didn't have anything else to watch


Select_Action_6065 t1_j87ha7s wrote

>I didn't have anything else to watch



AgreeableInsurance85 OP t1_j87myes wrote

I've been binge watching TV shows since the last 15 yrs. I've the below stats from IMDB lists that I maintain:

Watched - 48 shows Discontinued - 35 (including Grey's Anatomy) Ongoing (shows that are running) - 16

So yeah, finding it difficult to get good shows to watch. I'm in India and some shows (like ER) are not available on any streaming sites.


KittysMenopause t1_j84qjwn wrote

I don't how this is still running after 19 years!

People have different tastes. It's not a hard concept to grasp.


theusher88 t1_j84ps0x wrote

Should've watched ER instead :p (at least the first few seasons).


Snuggle__Monster t1_j84smc1 wrote

What do you expect, it's a prime time soap opera with a hospital background setting. It's gonna be cringy and heavy handed. If you want solid writing and acting, there's ER.

If you enjoy the soapy stuff, NBC had a show called Mercy back in 2010 with a pre OITNB Taylor Schilling, Michelle Trachtenberg, Margo Martindale and they added James Van Der Beek halfway through their only 22 episode season. I found it way more easy to digest than Grey's Anatomy. It was pretty decent and for whatever reason just never caught on. I think it faced really tough competition in its timeslot.


AgreeableInsurance85 OP t1_j84wjib wrote

I didn't know it was a soap. Should've done some more research. I had watched House MD a few years ago and liked it. Thought that this is on the same lines, that I'll get to watch some curious medical cases.


The_Lone_Apple t1_j84qkzl wrote

At least it isn't a medical drama about a guy who freaks out before he performs every surgery.


Xanderic t1_j84qbot wrote

Lol if you can't bear it now, you'll be rolling in your grave at all the soapy drama in Seasons 6 - 9....and also A bunch of crazy (natural) events happen pretty much back to back in the same 1-2 year span lol. These events could obviously happen, but the probability of them all happening in that short time period is likely astronomical. That said though, that was peak Grey's, it started going down after a certain someone moved across an ocean, and immediately following that, another certain someone was dramatically written off the show too. The following seasons were and are meh.


JenovaProphet t1_j84w45j wrote

You haven't even gotten to the part in the show yet where there's a major disaster every season that kills someone LOL


endlesstacos22 t1_j85o0gm wrote

It's a soap opera. What did you expect?

Watch ER or House of you want a quality show in a medical setting


dougyoung1167 t1_j85v71l wrote

I saw one episode, no clue which and don't care. never watched another


Bigbertha1970 t1_j88wb9i wrote

The show gets worse each season. It’s the same story every season. It needs to end