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itwasquiteawhileago t1_ja8jr2n wrote

Lawyer, detective, any combination of both, I don't care. I enjoyed S1 a great deal. The performances, the sets, everything. So as long as those things remain intact, I'm down for more.


theangryfurlong t1_jabrbdj wrote

Agree. S1 was great. Shame that John Lithgow won't be in it anymore, because he was the highlight for me.


ingloriousbaxter3 t1_jabvnu9 wrote

I really enjoyed season 1 but I do feel like it was missing something. I don’t know if I could explain what it is but it felt a bit unsatisfying.

Everything else about it was fantastic though so I’m really looking forward to the second season


b1gmouth t1_ja8cm9n wrote

Interesting... I actually enjoyed S1 of Perry Mason just fine but I liked The Knick even more.


flaccidplatypus t1_jab6lh6 wrote

Who ever decided to put The Knick on Cinemax deserves a kick in the nuts.


CurseofLono88 t1_jabmr1d wrote

It’s on HBO MAX in the US now for anyone wanting to watch it


ours t1_jacw50b wrote

That felt like the kind of show who would be right at home at HBO.


NeoNoireWerewolf t1_jaest2h wrote

That would be Steven Soderbergh. HBO told him they were interested in the show but didn’t have a spot in the schedule for it for at least two or three years. He could either wait and see if they could make it then, or he could get it made right then at Cinemax. So they took it to Cinemax.


ERSTF t1_jab15ae wrote

Too son. I still grieve that we didn't get season 3


ErtGentskee t1_ja8jldm wrote

The first one felt like 'Perry Mason Begins'. It wasn't bad, but not really great, either. One of the few shows I didn't like as much as I wanted to, but still excited for another season. Definitely has a lot of potential now that the tedious part of introducing everybody is done with.


lightsongtheold t1_ja8sk3m wrote

The biggest worry I’ve got for season 2 is them having to replace John Lithgow and Tatiana Maslany. They were both great in the first season. Despite that I’m still optimistic for the new season for the very reasons you mentioned.


NotAlwaysSunnyInFL t1_jaamd31 wrote

I was SO mad about what happened to him in season 1. I love John Lithgow, One of my favorite actors. But I’m happy we at least got him for a time.


HotelFoxtrot87 t1_jabltrh wrote

I’m really happy whenever he pops up. Which is great because he works a lot.


ashinaclan123 t1_ja92chy wrote

The first one was kinda hard to describe. Great production value and acting but the script couldn’t elevate it to true “prestige” tv imo. Perry didn’t even become the main lawyer until halfway through. That being said you could tell they were building to something better. If the story is bettered this time it’ll be a huge hit.


GregSays t1_jaa8eyo wrote

It took until about halfway through for it to find it’s footing but I think it got pretty good. I have high hopes for season 2 now that they know what they’re doing.


jez124 OP t1_ja88alf wrote

Good to hear show improved with new showrunnrers.


BusinessPurge t1_ja8a4yx wrote

The creators of The Knick. I’m excited to see what terrible aspects of recent history they will be weaponizing this time around


ashinaclan123 t1_ja92i0n wrote

Apparently it’s based off a famous case about a wrongly accused Latino man in the first half of the 1900s. I forgot the name of the case but it seems to be the inspiration.


ptwonline t1_ja913pw wrote

I enjoyed the first season but I suspect a lot of that was because he was more of the hard-boiled PI (which I really like) than lawyer. Wondering how I will feel about it if he becomes more lawyer, less private investigator, or if the investigation part will still be a really substantial part of the story.


Indigocell t1_jad0xyn wrote

It would be cool if he was a lawyer that also did his own PI work, lol. He will have no free time whatsoever.


Chief7064 t1_ja8gvfo wrote

I like the new Perry Mason. At the same time, I can remember watching the OG reruns in the 70s and an updated procedural courtroom drama would have worked better for me.


RealJohnGillman t1_ja8hmbr wrote

I mean I didn’t know it was a reboot of a lawyer series going into the first season, so it was odd when what seemed to be a detective series pivoted to being a lawyer series halfway through.


TheShadyGuy t1_ja8i4w4 wrote

It's more of a re-adaptation of the book characters than a reboot of the show, tbh. 82 novels to draw from! There were also movies and a radio series before the old TV series.


RealJohnGillman t1_ja8j286 wrote

I get that, but viewing this series on its own, it did seem to come out of nowhere, in terms of changing the direction of what the series was up until that point. Emphasis on viewing the series on its own, up to the fifth episode.


archlector t1_ja8x2vi wrote

I am with you, I watched the show without any prior knowledge. I enjoyed the noir detective half of the show far more than the sanctimonious speeches given in the courtroom so I am not particularly looking forward to the next season.


RealJohnGillman t1_ja8xwjz wrote

I mean I didn’t mind the court scenes — it just seemed a shame that the detective portion pretty much came to an end then. That if they wanted to do a detective series, and a lawyer series, that it may have been better if they were separate series entirely, if they’re not going to be intertwined storyline-wise (rather than simply progressing one after the other).


gerryf19 t1_jaaxp17 wrote

But Perry Mason always has a detective aspect. His assistant Paul Drake will be doing the investigation.


RealJohnGillman t1_jaay32t wrote

From my first comment in this thread:

> I didn’t know it was a reboot of a lawyer series going into the first season, so it was odd when what seemed to be a detective series pivoted to being a lawyer series halfway through.

