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LiveFromNewYork95 t1_je6770s wrote

I've never watched Blue Bloods (my mom likes it tho) but I'm happy whenever it gets renewed. I have the wierd thing where I like when things that were in when I was a kid are still running cause that means I can't be that old yet lol


Calm_Memories t1_je6arqe wrote

My mom watches it too! Mostly the lead, Tom. xD


InflamedLiver t1_je6eb1h wrote

He will always be Magnum PI to my parents


MulciberTenebras t1_je6jlih wrote

Just make sure he doesn't con your parents into selling the mortgage to their house.


Calm_Memories t1_je6hlvi wrote

Yesss. They're even watching that PI reboot but I think Tom Selleck will always be in their hearts. It's kinda sweet in a way as I wonder which celeb I'll be still loving when I'm in my 70s haha.


sweetpeapickle t1_jeb4x8v wrote

Reminds me of my dad, so I enjoy watching it. Though my dad always had a cigarette in his mouth. Same hair, same stache, same dipples.


OkayAtBowling t1_je6h9xx wrote

Well thanks for making ME feel old with this comment! Gah! :P


MinkoAk t1_je8a36m wrote

Seriously, a kid when it started, this guy's is trying to put us in a retirement home.


Pool_Shark t1_je8ke3v wrote

At least we still have the Simpsons and game shows


StephenHunterUK t1_je6hxnl wrote

If Frank Reagan was a real person, he'd been the longest serving NYPD Commissioner.


KneeHighMischief t1_je671l2 wrote

Hopefully this is finally the season they discover the genetic component that's turned their blood blue.


EverettDonovan t1_je6g46l wrote

I recommend everyone to watch this half an hour long YouTube dissertation of the show by Skip Intro, who claims that it's pure and unadultered copaganda and the worst cop show on TV overall. It's pretty interesting, much more than the show itself lol.


KnownDiscount t1_je935wa wrote

> It's pretty interesting, much more than the show itself lol.

I frankly doubt it. NGL.


mug3n t1_je8a1n9 wrote

I mean, most police procedurals are copaganda. John Oliver did a whole segment on Last Week Tonight about Law and Order and Dick Wolf's unabashed love for the boys in blue.


thxpk t1_je982z2 wrote

Well der, every show about X is going to show X in the best light, be it cops, lawyers, drs, teachers, fbi etc


sweetpeapickle t1_jeb5wr8 wrote

JFC-first it's a fictional show. Two-no it's not the worst, because according to those who say things like that-there's Chicago PD, COPS. The Rookie, etc etc. They're ALL frickin' fictional. We have documentaries, and well real life if we want reality. I mean there's all those who complain endlessly when these shows do show reality, because they watch them to "get away" from our crap reality. Just because our real life is not exactly paradise....why isn't anyone making the same idiot distinctions with the med shows, or lawyer shows, or space fantasy shows???? People spend more time on this, then what needs to be done in our healthcare, especially when it comes to people shooting up schools.


johnnyfog t1_je82orf wrote

>pure and unadultered copaganda

Rarely just said, but spat, with real teeth-clenched venom.

It's only recently that Blue Bloods has started to mellow out.


oldcarfreddy t1_je9dohs wrote

lol weirdos are downvoting all these comments. I think the defensiveness from people shows it's truer than people think


Yellow-Eyed-Demon t1_je67rlr wrote

I think the looming writers strike might have helped here.


lightsongtheold t1_je6xx3p wrote

The fact that it is one of the highest viewed shows on US TV was also likely a factor…


Ant-Manthing t1_je8jc3d wrote

All the folks at my local laundromat will be thrilled


[deleted] t1_je685j0 wrote



Zorkel567 t1_je68qmi wrote

14 Seasons is still kinda young in terms of current, 'long-running series.'

Law and Order: SVU is on Season 24, and according to Deadline the other day, is looking at a 3-season renewal from NBC.

NCIS is on Season 20, and was recently renewed for Season 21.

And Grey's Anatomy just got renewed fro Season 20 the other day.


Pool_Shark t1_je8kjqy wrote

I simultaneously can’t believe Greys Anatomy is still running and think of it as the new hospital show on ABC


KiritoJones t1_jea13gr wrote

Not only is it still running but based off the commercials it seems like the titular Grey has left the show?


WilliamEmmerson t1_jecip1n wrote

I've never watched an episode of this, but I've always been a low key fan of Donnie Wahlberg's acting so him being on a long running show, that I don't even watch, makes me weirdly happy.


spike021 t1_je7vci2 wrote

For a typical cop drama the first two seasons were at least watchable because they had underlying plots in the background. After that it got really really really bad and very clearly just caters to the old white people who are anti tech/social rights/whatever.


Lordosass67 t1_je6fkx3 wrote

I wish one of these old action stars would turn out to be liberal, break the mold.


SynthD t1_je6h46m wrote

Martin Sheen, Robert Redford, Ted Danson, Jane Fonda good enough?


Better_than_Zero t1_je76sov wrote

Sigourney Weaver and Harrison Ford are two action stars that you are looking for.


Starline88 t1_jeepeqq wrote

Good thing they aren’t since liberals is one of the most annoying people out there.