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JohnnyFootballHero t1_jahc77u wrote

Jar Jar: The Musical: "A young gungan's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk”


Cantora OP t1_jakycct wrote

Id give my first born for premier tickets


jogoso2014 t1_jah4keu wrote

I don’t want anymore rebellion stories during the Skywalker timeframe unless they’re prequels to the new sequels just for variety’s sake.

I want something deep in the past or deep in the future or something far removed from what we know.


Cantora OP t1_jah4u5z wrote

You mean something from the Old Republic or similar (1000 yrs before Luke)?


jogoso2014 t1_jah7tqr wrote

Anything at this point.

I liked Andor just fine and kudos for a unique perspective, but it was also fine tooth combing a worn out story.


cadtek t1_jaho64i wrote

You'll probably like the Acolyte when that comes out, Skeleton Crew too maybe.


SvladDjelli t1_jai7y3g wrote

Star Wars - Rael. The day to day of a guy called Luthen working in an Antiques Shop. Epic Monologues in every episode.


Cantora OP t1_jah4xh9 wrote

I like to think a TV series for Twilight Company would be a Band Of Brothers style series.


LiveFromNewYork95 t1_jahk0m8 wrote

Something about the High Republic Era they introduced in 2021. I think that avenue will focus on the Jedi and lightsaber stuff and they'll use the more grounded Mandalorian and Andor stuff for the Skywalker Era stuff.


Cantora OP t1_jal01d6 wrote

I think that would be really cool. Def need a series on the jedi


Fawqueue t1_jahebe8 wrote

Talking Tico. They explore the daytime talk show format with everyone's favorite non-favorite character.


urgasmic t1_jahwvtc wrote

I think it's time to go back to the "present" post Rise of Skywalker.


Cantora OP t1_jakzrdq wrote

I don't think there's any Canon that goes past 35 ABY, so anything "present" will have to be "newly created". Content. I don't really trust Disney not to completely screw up anything they have a hand in but. I think it would be interesting to see


lkn240 t1_janzpby wrote

I just want new stories and new characters. Look at the movies. Rogue One is the only freaking movie since 1983 to not heavily feature OT characters.

Mando was original, but it's becoming a spin off of animated shows I have no interest in.


elister t1_jahhqbi wrote

If Disney was going to base the next movie or show on a book, then they would have started with Heir to the Empire or Dark Force Rising.


ASK_IF_IM_PENGUIN t1_jah5jft wrote

I know it will never happen, but I would really like them to accept that they fucked up RoS and go back and give it another go as a series, which will likely be cheaper than a movie.

Keep TFA and TLJ because for all their flaws they are consistent. Just pretend RoS didn't happen and try again. Make it a series and call it an alternative timeline, or "What If..." Or whatever. Just finish the trilogy properly.


Cantora OP t1_jal05g3 wrote

Hahaha yeah. I don't think they see it as a fuck up. To them it's just money :(


SurrealRaypissed t1_jahld4d wrote

I mean, don't you Star Wars fans basically hate Star Wars anyway?