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BordersRanger01 t1_je2bdkm wrote

Shocked it made it to season 3. Sky has such a low hit rate with shows it is unreal


BaBaFiCo t1_je4h58h wrote

If a show is made by Sky it's pretty much a no from me. Like ITV. They seem to exist for other people but I don't watch their content.


RedHotChiliadPeppers t1_je57mmn wrote

You can smell a mile a way that it's boadroom-esque content for the sake of content. I remember when they blasted out a load of generic sitcoms in the 2010's that were like AI generated TV shows.


Vorpishly t1_je5adt2 wrote

The first two seasons are really fun. It goes down hill for season 3.


ArrowFS t1_je5gtas wrote

You should watch Happy Valley by ITV. Season 1 is brilliant


LS69 t1_je5pgze wrote

Happy valley is a BBC show


ArrowFS t1_je68ho7 wrote

Ah it is isn’t! The title is very ITV tbf


nevereatpears t1_je4wgqy wrote

Yes generally such poor quality. Struggling to think of any good shows they've done.

The only one which comes to mind is the comedy Sick Note with Rupert Grint and Nick Frost.


Gayvid_Gray t1_je5aiuu wrote

Breeders is pretty funny as well but they are generally rubbish


[deleted] t1_je36e7i wrote



foxscribbles t1_je3ftm5 wrote

The decent thing for show runners to do is not make a cliffhanger if their show is on the cancellation bubble. (I think the only show I’ve watched that actually did this was the first run of Leverage.)

And if a show has enough of a following to get two full seasons or more, studios should have the decency to give them one double length episode to wrap up the loose ends. (So an hour episode for a sitcom, two hour episode for a drama.) But this will never happen.


Hanifsefu t1_je3qq31 wrote

It's honestly part of the problem with the shows in the first place. Cliffhangers are writing tactic that help to retain viewership between episodes and between seasons. The network usually demands them but they'll just hurt the show in the long run as each episode and season doesn't have enough payoff and the show winds up feeling horribly paced and unfulfilling.

Sometimes a show just doesn't have enough content to offer and being forced into the pacing of the weekly cliffhanger schedule kills them and any chance the story had at being fulfilling.


bhind45 t1_je3rw7x wrote

Than all writers would keep doing that and no shows would ever get cancelled. It's pretty much the reason they even try it in the first place.


OneGoodRib t1_je3zosg wrote

No you just word the law so that shows can't end a season with a cliffhanger. Every season finale must tie up neatly.


boersc t1_je4g6ps wrote

Or have an escrow to finance a final episode to tie it all off...


SlouchyGuy t1_je4j9xm wrote

It's simple, just don't cliffhanger at the end of the season, even if it's not "finale" finale, which is impossible if the show is serialized, just end themes of the season.

But at this rate, cancellation is always with a cliffhanger because it's used to bring people back


american_dimes t1_je2dofu wrote

Boo. I enjoyed it. It was batshit crazy and fun.


Majestic87 t1_je2o3l0 wrote

Okay so, I watched season one just after it all aired… I have been waiting for a season 2 announcement this entire time XD

Their marketing was apparently abysmal.


dotslashpunk t1_je3opy7 wrote

i watch a ton of tv and have literally never heard of this show haha


Cyyyyk t1_je2t8qe wrote

One of my all time favorite shows. The ending honestly makes no sense though..... it really needed another season. A real shame but no surprise..... the show was criminally underrated and had no buzz at all. Both Aulus Plautius and Veran were some of the most well done and unique characters I have ever seen in any format.


IguanaBob26 t1_je40jx1 wrote

Cait was Boudica. Getting sent to Rome, she would be indoctrinated with roman teachings then sent back to Britannia to marry a Roman friendly King to make a stronger alliance. Once the king dies, shit hits the fan because Romans are assholes and she burns the whole fucking island to the ground in a vengeance filled bloody rampage.


VitaLonga t1_je2thbv wrote

What they did to Aulus Plautius in season 3 was criminal


Cyyyyk t1_je2txxg wrote

Yea given the way it played out I wish it had ended after season 2 so it would have made some sense. I had assumed that Aulus Plautius would reassert himself in season 4 but now we will never know. A real shame.


LeoIrish t1_je3bvuy wrote

Possibly the weirdest / strangest / oddest show I have ever seen; I did like it. I am a bit surprised it made it to S3, especially after Amazon dropped out.


