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Toidal t1_j89avu5 wrote

There's only 3 seasons. I really liked it despite its faults. The first main bad's storyline finished at the end of s2 instead of dragging on, the most annoying character in the show got offed at the end of s3, Nick Frost joined the cast and did a lot of big guy Sammo Hung esque Kung Fu and they were gearing up to introduce gun fu it seemed in S4 before it got cancelled.

I'm also really into that ruins of the old world vibe like in Fallout, and Horizon.


Worthyness t1_j8bhipd wrote

worth watching just for the fight choreography. Absolutely incredible


tway2241 t1_j8covau wrote

The over the top wuxia style fight scenes were so fun to watch. The costume design also stood out to me, everyone is just so snappily dressed (shout out to whoever did Emily Beecham's wardrobe).

Unfortunately the story's pace wasn't great and the acting ranged from just okay (where the actors own the cheesiness and just chew scenery) to kind of bad (looking at you MK).