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People keep saying that it was a curse because it's one of those shows where it had a bad aftermath for what happened to most of the main cast after it ended.

Dana had drug problems and sadly didnt get help

Todd went to jail but luckily turned his life around

Gary had his Different Strokes money stolen from him by his parents then had a abusive wife towards the end of his life



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justduett t1_jdwprg6 wrote

There's no such thing as curses, it's just an unfortunate almost by-product of what impact the entertainment lifestyle can have on child actors.


HowLittleIKnow t1_jdwuq89 wrote

It's just statistics. If 20% of children go on to lead tragic lives, then there's a 0.8% chance that any group of three children will go on to all lead tragic lives. Now multiply those odds by all the television shows in the 1980s that featured at least three child actors, and it was basically inevitable that one of those shows would produce a trifecta. Diff'rent Strokes was that show.


LocoCoyote t1_jdwprqk wrote

Nothing “happened “ to the cast. They made bad choices and wound up reaping the consequences for them.


Kiethblacklion t1_jdws8jv wrote

There have been many shows where there were talks of "curses" afterwards. Ie, the "Superman curse".

In reality, it's just a bi-product of the entertainment industry.


AgentElman t1_jdwlxm1 wrote

No, that is pretty standard for child actors.

The ones that turn out okay are the exceptions.


anasui1 t1_jdwtcl9 wrote

just a serie of unfortunate events. If you believe in curses then sure, one might call it that


Scoob1978 t1_jdww2a6 wrote

Nope, but there is a Diff'rent Strokes curse.


dizcuz t1_jdy6vn4 wrote

If it is true then the Love Cast had theirs promptly removed. Only one, Gavin Macleod, of them is gone and that was at an elderly age.