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jez124 t1_je69n7k wrote

both Netflix and amazon seem to do great with these kinds of shows. I assume the Arnold show done by (I think the Reacher showrunner) will do well likewise.


VitaLonga t1_je6a5ex wrote

It’s because the general public loves action thrillers and is always crying out for more of them.


jez124 t1_je6al70 wrote

I know tastes vary but I wish they would put more effort into it. Id love a Mission Impossible film spinoff(...yea I know it was originally a tv franchise).

The Citadel stuff seems interesting but The Gray man was lame. good for a single watch sure but nothing memorable.


Vizjun t1_je6sn7j wrote

The General Public does like contemporary dramas. It's easy for them to relate to and it isn't confusing for them. Which is also why scifi/fantasy generally isn't as popular.