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TimeTravelMishap t1_jdfpm2t wrote

.. am I old now? On this subreddit I'm constantly learning about shows when they get canceled


NotVerySmarts t1_jdgdekc wrote

It was on the front page of Bonkle Plus for weeks. How could you miss it?


Chilis1 t1_jdgo55a wrote

How many scrobbles did it get?


H16HP01N7 t1_jdgyo6s wrote

What is this "Bonkle Plus" you speak of?


0MGWTFL0LBBQ t1_jdgysut wrote

It's kinda like CorncobTV. But with less Coffin Flops.


H16HP01N7 t1_jdgyw8r wrote

Oh.. ok... that clears it up, thank you...


CombatHarness t1_jdhhl0i wrote

I'm not worried about it! I'm not worried about any of this! There's worse shit on the local news!


BirthdayAgent t1_jdgdol6 wrote

Same. I watched the original L Word and I’ve never heard of this show.


newaccount721 t1_jdgrhd8 wrote

Right there with you although I don't have showtime so maybe that is why


lookatmecats t1_jdge1p2 wrote

I'm a teenager and I don't think any of my friends have heard about this show. Usually the shows getting cancelled without warning like this aren't that popular


TheOtherUprising t1_jdiini0 wrote

Same. There are just too many shows on way too many platforms to keep up.


MadeByTango t1_jdjuaig wrote

This subreddit is vary far from being ahead of the curve anymore


nobodyaskedyouxx t1_jdfoo6q wrote

i just wish this show was…better. i don’t understand why it is so difficult to hire people who can write a cohesive story.


ArsBrevis OP t1_jdfp42r wrote

This is an industry wide problem. Too many new shows, not enough good writers or good plots.


binrowasright t1_jdgn2l6 wrote

Not enough talented people with the support system to support a writing career, too many producer's talentless kids getting the opportunities instead.


quadmasta t1_jdg2szc wrote

Too many MCs not enough mics


WalidfromMorocco t1_jdgk64h wrote

Shouldn't it be the other way? Too many mics not enough MCs?


lessmiserables t1_jdh8a9y wrote

> Too many new shows, not enough good writers or good plots.

Not true. There's thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of perfectly talented writers that could easily produce some amazing television.

Unfortunately, the entertainment industry refuses to let you try unless your return address is in LA, and thus have to already have a bunch of money to live in one of the most expensive cities which gatekeeps a lot of talent.


aw-un t1_jdj8nyd wrote

This one drives me absolutely bonkers.

I just don’t unserstand why writers need to be based in LA.

I work crew in Atlanta and while, on average, most of the crew and about half of the cast are locals, the writers are always based in LA. My current show is even based in Atlanta and you can always tell the writers have never set foot here from the scripts. And it just doesn’t make sense.

Like, the showrunner is here running the show and they’re conducting the writers room in LA and they just join via zoom and then they fly the writers out and house them to produce their episodes. They could honestly expand the talent pool and save money if they would just hire just as talented writers that live here.


lessmiserables t1_jdj9spa wrote

I agree. Writing is one of the jobs tailor-made for remote work.

Last time I mentioned it, I got a lot of people telling me "how important it was for everyone to be physically in the same room to write" as if that isn't the same load of bullshit middle managers around the country are trotting out right now.

I can maybe, possibly see a case could be made for fast-turnaround stuff like SNL or The Daily Show where you have to interact quickly and frequently with the actors, but by and large I think it's all horseshit.


Verustratego t1_jdgq53z wrote

It's hard to write a good show when your foremost direction is "make sure its a money maker while also not spending any money"


__Hello_my_name_is__ t1_jdh5z40 wrote

Writing on a strict deadline is actually really damn hard. Especially when you have to consider all the realities of budget (can we even afford that scene?), availability (oh, these two characters that should interact in that episode just.. can't. Huh.) and producers meddling in your writing (I gotta change my big plot twist because the producers didn't like it what the fuck that was the entire fucking point of that fucking story aaaaaaaaaaaargh).


ChrisRedfieldfanboy t1_jdmw6gp wrote

They say executives' interference really messes with what and how the writers really want to write.


Dpsizzle555 t1_jdgaz2y wrote

None of these companies check to see if what they’re paying is good anymore


WhopperPlopper1234 t1_jdhatfc wrote

Why do you wish this particular show was better? What has you rooting for it when it was never good in the first place?


MoreThanAFeeling1976 t1_jdfnmhk wrote

This is being cancelled to make way for "The L Word: New York"


AlexsisLorraine t1_jdfqh5l wrote

Looking forward to "The L Word: Miami" and "The L Word: Cyber" in a couple of years.


doomsyrup t1_jdfuqam wrote

Looking forward to the ultimate collision of franchises - "Law & Order: L Word"


AlexsisLorraine t1_jdfwj0w wrote

still somehow, improbably, starring Ice-T as a troubled young lesbian


goldybear t1_jdga3xw wrote

The L Word Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle


trollthumper t1_jdif4vp wrote

The ultimate answer to “Is this because I’m a lesbian?”


