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AleroRatking t1_jcwgxtf wrote

Yes. It's extremely good.


PorkinsHeldIt t1_jcwkrwr wrote

how does it compare to the espn documentary?


AleroRatking t1_jcwliwe wrote

Ones a documentary and the other is a glorified scripted story. I am not sure how to compare them. Both are completely different things.


muad_dibs t1_jd180tl wrote

>I am not sure how to compare them.

One won Emmys and the other won Emmys and an Oscar.


DistortedAudio t1_jcy96y9 wrote

They’re 2 massively different works.

The documentary on ESPN does a wonderful job of showing how famous OJ was and why people thought he was innocent. That line, “I’m not black, I’m OJ.” It’s a funny thing to think of now but back then, he was that famous. He was the black guy in some spaces. It kinda works as a descent into madness for OJ as a guy too honestly.

The show does a better job of dramatizing everything and showing the media landscape around the trial. Sterling K. Brown and Courtney B. Vance are terrific and somewhat underrated parts of the show as well.


-Handsome-Jim- t1_jd12d9e wrote

It might not seem like it at times but race relations have changed tremendously over the decades. So much so that it's really hard to explain to younger people just how important OJ Simpson was to race relations.

I saw a thread a couple of years ago where people kept comparing him to Barack Obama or The Rock in how popular he was but those were famous black men. OJ wasn't black. He was OJ. He really transcended race in a way that's just impossible to really explain.


mdavis360 t1_jd21wbv wrote

They are both very good and both well worth watching.


WeDriftEternal t1_jcwh534 wrote

Yes very much so. You should also watch the documentary O.J.: Made in America as the show is an acted out version of the trial, while the doc gives you a lot of the background and real world details. You won't be dissapointed in either


EthnicallyMoral OP t1_jcwi2vx wrote

Fantastic! Thank you!!


Successful-House6134 t1_jd1p92n wrote

The documentary is widely considered as one of the greatest documentary series ever.


mdavis360 t1_jd222dm wrote

It is incredible. Not mincing words but it is really a great capture of America from race relations, celebrity, police brutality, the media; etc. you see how everything was leading to this moment. I cannot recommend it enough.


-mh3 t1_jcwp2sf wrote

Yes, I would definitely recommend it. I enjoyed all the seasons of American Crime Story! The Assassination of Gianni Versace was my favorite season. Darren Criss killed it in his role as Andrew Cunanan.


cbdqs t1_jd127ni wrote

Ya the Assassination of Gianni Versace did what I think they were trying to do with Dahmer much better. It was really much more about telling the stories of closeted gay men and their various different struggles coming out than just the murders.


happywoo t1_jcwie9d wrote

Have you seen if your local library might have it on DVD ?


NGNSteveTheSamurai t1_jcwmqxf wrote

It’s not bad. I dunno if I’d spend money to watch it. Cuba as OJ is the weakest part imo. He does a really weird thing with his voice that took me out of scenes.


NeighborhoodLanky692 t1_jcwpkbk wrote

That casting decision was baffling. The whole thing about OJ is that he’s a big imposing guy, and Cuba is like this little chihuahua.


NGNSteveTheSamurai t1_jcyqwql wrote

I can’t get over his weird raspy voice. OJ has a deep, smooth voice. It’s like he never saw an interview with him before and made a random creative choice.


DoubleTFan t1_jd05lk6 wrote

I think it was a paranoia that if OJ were played by a big, imposing guy it would alienate audiences.


dasheeshblahzen t1_jcyjica wrote

It's so good. Sarah Paulson, Courtney B. Vance and Sterling K. Brown are excellent as are most of the cast.


anasui1 t1_jcwifum wrote

it's extremely entertaining flashy, ultrapop tv, depicting all the fuss surrounding that shitshow of a trial in the only possible way: as a farce


aw-un t1_jcwv1ek wrote

I would highly recommend it.

It’s hard to explain because I know what I’m about to say is gonna anger some people and I don’t necessarily agree with it now, but while watching it, all I could think was “this is what Prestige tv should be” everything about it, from the production to the acting (except maybe Cuba) was superb.


Battlescarred98 t1_jd04ywc wrote

This and the Clinton season are great. It’s on Hulu i think.


Smocke55 t1_jd14in3 wrote

yes, easily ryan murphy’s best work and one of the best tv seasons of the 2010s


kirby2000 t1_jd2cwvw wrote

What's your opinion on hearing David Schwimmer say 'The Juice?!?' all the time?


hocasio2 t1_jcwiav1 wrote

Absolutely, and watch the Versace season too. Both are top tier.


noname8539 t1_jcwj7mi wrote

So so so entertaining, watch it!


e_x_i_t t1_jcxuvaq wrote

You can watch it on Hulu.


RayZinnet t1_jcy3za2 wrote

don't tell me how it ends


Prax150 t1_jcyghdn wrote

Obviously don't know where you are but it appears to be on Hulu in the US and Disney+ in Canada and probably most of the rest of the world (where Hulu content usually goes).

But yeah, I echo most of the other comments, it's great. There is an aspect, at least for me, that enjoyed it because everyone was watching it at the same time and it felt like reliving the events of the OJ case on a weekly basis, even if you didn't originally live through it. I wonder if that would be lost on you if you're not aware about the case or since you're binging it on your own years later. But I don't think that really detracts from the performances or the drama of the show.

That being said I would maybe recommend watching the ESPN documentary first as others have suggested, it's really, really, good and goes through the entire case and OJ's live really well.


blondiKRUGER t1_jd1x1r8 wrote

It’s on Hulu if you have access to that


ArchDucky t1_jcy2vgv wrote

Yes its awesome. Major cast. I also had no idea OJ had a gun to his head in the bronco.