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AemenLeny t1_jdv2eq4 wrote

If you thought season 1 was offbeat and weird you should definitely not watch the next season.


moondog548 t1_jdv3ra2 wrote

S2 is definitely weirder but it was also clearer I thought, in terms of understanding what was going on (while what was going on was fucking bonkers).


PhoenixReborn t1_jdxlcut wrote

I mean I watched it because it was weird and offbeat. But if that's not your thing, this isn't the show for you.


moondog548 t1_jdv288y wrote

It is what it is for all 3 seasons. Some stuff becomes clearer but it remains relatively abstract.

Watch it until you don't enjoy it!


nuryshka t1_jdv4ew0 wrote

With Legion, it is more about enjoying the process rather than getting some plot reveal. I enjoyed every moment because I liked trippy creativeness of the show.


moondog548 t1_jdv71f3 wrote

Yeah. There definitely was resolution, but that clearly wasn't the point of the series.


Lasher667 t1_jdv2j96 wrote

It only gets weirder and crazier so if you didn't like that part you won't like the rest either


RudePragmatist t1_jdv90x1 wrote

It is really weird but I thought it was worth it. They conveyed his power exactly as it should have been which is almost god like :)


ozgun1414 t1_jdvae0o wrote

for me season 1 was the sanest of them. i thought i could enjoy the rest. boy was i wrong. weirdness topped for the rest and not in a good way for me. so i dont recommend it to you.


Kelbotay t1_jdvh0ck wrote

If you don't like season 1 then yeah drop it.


singleguy79 t1_jdv7191 wrote

Never did watch the third season


jogoso2014 t1_jdvops1 wrote

They’re at least as weird but o found that each season has a pretty easy to understand core to it.

I also really enjoy the visuals.


simplefilmreviews t1_jdv6hp1 wrote

s2 tries WAY too hard. And boring. Season 3 is a little better but not great


trubs12 t1_jdxn0fz wrote

Season1 is the best. It gets weirder in season2


qwzzard t1_jdvdz1x wrote

Loved the last episode of season 2, pretty original fight scene and the music really fit the story. You might want to consider reading the plot and skipping some episodes, there was a lot of weirdness for the sake of weirdness that I liked at t he time, but would probably get on my nerves if I was binging instead of watching once a week.