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beamdriver t1_je72yvy wrote

Started watching this on Sunday and finished it up today. It's not a great show, but something about it kept making me want to watch the next episode.

The action is pretty good, for the obviously lower budget, and the story zips along at a good clip.

My main complaint is that the two leads have no romantic or sexual chemistry at all. When they finally fall into each others' arms it's guess they had to.


jingleheimerschitt t1_je7894x wrote

No romantic chemistry but they do make a great pair nonetheless.


fredothechimp t1_je7eb76 wrote

Tbh it was kind of nice to not have weird tension/chemistry throughout the whole thing.


Valkyrid t1_je7zlex wrote

Im honestly so sick of tv shows shoehorning in a romance.

Just let platonic close friendships exist between genders without sex for fuck sake.


One-Relationship-628 t1_jeachn2 wrote

Cannot agree more. I don't know about you but if I was being chased by assassins trying to kill me, the last thing on my mind would be getting laid or falling in love. It works in some cases like The Bourne Identity because the film is about him finding his humanity again, so a love story helps with that, but for a lot of shows or films a love story doesn't help, like you say a platonic friendship can work just as well.


eekamuse t1_jeew8ay wrote

When they kissed I saw the vomit emoji. I knew it was coming, not because they had great chemistry, but because the show is such a cliché. I wonder if the actors felt it was as out of place as we did


10HP t1_je85hvz wrote

Netflix already have The Recruit for that.


fredothechimp t1_je8icpt wrote

The Recruit was better imo, but they're a slightly different tone?


zsreport t1_jea7fkj wrote

They're a very different tone, with The Recruit leaning heavily into batshit crazy.


whatsinthesocks t1_jeaeeg4 wrote

I kind of feel the same way you do about it. The first few episodes were a chore to get through with all the other stuff going on. I just have like two episodes left. Probably won’t watch the second season though.


Crafty-Antelope1244 t1_je697iv wrote

Fuck the viewership on this must’ve been great it just came out didn’t it ?


lightsongtheold t1_je6e2q3 wrote

It did around 20.7 million In equivalent complete viewings. That puts it on par with Netflix big hitters like The Witcher, Cobra Kai, and Emily in Paris.


Crafty-Antelope1244 t1_je6ehpf wrote

Fuck I don’t know anything about this show but I guess I have to watch it now


im_a_dick_head t1_je8euvk wrote

It's a good watch, nothing special but certainly entertaining. Kinda like a mix between The Recruit and Bodyguard


huskersax t1_je8zxfj wrote

Man Netflix has really been rolling out some shlock lately if those are it's big hitters.


frenin t1_je95fgg wrote

Those are pretty much some of the most popular shows in TV rn.


AstralComet t1_je6irog wrote

I think Netflix making it (and most of their new shows) the first thing you see signing in for a while after launch, before you get to programs you've got on your list or are currently watching, really helps increase viewership for fun, "generic" shows like The Night Agent where you see it and go "ooh, spy thriller!" It doesn't work as well for more niche genre fare, but something with broad appeal like The Night Agent is going to have tons tuning in that wouldn't otherwise, because they didn't know it existed.


Mister_Donut t1_jea7vn0 wrote

Additionally, the scene they chose for the preview (at least the one I got) totally sells the show and makes you want to press play right away. The rest of the show could be totally meh, but the lady calling the spy hotline and stumbling through the code words or whatever had great action-thriller tension that made you want more.


UrbanFight001 t1_je83oqt wrote

It was renewed quickly because of the looming writer’s strike. Netflix usually likes to wait for the first 28 days of viewership before deciding to renew or cancel something. But with the strike, they probably want the writers to start writing the new season ASAP.


hour_of_the_rat t1_je7h5sp wrote

Please just tell us where you meant to put the comma.


