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kugglaw t1_jeazdag wrote

The Last of Us. Atlanta. Yellowjackets. All shows that are pretty great all in all, but massively overhyped by the press and their respective fandoms. Nothing can live up to the insane amount of praise people load on to good television these days.


sammybunsy OP t1_jeb1x8e wrote

I’ve only seen Last of Us out of that group. Heard good thing about the other two though.

I feel like tLoU had a couple amazing episodes and a couple pretty subpar episodes. It was basically 50/50 whether I was going to like the show that week. But episode three I thought was potentially one of the best single episodes of tv I’ve seen in years. What a goddamn story, what moving writing, what touching performances. Just perfect. I was genuinely pissed when Ellie and Joel came back into the picture and was like “wait wtf I wanna still hang out with those guys…” lol


TheFlabbs t1_jecb3hj wrote

All of these shows are really average at best and I think the praise people give them is some kind of attempt at accrediting this new era of television when really none of it even comes close to some of the best dramas of the 2000s. It’s so sad to watch people praise these shows when we’ve had so much better