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jokerzwilde t1_j91xnhd wrote

Same reason Foxnews gets better ratings, conservatives have less options so their audience don't get split like more liberal leaning programing.


[deleted] t1_j91y3qf wrote



mike10dude t1_j93t484 wrote

almost all of nielsons info comes from people wearing little devices called people meters that look like pagers kind of doubt that many people who are in the hospital bring those with them

they also wont pick anything up if there is no audio usually when i see people watching tv in hospitals they have headphones on


MiLK_11 t1_j936j8q wrote

Are you serious dude😐 cnn plays default on TVs in public at WAY higher margin ur a clown


Goulagosh_gogoo t1_j93ixth wrote

Not sure where you live, but in Florida Fox is on pretty much any TV you come across in a public place.


pdbone t1_j945bhb wrote

Pretending your experience represents the rest of the country. You're a clown.

Wisconsin here, fox is the default , hgtv coming in second.


GarlVinland4Astrea t1_j922bhb wrote

Same reason Fox News gets good ratings. The right is pretty much condensed on Fox so everyone who leans that way and wants to watch that stuff goes there. Meanwhile everyone else is split between Kimmel/Colbert/Fallon.

That's pretty much been the bread and butter of that model. Create a monopoly on mainstream conservative media, be the only show in town, and then position yourselves as the alternative.


ProfessionalCrow4816 t1_j924cy2 wrote

Boomers who still subscribe to cable and watch Fox News.


grandmofftalkin t1_j9adj4i wrote

This is the answer. Nielsen ratings are no longer reflecting a show's true popularity because people under 50 no longer watch traditional TV. This became apparent when we learned The CW's median age of viewership is 58


LocoCoyote t1_j91yq7h wrote

Never heard of it


Matthew_C1314 t1_j922u05 wrote

They had a few superbowl commercials. That’s the big reason it’s probably being mentioned.


Reasonable-HB678 t1_j9478w1 wrote

The Fox Super Bowl broadcast also made mention of their Fox Nation streaming service and the Roseanne comedy special that's exclusively on it. Big whoop, I say.


Matthew_C1314 t1_j948a1l wrote

The Roseanne special. "Cancel This"... tell me you're not apologetic without outright saying it.


Reasonable-HB678 t1_j94desd wrote

Whether she made a sincere apology or not, I didn't make the decision to cancel her show.


DTFlash t1_j9489le wrote

It's on Fox News. There are about 2-3 million people that have Fox News on all day every day.


gonzagylot00 t1_j92i3q0 wrote

Right wingers are devoted to right wing content.


dogsonbubnutt t1_j945g86 wrote

because late night is dying and the demographic that's keeping it going is a bunch of old people who tend to skew more conservative


freetheroux t1_j96ebul wrote

Two words, old people


vancouverliving420 t1_j97guwm wrote

theirs not many younger people watching any of the late night shows but he still wins in that demo


freetheroux t1_j99yy8z wrote

Young people watch clips of late night on YouTube. They just don’t feel the need to waste an hour of their lives on one talk show


supercoffee1025 t1_j9nupoy wrote

Honestly the best late night show I’d actually watch is Graham Norton but they really need to figure out their streaming strategy. They give it to a cable channel on a two week delay in the US.

The best concept I think for a late night show is actually WWHL with Andy Cohen. He schedules Bravo honestly like a genius, with one big tentpole franchise sort of evenly spread throughout the week, and then immediately follows the episode of like RHOBH with two of the main cast members from that episode to discuss what happened.


weirdguytom t1_j924mu6 wrote

Obligatory explanation why it’s bad:


pdbone t1_j945g1q wrote

Fuck yeah, I love me some cody showdy. I can not stand how all the posts in the sub are always about boars. But still awesome to see.


Magnet5150 t1_j92w1n6 wrote

Idk people think he's funny I guess


LeoIrish t1_j94jr93 wrote

I do not watch any of them.


QuintoBlanco t1_j95idlo wrote

Ugh, because of you I watched some Greg Gutfeld and he is painfully unfunny.

And I don't find Stephen Colbert et cetera all that funny...

It's background noise for old people.


Imajica0921 t1_j97lz02 wrote

He gives the viewer just the right mix of misogyny and racism without feeling guilty about it. Plus, now that he beats the others in the ratings, watching him owns the libs.


Ok-Consideration-278 t1_j9s6lyc wrote

Gutfeld better watch out. The more popular he gets, the more time he takes off. He's worse than Johnny Carson back in the day. Tyrus would make a great host.


mike10dude t1_j93temu wrote

would be interesting to see how he would do if normal fox finally got in to the late night tv business and moved his show over there

I keep on seeing people claiming that it only gets good numbers because of some households are watching nothing but fox news all day if that's true then they could maybe it would actually get less viewers on there


Reasonable-HB678 t1_j946yk0 wrote

If I wanted to watch a clip of Kimmel, Fallon, or Colbert, I have this thing called YouTube. My start time at work is 6am. IDGAF about Gutfeld.


-kang_of_wakanda- t1_j96731e wrote

it's not because gutfeld is particularly great (he's ok), it's because colbert is fucking AWFUL


JohnnyAK907 t1_j92ny56 wrote

Because he is likable, funny and he always has on a good mix of guests. He's the only thing I watch on that channel, but something I appreciate about him is a lack of any mean streak unlike his contemporaries. It's a trait I appreciated in John Stewart as well... even when "slamming" a guest for a stupid comment, he delivers it with affable humor that lessens the blow while making people laugh at the comment instead of the person giving it. Something that's been lost in modern society is the ability to confront an idea instead of the person sharing it. The former opens up new debate and thought, while the latter ensures cessation of both. A good moderator knows this, and if nothing else, Guttfeld is an excellent moderator.


faddizzle t1_j92pbh2 wrote

I’m not sure how this balanced reasonable comment has survived being downvoted.


jmark71 t1_j92zqwq wrote

No idea why you’re being downvoted although I bet every single person who did has no idea who he is except he’s on Fox, thereby betraying their own close-minded view of the world. The dude is hilarious and never takes himself or anything else so seriously.


jcb1982 t1_j921dem wrote

A massive chunk of Americans are TERRIBLE people. A lot of them have Fox News on the tv all day long regardless of what show is on.


SteelmanINC t1_j929cl6 wrote

Even if we accepted your ridiculous premise that anyone who watches fox news is a terrible person, Fox news viewers make up an incredibly small percentage of the US population.


Self-Awarican t1_j92e8rp wrote

“Even if we accepted your ridiculous premise that anyone who watches blatant fascist propaganda and uses it as their basis to oppress immigrants, racial minorities, and queer people is a terrible person…”


SteelmanINC t1_j92k2pm wrote

Go touch grass, mate


Testone1440 t1_j92z678 wrote

Spoken like a person with no answer to that statement.


UrbanFight001 t1_j95rk3f wrote

Watching a fucking tv channel does not make somebody any of those things. The commenter is correct, you people do need to touch some grass. You sound goofy.