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archlector t1_ja8x2vi wrote

I am with you, I watched the show without any prior knowledge. I enjoyed the noir detective half of the show far more than the sanctimonious speeches given in the courtroom so I am not particularly looking forward to the next season.


RealJohnGillman t1_ja8xwjz wrote

I mean I didn’t mind the court scenes — it just seemed a shame that the detective portion pretty much came to an end then. That if they wanted to do a detective series, and a lawyer series, that it may have been better if they were separate series entirely, if they’re not going to be intertwined storyline-wise (rather than simply progressing one after the other).


gerryf19 t1_jaaxp17 wrote

But Perry Mason always has a detective aspect. His assistant Paul Drake will be doing the investigation.


RealJohnGillman t1_jaay32t wrote

From my first comment in this thread:

> I didn’t know it was a reboot of a lawyer series going into the first season, so it was odd when what seemed to be a detective series pivoted to being a lawyer series halfway through.

If one went into the first season not already knowing who Perry Mason was, which was a decent number of people, the pivoting was quite odd. If this season has the lawyering and detective aspects more intertwined, that would be interesting, fitting.


gerryf19 t1_jab609h wrote

You know it is weird …and I am likely much older…but it is hard for me to contemplate people not knowing the basics of Perry Mason

But then I couldn’t name a single song by Rihanna so it cuts both ways


RealJohnGillman t1_jacuk77 wrote

I mean it seems that the last installment in the franchise before the 2020 television series was a 1995 television film. So the series was dormant (with no new media) for a full 25 years. So if one was under 25 (or even 30, assuming they were not watching Perry Mason at 5), or simply was not American (given that Perry Mason is an American property), it would not be unbelievable for one to not know what Perry Mason was going into this television series.

If it helps, off the top of my head the only Rihanna song I can think of is “Shut Up and Drive”.