Crafty-Antelope1244 t1_je7vzcc wrote

I have a learning disability have trouble figuring that stuff out I can provide you with info on learning disabilities and grammar if that would help you not be a grammar nazi


pinksinthehouse t1_je73pd7 wrote

What’s funny to me is that Netflix cancels so many shows that end on a cliffhanger but this particular show had a proper ending that it didn’t necessarily need a season 2.


anasui1 t1_je77nhs wrote

because this show is vastly more successful than the majority of what Netflix produces


pinksinthehouse t1_je7834x wrote

I hope they copy what they did here and moving forward try to resolve most story threads in one season.


LostAbbott t1_je7e6c3 wrote

Seems like all streaming needs to do this. That way you at least have a miniseries which can hold value for the service over time. Also it would open up options for a show that pickups an audience later in its run...


Paul_cz t1_jeel38u wrote

While it would be great to never get unfinished shows, limiting storytelling to single season for every show would...kinda suck. Some shows need more space than 10 episodes..


quaranTV t1_je8i5y8 wrote

This! So many shows on Netflix could use a final wrap up season meanwhile this show works so well as a limited series! The only way I see >!the two leads being connected in another plot is if it has something to do with national cybersecurity. And even then most of the other leads are dead or presumably in jail though I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to shoehorn in the living characters.!<

To be honest >!I was pleasantly surprised they didn’t leave what happened with his dad as a cliffhanger for a potential S2. A tiny cliffhanger like that wouldn’t have been so bad but I majorly respect them for not leaving any threads in case they got cancelled. But of course now they have to make up an entirely new story. But hey that basically worked for The White Lotus S2 so why not?!<


pinksinthehouse t1_je93yii wrote

I agree. But, judging by the quality of the show, whenever they have successive seasons, it’s usually poorer quality as they try to get every character involved in the plot and it’s super unrealistic. I sort of see it going the route of Designated Survivor.


eekamuse t1_jeewpxh wrote

They're going to drop the woman in the second season. They always do in movie sequels. And the way it ends sets that up. So full of clichés. But yes, I watched the whole thing. Hate watched.


bannedagainomg t1_je8xgbr wrote

Dont know how the book does it but season 2 dont really have to follow the same guy.

They probably will tho but season 1 had a nice ending.


DoomPurveyor t1_je7960t wrote

RIP Shadow and Bone


im_a_dick_head t1_je8f1cj wrote

I'm honestly more interested in the Six of Crows spin off Esther than the main show, Alina is just not an interesting main character.


dinosaurfondue t1_je86yuj wrote

I really loved the first season of Shadow And Bone and thought the production quality was fantastic for their budget. Sadly, season 2 kind of suffered due to them cramming so many stories into one season.

I may be in the minority, but I'd rather have a great season left on a cliffhanger than a complete story that ends up mediocre because of trying to shove everything in.


MadeByTango t1_jeejkzr wrote

> I'd rather have a great season left on a cliffhanger than a complete story that ends up mediocre because of trying to shove everything in.

I dont want either, but the cliffhanger is definitely still the worst option. These streamers need to finish their stories or it is impossible to recommend their content to others, and the shows ring hollow at the end.


Paul_cz t1_jeel95n wrote

Assuming it does not get renewed, is it worth watching and does it have at least some semi-satisfying ending?


dinosaurfondue t1_jegk04m wrote

I still think it's worth a watch. The story does have a pretty solid conclusion but is left open for more at the end of season 2.


Morgentau7 t1_je9lvof wrote

I really hope that the franchise survives this. I really like the world


LOTRcrr t1_je6ozbq wrote

Watched 4 episodes so far. Not bad. Reminds me of a weaker version of The Bodyguard. Main actor even looks like a beta version of Richard Madden haha. I think I see a big twist coming but time will tell. Basically 24 but more...junk foodie if that makes sense?


jez124 t1_je69n7k wrote

both Netflix and amazon seem to do great with these kinds of shows. I assume the Arnold show done by (I think the Reacher showrunner) will do well likewise.


