Submitted by DJ_JibaJabba t3_11qfrre in television


1. The Bear
2. Severance
3. Andor
4. Under the Banner of Heaven
5. The Offer
6. White Lotus (2)
7. Barry (3)
8. House of the Dragon
9. The Rings of Power
10. Tokyo Vice
11. Better Call Saul (6)
12. Reservation Dogs (2)
13. The Sandman
14. Ozark (4)
15. Raised by Wolves (2)
16. Peacemaker
17. Interview with the Vampire
18. The Staircase
19. Westworld (4)
20. For All Mankind (3)
21. Pam and Tommy
22. Black Bird
23. Outer Range
24. Stranger Things (4)
25. Our Flag Means Death


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FoxOntheRun99 t1_jc34apx wrote

Barry getting some love 👍


DJ_JibaJabba OP t1_jc35pq2 wrote

The motorcycle sequence in S3 is one of the best I've ever seen


bigfuture22 t1_jc36jl5 wrote

i love almost every single one of those, especially your top 10, but i think Better Call Saul should be top 5, and LOVED the Offer too...but there are a few missing on your list, and I am guessing its because you haven't seen it...Reacher and Tulsa King

And btw, Poker Face is my favorite of 2013 , so far...


Rings of Power...nope


DJ_JibaJabba OP t1_jc37mt6 wrote

I love Saul, but last season wasn't my favorite. It should still probably be higher.

I'll give Poker Face a shot :)

I've got more, but only posted the top 25.

26. Candy
27. Archive 81
28. The Terminal List
29. Reacher
30. We Own This City
31. Winning Time
32. Only Murders in the Building (2)
33. The Old Man
34. Halo
35. Moon Knight

guava_eternal t1_jdyjr43 wrote

Poker face was too formulaic - too network TV - for my taste - buyt I like old girl in it, and it was fine. I think that Peacock/NBC Universal though has some good product. I definitely enjoyed The Resort.


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_jc3cmzb wrote

> 9. The Rings of Power

Good list, but I gotta disagree with this one. Over Better Call Saul too (or is the list not ranked?)

> 19. West World (4)

This was 2022?


lightsongtheold t1_jc3d2yo wrote

Yep. Westworld s4 was the show HBO had on the air right before House of the Dragon took over that timeslot.


DJ_JibaJabba OP t1_jc3f5no wrote

Better Call Saul S05 was my #1 of 2020 if that helps.



Curious_Lime7336 t1_jc3smbt wrote

Shows from 2022 not in your top 35 that I would recommend: Strange New Worlds, Lower Decks, The Boys, Invincible, and The Expanse.


meowskywalker t1_jc3twas wrote

Invincible was definitely not 2022. Expanse had the final two episodes in 2022, so I guess it’s technically a 2022 show, but I doubt many people count it as a 2022 show.


Westeros t1_jc9j3cq wrote

Lower Decks somehow has came out as my favorite Trek in YEARS.

SNW was a nice return to quality but it felt very, very slow at times. Redding browsing tv, which isn’t a bad thing, but im not watching all episode.


anasui1 t1_jc5593x wrote

I disagree with just six or seven. Better than expected list


Tampammm t1_jc44t6x wrote

Also, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!

BTW, the final Season (5) starts next month.


Fanfootie t1_jc5nx5v wrote

Drop: Ozark 4 (lost the thread), Raised by Wolves, Westworld 4, For All Mankind, Pam and Tommy, Outer Range. Add The Old Man, The Boys 3, Strange New Worlds, Better Call Saul 5, Slow Horses, Fleishman is in Trouble.


Pinto55 t1_jc80m6n wrote

From was a nice surprise as well


Westeros t1_jc9iw3e wrote

I feel like Terminal List and Reacher deserve a spot on here as well; solid dad tv.


You also forgot “From”; kinda schlocky but also surprisingly addicting and mysterious.

I still need to give Tokyo Vice a shot, it just looks so slow paced & I’m pretty tapped out of cop shows.


koreth t1_jcedmph wrote

Tokyo Vice isn't really a cop show, if that helps. The protagonist does interact with cops sometimes but it's not the main focus.


nebkelly t1_jc6aj44 wrote

The Vampiric Council voted to suspend OP's punishment for the time being in support of Viago's career.


guava_eternal t1_jdyiw96 wrote

Thanks for the list bro. Been watching everything on it. Many bangers! I'm currently on Tokyo Vice - what a gem!


DJ_JibaJabba OP t1_jdyua09 wrote

Nice man! That's awesome to hear. Tokyo Vice is great. If you haven't seen Midnight Mass on Netflix, you should give that a shot. It was my fav from 2021.

*also, if you keep going; Sandman is probably not for everyone, but I liked it.


Weeds_or_Wildflowers t1_jc3ht4f wrote

1899 deserves to be there


DJ_JibaJabba OP t1_jc3qgsv wrote

Was going to watch that, but they canceled it before I started. :(


Weeds_or_Wildflowers t1_jc3t1lx wrote

it's still good show worthy to watch. If you won't know what new to watch give it a try :)


Tampammm t1_jc3pdqj wrote

As does 1883. Essentially a 2022 show also.


mickeyflinn t1_jc2yfac wrote

> I can easily recommend 25 quality TV shows/seasons

Can you do that for 2021, 2020, 2019 etc?

25 great shows with all the media outlets we have now doesn't seem like too many to me.


meowskywalker t1_jc31o68 wrote

More outlets doesn’t make more artists. If the networks paid for 60 shows one year and only 25 of them were good, the fact that they paid for 180 shows the next year doesn’t mean 75 of them will be good. There’s still only about the same number of people capable of making something good. Either those folks are gonna stay clumped and make pretty much the same number of good shows, or they’re going to spread out, get outvoted by less good people on their new projects, and the number of good shows will go down.


mickeyflinn t1_jc3643n wrote

> More outlets doesn’t make more artists.

Yes it does.

> There’s still only about the same number of people capable of making something good.

And the great thing about having more outlets is your discover more.