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tealcandtrip t1_je9u23g wrote

They either need to go much heavier on Grogu as an independent person from Mando with his own tAsks and needs, or drop him altogether. He doesn’t need to talk, but develop his personality and skills beyond just being cute. The bit where he rescued Din was great. Lets have more of that.

I’ve never been that interested in the Mandalorian civilization, but I wish they would give Din some sort of conflict or real stake in it. It feels like he is just hanging out helping his buddies instead of driving the action.

I do like the action and the imperial subplot, though I hated what they did the new republic in general. I guess I am just resigned.


Pigs_in_the_Porridge t1_jecbar1 wrote

Sorry Grogu will be a babbling baby for another 150 years. Lol. And I agree keeping him in the show just for cute shots is tedious and gross.