VitaLonga t1_je6a5ex wrote

It’s because the general public loves action thrillers and is always crying out for more of them.


jez124 t1_je6al70 wrote

I know tastes vary but I wish they would put more effort into it. Id love a Mission Impossible film spinoff(...yea I know it was originally a tv franchise).

The Citadel stuff seems interesting but The Gray man was lame. good for a single watch sure but nothing memorable.


Vizjun t1_je6sn7j wrote

The General Public does like contemporary dramas. It's easy for them to relate to and it isn't confusing for them. Which is also why scifi/fantasy generally isn't as popular.


Kikanolo t1_je82v0g wrote

I think the big positive this show had that other similar shows like The Recruit didn't have is great pacing.


PsychicBanana6 t1_je8nziw wrote

Loved this show. My gf and I binged it over 3 nights

Has some stupid plot points but it was good fun and had me hooked


PropaneSalesTx t1_jeaba71 wrote

My gf loved it, I couldnt get passed the bad writing. It was a 5/10 for me.


zerofrakhere t1_je83zz4 wrote

I’m looking toward to Rose to Stab/murder more ppl casually


OathOfFeanor t1_jedb4gb wrote

That was my favorite part!

They did have her hand tremble for 3 seconds, see it did affect her :p


zerofrakhere t1_jedk614 wrote

Wish she really pulled off the pillow one at the end tho ha


UrbanFight001 t1_je840se wrote

It’s a good show. Does it have amazing level of writing on the level of David Chase, Matthew Weiner, or Vince Gilligan? No, it’s a cool political thriller action show. People were sucking off The Recruit just a few months ago and that show is much more goofier than this one.


Morgentau7 t1_je9ltna wrote

Why do people even argue about this? The series was way better then much of the series who got renewed for like 8 seasons so yeah, this series deserves to continue due to the decent script, the good acting and the great screenplay.


thunder-thumbs t1_je71t3k wrote

Watched the first episode, it feels like this plot happens and that plot happens and look more plot happens and why should I care. I’m surprised it has good reviews so far.


APKFL t1_je84ekx wrote

Just started watching it today and I’m almost finished. Not the greatest acting. Only started watching because there isn’t much else to watch. I know they are all new actors, so hoping the acting will improve.


im_a_dick_head t1_je8fl2u wrote

Gabriel Basso (Peter) was great, Fola Evans Akingbola (Chelsea) was really good, Luciane Buchanan (Rose) was okay, Hong Chau (Diane Farr) was pretty bad but I couldn't tell if it was just her characters writing or not. Most of the supporting cast was great.


APKFL t1_jeb01kw wrote

I wouldn’t say great, don’t get me wrong, I love to see new upcoming actors given a chance and I’m hoping it will get better with the 2nd season. Probably how Netflix can afford a 2nd with actors that don’t need millions. But hey this could be some breakout actors we’re seeing. Probably had to do with some of the script,dialogue and directing of scenes that made it feel a little amateur to me. The main actor was giving me Reacher vibes from Amazon “which I enjoyed watching”.


GarbageOne8157 t1_jeay1hj wrote

I think Luciane killed it but her most important scenes were her bouncing off of total wood like Hong which makes her look kinda over-acty but her scene partner just isn't matching the energy ever. She also has a great concerned eyebrow lol.


FragrantOkra t1_je7ctj4 wrote

are they going to improve the acting? just a little bit?


im_a_dick_head t1_je8fo3r wrote

Hopefully, I assume a new cast too, like Reacher maybe? Idk what the plot will be tbh, obviously some new conspiracy tho.


stinking_badgers t1_je6wpv9 wrote

I tried to watch it, but I honestly couldn’t get through the first episode. I don’t usually bail that fast on a show but I found it remarkably corny and badly written.


Brijo84 t1_je7awys wrote

It's generic as hell. Been done dozens of times.