If one went into the first season not already knowing who Perry Mason was, which was a decent number of people, the pivoting was quite odd. If this season has the lawyering and detective aspects more intertwined, that would be interesting, fitting.


gerryf19 t1_jab609h wrote

You know it is weird …and I am likely much older…but it is hard for me to contemplate people not knowing the basics of Perry Mason

But then I couldn’t name a single song by Rihanna so it cuts both ways


RealJohnGillman t1_jacuk77 wrote

I mean it seems that the last installment in the franchise before the 2020 television series was a 1995 television film. So the series was dormant (with no new media) for a full 25 years. So if one was under 25 (or even 30, assuming they were not watching Perry Mason at 5), or simply was not American (given that Perry Mason is an American property), it would not be unbelievable for one to not know what Perry Mason was going into this television series.

If it helps, off the top of my head the only Rihanna song I can think of is “Shut Up and Drive”.


Fowlos14 t1_ja8zrt7 wrote

Comes out March 6th. What a pleasant surprise, had no idea a second season was even in production.


TheBoozyNinja87 t1_ja9zwug wrote

I’m so glad that HBO decided to green light a second season - I never thought they would! I absolutely adored season 1 and looked forward to it every week, but for the life of me it seemed that I was the only fan! Can’t wait to see what new noir mystery they cook up this time!


LikesToLickToads t1_ja95bvk wrote

Probably a stupid question but if I like detective shows would I like this?


arkhamtimes333 t1_ja9jkyy wrote

Yes. Scratches the itch perfectly.


LikesToLickToads t1_ja9kbk3 wrote

I see you have Mr robot as your flair, just wanted to say that's a damn good show I have 5 eps left rn and it's my favorite show of all time honestly


arkhamtimes333 t1_ja9qhi6 wrote

Great show. My jaw hit the floor multiple times. Thanks for noticing!


horseren0ir t1_jab87lr wrote

That’s weird dude, I’ve been rewatching it and also only have 5 episodes left


Rounder057 t1_jabff9h wrote

How did you get flair? I tried and it won’t let me


snoopwire t1_ja9wsh1 wrote

I really liked S1 so I'm looking forward to this!


maynardsabeast t1_jaa0jxj wrote

Season 1 was 🔥. Most underrated show I can think of


RBlomax38 t1_ja8w8qj wrote

Like the sound of that!


Mathis_Rowan t1_ja94gri wrote

My dad really loved the old TV show... actually loves would be more accurate. He wakes up and watches Perry first thing basically every day. Is there value in this show for him? Or should he just continue and enjoy his nostalgia with the old one? We watched an episode or 2 together and he didn't really like it, but I just read that halfway through they go to more of a lawyer route.


Tampammm t1_jaaf207 wrote

I absolutely love the old TV Show as your dad did.

For me, there is absolutely a "zero" connection between the two of them. And I hate the format/style of the HBO version. Hard pass.


Mathis_Rowan t1_jaapug1 wrote

Thanks. That’s kinda the feeling we got. I’d rather not watch something and have him up in arms about how it’s too different. We can watch something else together


AGVann t1_jadbv4v wrote

Wait for Season 2 and see. Season 1 is a take on an origin story and it sets up Mason, Street, and Drake together by the end of the season. They are aiming for a 'grittier' style that combines hard-boiled detective noir with courtroom procedural. If your dad is willing to watch it with the understanding that this isn't meant to be a replacement but an adaptation in an adjacent genre, he might enjoy it starting straight from Season 2.

There are some big differences like Paul Drake being a black character in the 1930s which will have the new show play out very differently, but based on reviews I think it stays true to the character while finding new nuances to explore rather than just rehashing older material.


ArkyBeagle t1_jaf2qoz wrote

Might present this as a prequel - this is before Perry Mason became the 1957 series version. I like 'em both.

They definitely go a "more lawyer route". I know what your Dad means; it was an adjustment.


NewCoderNoob t1_ja98cwn wrote

I loved S1 (started a bit slow for me but then I grew into liking it) and looking forward to S2.


CertainDerision_33 t1_ja8xeky wrote

Nice, S1 looked interesting as someone who loves period pieces, but when I heard it was super dark and gritty, that kinda put me off. This sounds much more my speed, maybe I’ll jump in with S2.


darkeststar t1_ja981xw wrote

I never saw the original show other than snippets in passing and actually didn't realize it was a book series before that until reading comments here. Loved the first season but I enjoyed the PI aspect more than the lawyer stuff, but I'd be happy with a meeting in the middle of those things. The one thing I knew about Perry Mason the property going in was that it was some sort of courtroom drama, so I was expecting it to come in at some point. My feelings on the first season only soured when I thought it wasn't going to get a second season and they spent all that time doing a prequel. Now that it's going forward, that's no longer an issue for me.


TheBat45 t1_jaa0b09 wrote

Let's go!

Sepinwall wasn't big on S1 (which I really enjoyed), so this is very exciting


ERSTF t1_jab4mus wrote

I thought season 1 showed that were was something extremely meaty to work with and I was afraid it was going to get cancelled. Good thing HBO saw it too and instead of pulling the plug theybdecided on giving it a second chance


BrianOconneR34 t1_ja9t7q3 wrote

How does a show that ran for years and years struggle? Hmmmmm