ArsBrevis OP t1_jdfnv35 wrote

Yes - not able to edit the title unfortunately.

I'm not sure that the reboot is going to be all that more successful. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It seems like they should let different creatives take a crack at this 'franchise'.


idiotgoosander t1_jdgo7fi wrote

Will it have the OG cast? Finley and Carrie? I was really starting to like them


Impossible-Will-8414 t1_jdfpqkj wrote

I would assume brand-new cast, no originals and not even any of the younger "Q" cast. They SHOULD wipe the slate clean and start all over if they are going to continue this franchise, but really they should probably just kill it 100%.


acry1ic t1_jdgezpi wrote

I vote for all new charactes, except that Ghost Dana is part of the main cast.


myassholealt t1_jdi8dpv wrote

> but really they should probably just kill it 100%.


How many shows out there are made specifically for an LGBT+ audience?


m1kasa4ckerman t1_jdhgdzi wrote

I hope that part is true! I think it is, since the creator tweeted this same article. The premise is what everyone wanted in the first place. Not whatever this box-ticking lazy show was. Plus the show runner was trash. I’m still confused as to how she had so much power with such a brief resume.


doomsyrup t1_jdfuj2l wrote

Look, I'm not gonna lie - the first season was alright but my partner and I ended up watching the next two seasons as a pure, guilty pleasure hate watch. The dialogue was terrible, storylines were well intentioned but went nowhere, character motivations and relationships would change on a dime (they kept trying to convince us that Sophie was a good person...she was awful!!!), and song choices were so obvious that lyrics would basically act as secondary exposition.

Despite it all - this will always have a very special place in my heart because there was nothing more comforting to us during lockdown than getting takeaway and making an event out of watching this wonderful mess of a show.


ExSportsCalendar t1_jdg2a45 wrote

My feelings exactly! It became a pure hate watch that involved a lot of yelling at our tv.


Herramadur t1_jdfod01 wrote

I love Showtime, the fact that they even gave this show three seasons is amazing considering I doubt it was a big draw.


lightsongtheold t1_jdft5ew wrote

No Showtime series has been renewed since the January announcement that the premium cable network will be integrated into Paramount+ across both streaming and linear later this year and renamed as Paramount+ with Showtime.

Showtime is dead. Only stuff surviving will be Billions, Yellowjackets, and The Chi. The rest of the stuff is done. They will just mirror the Paramount+ shows on cable to fill out the time slots and buy in some cheap co-productions from the UK.

I expect them to be announcing they are dropping the second season of Super-Pumped any day now. They have already pulled the first season from the service.


SilverSuferNorr t1_jdhuinz wrote

I...I don't get them. Seriously they are always rebooting.

They had shows to build upon, City hall, let the right one in, the man who fell to earth, etc.

Instead of rebooting, promote it and if it's not working tell the showrunners to fix it.

The constant reboots and cancellations do nothing but have them start all over again. They are literally kicking their own a** at this point.

Who's running things over there.


myassholealt t1_jdibigr wrote

They're looking for Taylor Sheridan clones if you know any!


Logical_Hare t1_jdkc5lm wrote

They should reboot Oz. TV hasn't traumatized me enough lately.

Then, they should reboot Red Shoe Diaries, which was on after Oz and was the only reason I, as a teenager, sometimes watched Oz in the first place (but Christ did it turn out to be good television).


Archamasse t1_jdgh6m8 wrote

Something about Gen Q didn't click. The OG L Word was never exactly Shakespeare but there was a blackly comic wit in it not unlike OITNB that kind of carried it, and this just didn't have that.


Bellyflops93 t1_jdhqceo wrote

Ive said the same thing. The original had issues but at least it often made me laugh, it was entertaining! This version of the show was like episode after episode of queer people having serious conversations about serious topics and apologizing to each other, which wouldnt be that big a deal to me if it was interspersed with more actually fun and funny scenes/moments. And a lot of characters in the OG had good, believable chemistry, I didnt feel much of that in this version. I didnt have FUN watching this one the way I did the original


myassholealt t1_jdic7hg wrote

The characters didn't really have much depth to them. They all came across as surface level, where all you have is the 2 sentence description a writer comes up with when building a rough draft of their character list. And at times it felt like it was being used as a vehicle to educate the audience rather than tell stories. You don't need to present representation and inclusivity as a PSA.

Conflicts were predictable. Reactions were predictable. Basically was as cheesy as a daytime soap opera.

Nevertheless I still watched it, cause we have almost no shows like this, and am disappointed it got cancelled.

Get a better team behind it. Don't just kill it. So we'll see what happens with the reboot.


pppppppppppp13 t1_jdge9uc wrote

THANK GOD!!!! It was so bad. Can’t believe no one has been able to recreate a show quite like The L Word. Gen Q went overboard with too many story lines and a lack of depth. It felt like a tick the box exercise with “how many LGBTQ….. letters can we shove in one scene?”