Sufficient_Creme6961 t1_je6do73 wrote

Ironic his name in the show is Sutherland and he’s following in the steps of Jack Bauer


hour_of_the_rat t1_je7inn1 wrote

Jack Bauer

Jason Bourne

James Bond


trubs12 t1_je85md0 wrote

Every time I heard "Sutherland" in the show, I thought of Jack Bauer


Cyyyyk t1_jeadtk0 wrote

It is a fun watchable show on a reasonable budget so a renewal makes sense. I hope they save some money to renew some slightly more ambitious shows like Shadow and Bone though.


Archduke_Zag t1_je98j8e wrote

Fun story, fairly stiff acting. Though I >!Kind expected them both to become night agents. Their skill set complimented each other fairly well.!< . Also >!The thing I probably enjoyed the most was seeing the antagonists being in the dark sometimes just as often as the protagonists. Seeing the "all powerful" goverment conspiracy fumbling and improvising just as much was honestly kinda refreshing.!<


Fuddle t1_jeg7jtm wrote

Didn't I just watch a British version of "decorated agent caught on train with bomb gets assigned new job"?


I_Set_3_Alarms t1_je6c00v wrote

Oh wow haven’t even heard of this show, but a quick renewal instead of a canceling is always a good sign. Will have to check it out


Rk1llz t1_je6sdgs wrote

I bet just the rights for TLOU cost more than this entire show was to make/market



preppytarg t1_je7ntqx wrote

I stopped watching 5 minutes in. No cops back him up when he chases after the suspect? When it does something that dumb that quickly, there's no point in continuing.


Armins_CopyOf_Swank t1_jea42mp wrote

5 minutes in?

You can only enjoy programs that are completely grounded in reality?

You would hate the movie The Accountant.


preppytarg t1_jea85f0 wrote

The reason I didn't give it much of a chance is because these Netflix crime/thiller shows have fooled me enough with their bad writing. I've lost patience. It's got nothing to do with being "grounded in reality."

I loved The Accountant btw.


RitoRvolto t1_je88i4q wrote

How does it compare to Kiefer's new series, Rabbit Hole, on Paramount+ ?


yaegerino t1_je8vrvg wrote

Go watch Slow Horses. Thats a good show


foxh8er t1_je98yff wrote

Season 2 was a significant improvement there


Armins_CopyOf_Swank t1_jea4nxb wrote

Watched "You" Season 4, and this.

Enjoyed this much more.

Somehow, You got renewed, ratings I know, so this getting renewed is no surprise.

Probably cheaper too.

Penn Badgley wants to get paid.


sleepyaza124 t1_je6cnp6 wrote

That was fast. I will try to watch this over the weekend then


onegunzo t1_je6czpb wrote

Cool. Just started watching this. I like it..


hacksteak t1_je77eti wrote

It's quite watchable and for the first two thirds of the season the plot twists really drag you in.

It's a show that gets carried by its supporting cast in my opinion. The assassins, the Secret Service agents and the chief of staff later on hold this thing together. The leads on the other hand are the kind of generic cutouts you'd expect from video games.

I don't have high hopes for a second season though, considering they made him a cheap ass James Bond in the end.


frostbitten42 t1_jedere5 wrote

He’s the world’s worst FBI agent.


ape123man t1_je8sv0h wrote

My god this show is bad... It's like one cliche after another.


HeliumIsotope t1_je9q4zc wrote

I just can't start a new Netflix show until there are more than 2 seasons. Every show seems to get 1-2 sessions and then gets cancelled.

It's just not worth it to start a show that then gets cancelled. Season 2 renewals mean nothing to me at Netflix, other than Netflix hasn't decided to axe it yet.

I don't mind shows ending, but all shows should have an ending. Or at least should be given the opportunity to have one.


cabritozavala t1_je7tiw2 wrote

OH you know a Show is Dumb AF when it gets renewed so fast