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LayneInVane t1_jd7omy5 wrote

Wow, that's kind of a shock. I would have thought the script would have been kinda shouting finality, like wouldn't it have been obvious to the actors? Anyway, I'm so freaking excited for this. I hope it goes out with a bang!


reb0014 t1_jd7pgkb wrote

Well if no one could figure out it was the end I’m guessing there is no bang


D3monFight3 t1_jd7vpvi wrote

I don't think that's the case, Brittel does not know about the ending because he is sorta watching along scoring every episode 1 by 1 and is only halfway done.


[deleted] t1_jd88wp5 wrote



D3monFight3 t1_jd8h5ib wrote

“I still as of this moment don’t know the end of the series. I’m midway through scoring it, and I purposefully keep myself in the mystery of it because I like getting surprised and having that audience reaction myself,” Britell, who recently scored “Andor,” “She Said,” and “Succession” producer Adam McKay’s “Don’t Look Up,” said.

From the article.


Codewill t1_jd90zj8 wrote

It’s not the kind of show to go out with a bang considering how much it undercuts itself and what you expect to happen


Chilis1 t1_jdbcxqa wrote

People can explain it however they want but it sounds like something really weird is going on with this season and the way it’s finishing.


nedzissou1 t1_jd7pp0c wrote

Sarah Snook said she didn't know until the table read.


Tarquin11 t1_jdcd24g wrote

Yea but that would be the same a saying

'i didn't know until I read the script" which means they knew early.


Nethaniell t1_jd7xkou wrote

Maybe that was the idea. Everyone knows that whatever the ending is for these characters, it'll be with their downfall. It feels like everyone involved that wasn't a writer or producer is feeling like the rug was pulled from under them, which may be what the finale to this whole story might be for these characters.


MrZeral t1_jde5g9e wrote

I'm starting to think the series just got cancelled