CaptNewbz t1_jdgp0lc wrote

> THANK GOD!!!!!

I will never, for the life of me, understand this mentality. Why are you happy that something you didn’t enjoy and weren’t forced to watch is now not on anymore? Your life will not change now that it’s over. And it would not have changed had it stayed on. Can you explain celebrating the end of something you weren’t required to partake in?


lflippz t1_jdgyoa1 wrote

Not Op but I can try to explain because I too am happy that something I didn’t enjoy is not on anymore. The showrunner and writers don’t deserve any more screen time. They ruined the series and we feel vindicated.

I’m addition, with Marja & co NOT sucking all the air out of the room and fumbling her opportunity, now the original show runner has a chance to redeem the series. This is good.


BedDefiant4950 t1_jdhvij8 wrote

it's good when shitty art fails because it keeps creatives humble and frees up capital for more deserving projects lol.


CokedUpAirhead t1_jdh8tn1 wrote

Hopefully this frees up Jamie Clayton to be on a better show. She’s great and I miss her on sense8.


kevlarbaboon t1_jdn82s6 wrote

Jamie Clayton is terrible at acting and I'm perplexed that she keeps getting roles. She is very beautiful so I guess that might explain it.

To each their own though.


Queen_Of_InnisLear t1_jdg6qvq wrote

I knew this would happen when my favourite character/major part of my sexual awakening Tasha finally came back 😭

Look, was the show good? No. Did I watch it anyway? Absolutely. And would have continued to do so.


rodrigueznati1124 t1_jdhd88h wrote

Tasha was back?????? What season might have to finally watch this lol


Queen_Of_InnisLear t1_jdhqd9q wrote

Only the last couple episodes, for a total of like three minutes. But they were setting up she and Alice again and I was very excited 😭


[deleted] t1_jdg73g5 wrote

Some of these shows that get canceled have writers rooms of newbies. No one who has a decent amount of experience writing for TV or long form are writing TV anymore.


ForscherVerrat t1_jdgsse6 wrote

Thank god! That last season was garbage with sprinkles of Bette/Tina gay bait.


Starbuck107 t1_jdgwkgz wrote

We get Tasha's return just for it to be cancelled :(


grandmofftalkin t1_jdhcf7l wrote

This is what I'm bummed about. We patiently sat through that entire Donald Faison storyline knowing it was leading to Tasha only to get two scenes of her in the end.


katprime420 t1_jdgyofx wrote

Could see it coming a mile away.

The showrunner really dropped the ball with this reboot. It was very poor compared to the OG season.

Leisha, Kate and Beals weren't even happy with it.


grandmofftalkin t1_jdhd310 wrote

The final season was bizarre. My favorite power women, Bette, Gigi and Dani, disappeared halfway and somehow Rosie O'Donnell became the lead.


Luka_Dunks_on_Bums t1_jdhaf0l wrote

At least it avoided the Showtime curse of being on the air for 10 years


Cardboard_Robot t1_jdhf2hn wrote

I watched one episode of that show and it was insufferable.


idiotgoosander t1_jdgo3zs wrote

I was just thinking how there’s so many things right now going that it’s exhausting to think about and then I scrolled past this and actually went “noooooo” aloud

Nooooooooooo why god why


jb6997 t1_jdhp4az wrote

It’s not good. Surprised it lasted this long. Original was great.


Buckowski66 t1_jdixcw2 wrote

Well, they can at least say for 3 seasons they licked the competition


myassholealt t1_jdi83e0 wrote

I knew this was coming with the Paramount+ and Showtime consolidation.

Would've easily gotten 5 seasons at least before.


-Clayburn t1_jdigl6m wrote

Well hopefully it was a good run. I was a big fan of the original L Word and wanted to check this out at some point, but I prefer binging the whole thing.


SnooDingos316 t1_jdiiv6m wrote

I watched and love the original L word. It was kind of groundbreaking at that time. I also watched the New L word Generation Q for 2 seasons mostly for nostagia. It was honestly not very good. There was no new stuffs and even the sex was kind of boring.

Did not watch the 3rd season.


im_a_dick_head t1_jdim8hr wrote

I actually enjoyed this show about as much as the original, less inter characters and the writing wasn't as good but entertaining still. Shane is basically the only character I actually like.


Ueladee t1_jdhvy1d wrote

Now bring back Sepideh as Gigi PLEASE


nahnopenoway_ t1_jdkfifi wrote

If anyone had told my baby gay ass from years ago that the fucking L WORD would get rebooted, turn out to be a heinous offence of the highest degree, get cancelled and that I’d be celebrating the news, I would have never believed them. Yet here we are.


MrPunkerton t1_jdhh6sw wrote

Generation “Q”?!?! This was a thing?? I fucking hate human beings