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stumpcity t1_jch0ytd wrote

OK, this thing's really fucking cooking now. This dude is like adding an instant +10 charisma/intrigue to your show through casting alone.

edit: also please go watch Emily the Criminal right now.


reddit455 t1_jch2bd1 wrote

remember that time he got stabbed by Marilyn Manson in prison?


RIP Juice.


dallassportsallday t1_jciqnku wrote

Yeah, stabbed. That's the very notable thing Manson does to him. Nothing else to be concerned about...


Snuggle__Monster t1_jcjwhop wrote

Stabbed him twice in different areas of his body if you want to get technical.


rjwalsh94 t1_jchkp22 wrote

Doesn’t he hang himself? Haven’t watched the later seasons since it aired.

Edit. Actually I think he botched that in the show.


Euronymous_Bosch t1_jcikm0e wrote

Did he like sleep with Kurt Sutter’s wife or something? The sheer amount of Juice hate that happened in those last two seasons was just excessive. He was the Theon Greyjoy of SoA


JCBadger1234 t1_jcj6dbc wrote

Given what Sutter had done to his own character throughout the series, I'd say that if anything, it shows he might have a little crush on Juice.


Souleater1170 t1_jciznw1 wrote

I thought his entire plot line from the beginning was that he was a screwup


Maybe_In_Time t1_jch38d3 wrote

He was awesome in Luke Cage!


NedDasty t1_jcinf1e wrote

This was my first and only introduction to him and I thought he was the lamest thing I've ever seen in television. I'm willing to chalk it up to bad writing, but what else has he been in that might change my mind?


dallassportsallday t1_jciqqds wrote

His character is really good in Sons of Anarchy even if the show did go off the fucking rails.


Gnarbox t1_jcigd2r wrote

I’d argue the opposite. This guy is your kind of d-list star who people will know but his credits are pretty rough. Emily the criminal was good but it had nothing to do with him.