No-Trade5311 t1_je2nfom wrote

Not surprised. Season 1 was genius but again they took to long to get to the punch. Should have finished in 3 seasons.


VitaLonga t1_je298zy wrote

Honestly? Good. It was trash.


goldybear t1_je3lbxp wrote

I wouldn’t say trash but it definitely wasn’t for me. My husband loved it though so I sat through the first two seasons with him. It’s like Rome and The Last Kingdom had a child but nowhere near as good as either.


NonAggressive-Ask t1_je4vdwl wrote

Watched the First season and about halfway through I realized the showrunners took a fascinating concept and just went to the zoo with it, and I was done


bomboclawt75 t1_je45ocv wrote

They should ALWAYS have the funds set aside for a mini movie/ double episode to wrap things up instead of Blueballing us. Too many shows have suffered this fate.


GreatLordIvy t1_je3m4pl wrote

Okay so I didn't even know this existed until I saw this thread, and now, looking at the trailer I am kinda interested.

Should I even bother?


Azyall t1_je4i3nf wrote

S2 was really good. You probably need S1 to watch S2. S3 was rubbish.


mickeyflinn t1_je5r56q wrote

It has really great parts and a great cast also it is a cool era, but overall the thing is just a mess.


Cyyyyk t1_jeaqhp0 wrote

Watch the first 2 seasons for sure..... it has a logical ending point there.


cheezwizmonger t1_je3y1l7 wrote

Seasons 1 and 2 were great. I was hooked. Season 3? Trash. Absolute garbage. Didn’t even feel like I was watching the same show. Really sad that they did that to it. It could have been amazing.


boersc t1_je4g1lz wrote

I hate it when showrunners do this. They try to force a new season but when it's ultimately cancelled, it's the network that gets the blame.


Obstreperus t1_je3yae1 wrote

Oh that's disappointing, this was really entertaining.


mickeyflinn t1_je4fnj0 wrote

That show was so lousy. I am stunned it made it past S1.


Jmclay681 t1_je5nmta wrote

So frustrating when the show slogs along and gets cancelled before reaching the overall arc of the story. I was looking forward to Cait being named Boudica, they teased it from the first damn episode. Season 4 was setting up to be pretty awesome with her being educated in Rome and going back and leading the revolt and kicking the Romans out of Britain.


McFeely_Smackup t1_je6kodg wrote

and Britannia just got removed from my "to watch" queue.

These tv producers still don't seem to get it. Cancelling a show on a cliffhanger absolutely guts future streaming value. Nobody is going to want to start watching a show that they know ends with "hey audience, fuck you for watching".

The solution is not just easy, it's trivial. Don't write goddamn cliffhanger season finales. it's literally that easy. Or, if you literally don't know how to not do that because your writers are pretentious hacks, then commit to at least one wrap up episode.

Or just turn your entire production into a sunk cost and write it all off, whatever I dont' care. But when you wonder "why doesnt' our amazing new show get more viewers?" THIS is why. people are waiting to see if you fuck it up before investing their time in it


MachineCode86 t1_je42jd4 wrote

🎶Hey Britannia. We’re can-celling your show🎶


Vandenberg_ t1_jedmlek wrote

'Twas then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man Came singing songs of love Then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man Came singing songs of love

"Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy gurdy" he sang "Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy gurdy" he sang "Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy gurdy" he sang


DoomPurveyor t1_je3asq9 wrote

As long as you approach it as a comedy, it's an ok hate watch due to some of the cast.

But I'm still shocked it even landed a second season, let alone a third.


spaceboys t1_je3npm4 wrote

I had this in my watchlist before it aired and leave it there as apparently it didn't have any progress or second season...


TerraInvicta1776 t1_je2qvr3 wrote

It's been a long time since we got a decent show set in ancient Rome/Greece.


Isteppedinpoopy t1_je376qw wrote

Oh, this one wasn’t set in ancient Rome either. As the title suggests, it’s the Roman occupation of Britain. I watched the first season but never started the second. It was definitely not historically accurate


OneGoodRib t1_je3zqz3 wrote

Oh so you can't even just go on Wikipedia to get a basic idea of how the rest of the show would've gone? Bummer.


amoretpax199 t1_je4ydve wrote

I watched Domina recently and I think it's decent enough.


Jack____Straw t1_je2dmu1 wrote

Haven’t seen it, but the trailer looked horrid.


anasui1 t1_je2hpgj wrote

honestly didn’t think it would get past one season. Awful