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Mattyzooks t1_je9x5nt wrote

Has it really been worse in terms of plot though? Season 1 basically didn't have a plot until the last 2 episodes. Season 2 was basically the two bopping around until they found a jedi.
If anything, this seems like the only season that's appropriately building towards some sort of long arc. And considering I thought the trip to the Mandalore waters was going to be the entire season (based on how slow the first 2 seasons moved through plot), I'm glad it's kinda progressing along.
Execution hasn't been perfect though.


Competitive_Area1414 t1_je9zc0s wrote

I guess it's always been a "monster of the week" type show with a vague arc that becomes important at the end of the season. I think the fact that this season has been "plot/arc focused" is part of the issue, because it feels like things are sometimes rushed, other times taking too long, but without the mission of the week that provided some variety and distraction.

I feel like it's a bit oddly paced because you start the season with Din going on a mission to the waters, but thats resolved within the next episode, then you have the idea of Moff Gideon still being around teased, then you do an arc of Bo Katan joining the clan but now that's being cleared to make way for a new arc. I don't know its just felt really off and feels like it's got a less clear direction this season, which is maybe just because they've branched out into a wider storyline and no longer just focussed on Grogu and Din.


Mattyzooks t1_jea90c0 wrote

I tend to view it all as building blocks towards the long arc of the return of the Mandalorians which is probably going to ultimately end with Din uniting the scattered Mandalorians and restoring their status in the galaxy.
The problem is the show is kinda running at a saturday morning cartoon pace and there are only 8 episodes per season.