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McFeely_Smackup t1_je6kodg wrote

and Britannia just got removed from my "to watch" queue.

These tv producers still don't seem to get it. Cancelling a show on a cliffhanger absolutely guts future streaming value. Nobody is going to want to start watching a show that they know ends with "hey audience, fuck you for watching".

The solution is not just easy, it's trivial. Don't write goddamn cliffhanger season finales. it's literally that easy. Or, if you literally don't know how to not do that because your writers are pretentious hacks, then commit to at least one wrap up episode.

Or just turn your entire production into a sunk cost and write it all off, whatever I dont' care. But when you wonder "why doesnt' our amazing new show get more viewers?" THIS is why. people are waiting to see if you fuck it up before investing their time in it