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MSGRiley OP t1_jctb1ok wrote

Reply to comment by NobodyTellPoeDameron in Avenue 5 by MSGRiley

Well, I'm only a couple into season two. Maybe it will pick up.

It's annoying that studios don't commit to the shows anymore. They're staring at the ratings in real time and the moment they go under a certain line it's like "cut it". Used to be that smart television people had vision and built a product into what people wanted. They crafted shows like art. Now it's just spam and ratings to see what is making money and what isn't. "Try this, how'd it do? OK, try this now."


Mentoman72 t1_jctlwrm wrote

Idk, this show got absolutely no buzz when it aired. I watched both seasons concurrently and hardly anyone was ever talking about it. It's also not great. It's fine. Funny in places. Hard meh from me personally with the exception of a couple episodes.


NobodyTellPoeDameron t1_jctbh3t wrote

Yeah it’s very disappointing. I think Avenue 5 was a juicy target for cost cutting because of the high sci fi budget for the show and relatively low ratings.


MSGRiley OP t1_jctbmvj wrote

I think what studios don't appreciate is that good scifi shows are slow to build ratings but, once built, can develop die hard fans willing to spend all kinds of money on it.


koreth t1_jcundvg wrote

I’m curious what leads you to the conclusion that things used to be different. I don’t remember a time when cancellations were rare.

Here’s one analysis that squares with how I remember things. This is from over 10 years ago: TV Success Rate: 65% Of New Shows Will Be Canceled (& Why It Matters)


MSGRiley OP t1_jcuo4yv wrote

I was kind of looking at the entire history of Television, not just the last 10 years. Yes, I wasn't alive for all of it, but I do enjoy the idea of crafting a show, like a play, and then working to make it better rather than slathering on 50 different writers hoping for magic every time and waiting to cancel like a relative that stands to inherit millions hovering over the plug of a dying old coot.


NanoGeek t1_jcvtmxe wrote

The original Star Trek was very nearly cancelled after its second season. Only a fan write in campaign saved it for one final season.